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Yes, this is the “base rate” fallacy. You may find the “red flags” your looking for, but they may actually be more common among other commenters that you don’t examine.

Simply, what is the “base rate” of those red flags on average? You have to examine a random sample of commenters to know that.


Not news. Things like recipes have been put through the AI filter to add a lot of useless crap. Try looking up “how to roast a chicken” and getting useable results.

It’s always someone’s life story when all I want is a discussion of the cooking process. That content is hard to create. It’s a lot easier to just have AI make up a fake life story.


You’re getting slow, Ozma:


The Ukraine package is bigger.


That’s just the first part that the Pentagon is preparing. You should pay more attention to the news.

One of the bills provides $61 billion for Ukraine…/long-awaited-aid-ukraine-israel-tai…


Exactly. The logistics of housing a president in a prison are too hard. It’s already set up for his residence.

It will be worse for him if he’s locked up in Trump Tower or Mar-A-Lago. People who were locked up in Alcatraz said the worst part was hearing everyone in the city have fun and go on in their lives. It would literally be torture for someone who has never known adversity.


That’s the craziest part. He knew exactly what to do to be successful and managed to only earn a basic middle class wage. Add anything else: significant debt, a partner to spend time with, addiction problems, mental issues, health issues, and you’re not going to have time for any of that.

Do these people who got lucky really think everyone else is just dumb? Yes, I could scour craigslist for free shit to resell but I have a life.


I love how these dudes are like “Why aren’t peddlers rich?!? Sell things for more than you pay for them! It’s so easy.”


What? You don’t buy your furniture from the random vagrants who get things off the Craigslist free list?


Yeah, we need details. I suspect it was smaller items: lamps, chairs, etc. that can be moved by hand. People give those away to not deal with the hassle of selling them.

So this guy thinks it’s a good idea to encourage homeless people to deal with choosing beggars on Facebook marketplace?


Trump spoke to the press in the hallway and excoriated the case. He ignored some of the questions he was asked, like, “Where’s Melania?”

First of all, lol.

Trump sits alone at the defense table motionless, occasionally scanning the empty bench where the judge typically sits. It is a striking image for a person who is typically surrounded by so many people.

Secondly, where are all the people who claimed we would never get here? Where are all those who demand consequences?

Trump is struggling to stay awake. His eyes were closed for a short period. He was jolted awake when Todd Blanche, his lawyer, nudged him while sliding a note in front of him.

Thirdly, lol. Dozing Don strikes again!


Yeah man. Being on trial for 34 felonies is a breeze. Literally a walk in the park.

This man is literally shitting his depends as the head of the National Enquirer testifies against him, and you think he’s having a ball.


You in the 1920’s:

“Capone is untouchable! The Feds can’t pin any murders on him daddio! He’s doing he Charleston all over them!”


IRS Special Agent Frank Wilson and the “T-Men” followed the money, gathering evidence that Capone had made millions of dollars on income that was never taxed. It paid off: Capone was indicted on 22 counts of federal income tax evasion.

Capone was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Alcatraz proved to be Capone’s undoing. The warden, James Aloysius Johnston, wasn’t as easily swayed as those Capone had previously encountered. When Johnston asked Capone his name, the mobster allegedly responded, “You know who I am.” Johnston is said to have retorted, “Here you are now known as AZ-85.”…/al-capone-sentenced-to-prison-for-ta…


Uh, you need to tell your kid to not throw it on the ground if you don’t want it to happen. They’re not idiots. If you’re laughing and filming it when they throw it then of course they’re going to do it every time.

Kids learn much faster than adults. If anything, they get bored quickly because they’ve already figured something out. Tell them what you want.


But the other guy is right. There’s a problem with polling now because many people don’t answer the phone. It doesn’t matter how many people you have in the sample if it’s biased.

In this case it’s clearly biased against people who don’t answer random numbers. The “not answering” cohort may be correlated with other population groups like people with higher education and higher earnings. The survey may be systematically missing this chunk of the population, making the results biased too.

Higher educated democrats not surveyed -> the survey misses their opinions -> the survey is wrong when the results come in at election time.

Trump was forced to listen silently as potential jurors offered their unvarnished assessments of him (

New Yorkers who said they couldn’t approach the case fairly were excused during jury selection. But one of the women with the harshest assessments of him will be among those who will determine his fate on 34 counts of falsifying business records....


The jury pool is 100% from NYC, Manhattan even. Notice how these people have detailed opinions on Trump from before 2015.

These are his neighbors on the island who know him best. And it’s fitting that they get to judge him in this case. They are going to lock him up and throw away the key as hard as is possible with this case.


This is pretty interesting. Reminds me of the ADHD posts on here where people get their meds right and are like “I have superpowers now. I just think about doing something and I do it.”

I would like to add something else: laziness and relaxation are totally fine as a part of your life. Athletes know that how you recover from training is as important as the training you do. They literally schedule rest days, and rest periods in each day. If you want to do anything well, you have to have time away from it to recover.


Columbia University, like other Ivy League universities, was founded with money from the slave trade.…/columbia-university-reveals-details-of-…

Just FYI


Mexican and Korean food are really good, even without meat. Lentil or mushroom tacos are great. Korean food has a lot of fermented food and soy.


Here are Clinton’s claimed achievements. It’s a lot more than “the deficit”. There’s a reason why he was reelected:



some of them

Without looking into it, I can guarantee you that no one involved in British Intelligence in WW2 were in the US Army Military Police in Iraq 60 years later. Not everything is connected.


I’m saying that you had “no idea” about something that’s been around for a long time. Maybe you should look into the details (pro and con) before becoming enraged. People in CA have known about this and they’re not that upset, just asking for more transparency.

You are falling victim to today’s ragebait media, which is a larger issue. You may be correct but I’m telling you to not jump to conclusions without doing some research into it.


And the doors not closing because of poor build quality? Or the doors needing power to unlock (unless you reach under the seat? Or the touchscreen needed to reverse?

Literally no other cars have these problems. Are you going to try to explain away each one? You’ll be here all day.

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