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LiamEgan, to random
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Well worth the read.

An Open Letter from Economists on Canada Carbon Pricing


cc @acoyne

My favourite part :

"Unfortunately, the most vocal opponents of carbon pricing are not offering alternative policies to reduce emissions and meet our climate goals. And they certainly aren’t offering any alternatives that would reduce emissions at the same low cost as carbon pricing."

#PPLies #CanPoli #CarbonPricing

LiamEgan, to random
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"Destruction will be his legacy."

"Last week, Premier Doug Ford demonstrated, yet again, that he is not serious about solving the housing crisis."

"In fact, it’s difficult to find anything his government is serious about except cheap and readily available beer, building an unnecessary highway through valuable farmland, and destroying iconic public spaces like Ontario Place and the Ontario Science Centre. Destruction will be his legacy."


augieray, to random
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Years ago, I realized I was forgetting more than I recalled about the many studies I read that found was NOT just a mild, acute illness but led to chronic health problems. So, I created a spreadsheet to track these studies. Over the last two years or so, I've read significant parts of over 1,500 research studies, and my spreadsheet is approaching 525 reports that demonstrate COVID leaves people with damage to brains, hearts, immune systems, reproductive systems, and other organs. (1/5)

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@augieray Wow, that is a lot of studies and sadly, you know that someone will attempt to refute them because they saw someone give their opinion in some stupid tiktok video. How did the world get so dumb?

I have discovered the joys of masking and no one can take that away from me. I was on a plane wearing a mask and didn't get sick afterwards. I went for a run while the wildfire were making the air thick with smoke and it was all made possible by a simple mask.

LiamEgan, to climate
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I was waiting to see if the Ontario Liberals would show some backbone and leadership. I have my answer and I am disappointed.

"Liberal Leader Bonnie Crombie says there will be no provincial carbon tax if she topples Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives in the 2026 election."


LiamEgan, to USpolitics
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This is the story that should be pushed out on mainstream media instead of what we are currently seeing.

The real question about Donald Trump’s South Carolina victory is: Why did Nikki Haley do so well?

It's a bad sign for the party leader when 40% of voters bought into Nikki Haley's scathing attacks on him.


GottaLaff, to random
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Via Lisa Rubin:

Important for folks to understand that the entire judgment (not just the parts #Trump himself’s on the hook for) keeps generating interest each day at 9 percent annually.

NY AG James
+$114,553.04 = $464,805,336.70

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$114,553.04 is a lot of shoes 😆

LiamEgan, to random
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I Fixed the headline, because it isn't true.

The headline was :
"Poilievre vows to 'always stand with Ukraine' as third year of Russian war begins"

It should read :

Poilievre vows to 'always stand with Ukraine' and show it by voting against them every time.



antlerboy, to random
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Why electric bikes actually give more exercise than pedal bikes https://electrek.co/2024/02/20/why-electric-bikes-give-more-exercise/

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@ned @CStamp @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

I hate pedestrians - they behave like squirrels, but can't hear a thing because they have headphones on 🤣

Cyclists ringing their bells scare the crap out of the pedestrians and they instinctively jump in front of the bike.

Runners say "on your left" and the pedestrians again instinctively jump in front of the runners.

I cycle, run and walk and as @ned says - the whole system is a clusterfuck.

#cycling #runners #pedestrians

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@michaelbrien @ned @CStamp @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

In my unscientific poll over the years, when you say "on your left" the lefties will instinctively go to their left. I do it all the time and I should have been road-kill a long time ago 😄 Bells scare the crap out of me and I have one on my bike and use it well in advance of runners or pedestrians - but the headphone thing really messes things up - because they just don't hear you and you startle them.

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@lydialurch @ned @CStamp @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

I have always lived by the rule that the fastest has to look out for anyone slower. So, cyclists have to look out for runners and pedestrians and runners have to look out for pedestrians. Being in all 3 groups at various times allows me to complain about the other groups. I always go wide when passing and if I can't go wide, I just wait until I get a chance to pass. I still haven't figured out a nice pass routine.

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@CStamp @lydialurch @ned @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

For the purpose of this discussion, I am talking about multi-use pathways that allow bikes, runners and pedestrians only. Cars and bikes are a whole different matter and you seriously don't want me to go on that rant 🤣

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@ned @lydialurch @CStamp @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

Where I am right now, I am forced to use the sidewalk for cycling because of the bad infrastructure. It is a miserable experience because I slow down all the time to stop from spooking pedestrians. On the plus side, it turns into a good cardio workout because of the variable speeds, but bikes should never really be on sidewalks.

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@ned @CStamp @lydialurch @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

A bike on a MUP should be safe, but I always thing of anyone walking as a squirrel that will run back and forth in front of you. Pedestrians are in their own world and cyclists just have to look out for them. If you think of it, there should always be a separation between walkers/runners and cyclists.

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@ned @CStamp @lydialurch @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

I love MUPs when I am the only one on them, because they are safer and fast. I agree, that roads are death traps for cyclists - mainly because they are too slow for the cars and signage like "share the road" is the stupidest idea ever - it just infuriates the car drivers and gives cyclists a false sense of security.

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@CStamp @ned @lydialurch @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

I have been on a bunch of Toronto recreational trails and dislike all groups using them 🤣 The cyclists are using the runners and pedestrians as slalom gates, the runners are zigging and zagging to avoid everyone and the pedestrians are oblivous to the world. But, you won't get run down by a car - so that's a good thing. I expect pedestrians to be totally unpredictable and they generally are 😄

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@ned @CStamp @lydialurch @dragonfrog @MichaelTBacon @IcooIey @antlerboy

MUPs were never designed as part of a grand transportation plan - they were always a replacement for a sidewalk that had a limited budget that restricted its length. I have been on way too many MUPs and bike lanes that just end in the middle of nowhere. WTF My favourite 'bad design' has a concrete pillar at the end of the bike lane - so either veer onto the road or crash into the pillar.

ap236, to onpoli
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Ford government to scrap Ontario licence plate registration. Here's what you need to know https://ap236.com/VVvJ7I #MTO #OntarioRoads #LicencePlates #LicencePlateRenewal #AutoInsurance #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

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@the5thColumnist @ap236 @ontariogreens @onpoli

Governing a Province by "buck-a-beer" slogan mentality leads to stuff like this.

The decision was a clever (but short-sighted) way of buying votes. Now we have no money to go towards road repairs.
Making a decision without looking at what else has to be fixed/eliminated is an embarrassment for the Government and instead of fixing it properly, again, they are applying the "buck-a-beer" strategy. Maybe they will get it right on the third try.

ChemicalEyeGuy, to random
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Canadian political cartoonist #MichaelDeAdder perfectly summed up the #CognitiveDissonance that characterizes #USpol and #Bidenomics. 👀 👉 https://www.deadder.net/post/a-rose-by-any-other-name

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@paezha @ChemicalEyeGuy

I went to his site :

Then clicked blog and you can 'share' the link and I copied the link below because there is no mastodon share for the site.



bomkatt, to random
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Grrr. My watch says I haven’t been doing enough anaerobic work, so I tried to do some sprint intervals today to remedy that.

Except it said my HR wasn’t getting above Zone 2. I wasn’t too worried on the 1st repeat, but by the 5th?

I was hustling, and it didn’t feel easy.

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@WTL @bomkatt

I find with the iWatch, if it isn't cranked really tight, it doesn't register HR properly.

neurovagrant, to random
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  • LiamEgan,
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    @neurovagrant I liked the toothbrush story and was fooled by it as well. I generally check sources for everything. It is good training for the upcoming elections - verify,verify,verify.

    LiamEgan, to random
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    Good 😃

    Lawsuit against convoy organizers moves forward

    Decision pitted Ottawa residents' property rights against protesters' right to use pressure tactics


    mlawton, to random
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    This salesperson has cold emailed me 8 times. That's no big deal, but what is surprising is that each is a forward of the ENTIRE thread. I'm not sure what their strategy is intended to accomplish. It seems self-defeating, as it lays bare exactly how futile this effort is. Am I to feel guilty for not engaging, perhaps? I really don't.

    I guess bonus points for dogged perseverance, but negative points because now my opinion of that company is one of buffoonery.

    @LiamEgan@mstdn.ca avatar

    @mlawton I had a similar experience with a company. I emailed and asked a very simple straight forward question. I got an email response wanting to set up a phone call and so I repeated my very simple straight forward question. It was groundhog day all over again and again. I never got an answer and they stopped asking for a phone call meeting after at least a 1/2 dozen emails back and forth. It leaves a bad impression of the company.

    KrissyKat, to LGBTQ
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  • LiamEgan,
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    What kind of person would oppose a bill called “Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA)” ?

    STOP HERE if you believe the headline.

    On the surface it is a no-brainer to support. Lazy and corrupt politicians have a pretty strong platform where they can suggest that anyone not supporting the bill isn’t interested in the safety of kids.

    It is all bullshit. The bill is the exact opposite of the title. Read and see.

    Pure Evil!

    AlisonCreekside, to random
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    Andrew Scheer walks into a woodchipper.

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    Centretowner, to Ottawa
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    Trying to call 311 to report a pedestrian safety hazard and the system just told me to call back on a weekday during business hours and hung up on me. Traffic signals issues can't be reported online (last I checked). What a terrible disservice - and hazard! - to the citizens of . How many people will give up trying to report hazards when they encounter this!

    @LiamEgan@mstdn.ca avatar

    This isn’t just an issue - it is an urban issue. The funny thing is you have an ‘army’ of walkers/runners/bikers who are quite willing to stop what they are doing and phone in an issue and instead of a city taking advantage of that, they limit it to business hours or make it so difficult to do that you throw up your hands and say “why do I even bother?”. The design of the system discourages reporting issues.

    From @Centretowner


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