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Retired Chem/Physics/Earth Sciences teacher. I'm interested in everything.

I think society performs at its best when we take care of others, especially the weakest among us. That means a strong social safety net, with "free" healthcare, education, and public transit. It's a dream, I know.

30+ years of explaining stuff to teenagers has left me with some habits... I'm not a mansplainer, but I do like to find ways to 'splain stuff to receptive ears 😊

My Toots: https://justmytoots.com/MichaelPorter@ottawa.place

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LibrarianRA, to delhi
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SHELL Research shrinks inappropriate traffic boners. 1938

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@LibrarianRA @GayOldTime I’m here to say that traffic boners are NOT on the way out - there are dicks on the road everywhere

MichaelPorter, to random
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Thinking about The Friendly Giant tonight…
Why doesn’t anybody ever talk about how freakin’ big that rooster was?!

As you’re rolling your eyes, remember to look up. Look waaaaaaay up

Mrfunkedude, to random
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I’m still not convinced any of you are real.

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@zalasur @Mrfunkedude I beleive that was last Thursday 😉

MichaelPorter, to math
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“Times” isn’t a verb.

#Math #Maths #Grammar

johnefrancis, to ontario
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If you thought the idiots and enforcement on #ontario roads were bad, you should see the ones on the water.


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@johnefrancis A friend of mine owns a cottage on a small lake in Quebec. All of the residents have agreed to no motorized vessels on the lake. It’s heaven.

MichaelPorter, to random
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I rant too much here, so let me share a moment of joy I had yesterday:

I phoned my teacher’s federation office to change an address.

No robot phone decision tree, a real person picked up after the first ring. 🙀

After hearing what I needed to do, they transferred me to someone else, who also picked up after the first ring. 🙀

Business was concluded, have a great day.

I had to pinch myself…

ottaross, to random
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lol - product features list:

"equipped with 48MP camera (front 24MP + rear 24MP)"

Well I guess we can just add them together, right?

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@ottaross I always get confused between British and North American megapixels 😄

Waitnwallflower, to random
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Our stupid work systems are adding to my stress level by sending me an email telling me if I don't complete past due trainings it will kick me out of the systems within now 6 days.
When I look at the trainings, it is for the introduction to a system that I've been working in since it's inception more than 6 years ago. It's a series of trainings that does not identify how long each block will take, cannot be at all skipped through, and must be physically manned to click "next" for each slide after a voice reads through the entirety of each slide. The 2nd one asks me if I want to pick up where I left off and when I say yes, it says 'congrats you completed'.
There is no contact information for me to say, "look, let's be practical here, I've literally been more than proficient in this system for more than 6 years, why am I being tapped to do exhaustive trainings that I clearly do not need, 6 years later?"

I'm so emotional right now, I want to shout "Lock me out of the systems. I dare you at this point. I actually dare you."


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@tantramar @Waitnwallflower I once sent a pdf to my financial guy that had my scanned signature on it in a few places. The pdf wasn’t flattened, or something, so they couldn’t see the signatures and I had to fix it.

In the course of the conversation, I was told that scanned signatures weren’t, strictly speaking, kosher.

I said, “so if I write my signature, scan it, and add it to the pdf, that’s wrong; but writing my signature on the document, scanning it, and sending as a pdf to you is okay?”

He took a don’t ask, don’t tell approach 😄

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@tantramar @Waitnwallflower It depends on how thick-headed they are… I once went for an interview for a leadership position (within my organization) with numerous and varied leadership experiences under my belt. They seemed more focussed on whether I had taken a “leadership training” course 🙄

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@tantramar @Waitnwallflower This was a board of education, so they aren’t going away. That said, there was a time when the organization had a really enlightened approach to leadership, and there were great things going on at the principal/department head level that inspired a lot of us to do great things in turn. Our enthusiasm transferred to the students, as well.

I suspect a lot of that was smothered during the reign of Mike Harris. His was the conservative government that chose a high school dropout for Minister of Education, John Snobelen. Snobelen’s approach was to “create a crisis” in education so they could shake things up. Cuts and reorganization made much of the aforementioned innovation and enthusiasm disappear, as people didn’t have time for it any more. A lot of really good department heads retired earlier than they would have. Real leadership was replaced by ladder-climbers, of the sort that values certificates over actual experience; and sticking to “the rules” over innovation.

grivettcarnac, to climate
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This is not cheering for the pay workers get at Chinese EV manufacturing companies or the supply chains etc but the fact that North American car companies have made zero moves to make simple, low cost EVs is pathetic. “Flood the market” blah blah blah. There’s no free market anyway just protectionism, government subsidies and the gatekeeping to keep EVs at $50,000 a piece. Say nothing of the song and dance about getting folks into EVs

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@grivettcarnac Taxing vehicle use by size/weight and putting proper safety restrictions on trucks disguised as big cars might shift customer preferences…

stephanie, to random
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The peonies are coming!! So close!
(And they're already covered in ants! Go nature!)

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@stephanie My grandmother grew peonies - she took care of me during the day and I remember being fascinated by all the ants 😊

MichaelPorter, to Ottawa
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"The school bus driver wasn't hurt, police said.”

Such a stupid thing to say.

Aside from the obvious bus>>bike aspect, I am sure that the bus driver was, in fact, harmed by the incident.


#Ottawa #OttBike #RoadSafety

stephaniewalter, to accessibility
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Let’s talk about dark mode and accessibility! There’s a myth that dark mode is good for accessibility, because it improves text readability. It's not always true.

The full article and resources on my blog: https://stephaniewalter.design/blog/dark-mode-accessibility-myth-debunked/

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@stephaniewalter I don’t have any pronounced vision problems, aside from aging eyes, but I’ve always found white text on a dark background significantly harder to read than the reverse.

grivettcarnac, to Canada
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I was going to gripe a bit about the cool temps and rain but with thousands of people already evacuating (or on stand by like Fort McMurray again) I probably won’t. It’s not even mid-May… #canada #cdnpoli #wildfire

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@grivettcarnac Yup… That said, I am going to get around to building that Corsi-Rosenthal box soon…

MichaelPorter, to random
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I’m seeing this graphic making the rounds withouth attribution - many versions have the info at the bottom cut off. The creator is alienyrox2 on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/user/alienyrox2/).


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@human3500 Always a problem with different aspect ratios.

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@human3500 But I figure if people are that interested, they will have opened up the image as opposed to just looking at the preview.

@MichaelPorter@ottawa.place avatar

@human3500 But, if I understand you correctly, the app is cutting parts of the image off for the preview?

@MichaelPorter@ottawa.place avatar

@human3500 Okay. I think my app does something like that as well.

@MichaelPorter@ottawa.place avatar

@human3500 Ha, fixed! Just so you don’t think I was talking about a girlfriend or such 😄

@MichaelPorter@ottawa.place avatar

@human3500 Hey, as long as they care about me and are good with all my flaws 😄

MichaelPorter, to random
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After failing to see a total eclipse that swept right over my area, and missing out on the most spectacular auroral display of the decade, I’ve come to the realization that I am a minor cloud/rain deity.

My services are available, and for the good of all. All I ask is travel and accommodation.


mariellequinton, to random
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Went out before 9 this morning to take the laundry off the line and it smelled like campfire out there. Why are people burning stuff? Have they forgotten last year so quickly? We all know it's going to be more of the same thing year.

@MichaelPorter@ottawa.place avatar

@mariellequinton ...If not worse. I was wondering if it wasn't forest fire smoke you were smelling, but I don't think Ottawa is there, yet.

You're reminding me to create my "summer forest fire" bookmark folder...

MichaelPorter, to Etymology
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Regarding the pronunciation of “GIF”:

The creator of the format, Steve Wilhite, pronounced it with a soft “g.” Apparently this pronunciation is even specified in the tech specs for the format. He was riffing on a Jif peanut-butter advertising slogan, “Choosy mothers choose Jif,” by saying “Choosy programmers choose GIF.”

If you insist that “GIF” be pronounced with a hard g, because of some misguided insistence that acronyms must follow the pronunciation of the expanded phrase, missing the joke, AND ignoring the tech specs, for God’s sake, then I will insist that you also use the following pronunciations:

COVID: | ˌkōvīd | (“covyde”), as the “VI” is short for virus, with a long i.
SCUBA: | ˈskəbə | (“skubba”), as the U stands for “underwater,” which is pronounced with a short u.
LASER: | ˈlasir | (“lasseer”), as the A stands for amplfication (short a), the S for simulated (“sss” not “zzz”), and the E stands for emission (usually a long e, but debatable, okay)
YOLO: | ˈyōlwə | (“yole-wuh”) as the final O stands for “once”, with the o taking on a wuh sound.
POTUS: | ‘pätyo͞os | (“pot-use”) as the O stands for “office” (ah) and the U stands for “United” (you).

Captain America, looking pretty beat up, saying, “I can do this all day.”

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Just so I’m clear, I don’t care how you pronounce it - Just don’t tell me I’m wrong, or that your reason is superior if you want me to keep a straight face.

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