German who came to the uk for love almost 20 years ago. Games environment artist and mother of two Welsh-German mongrels. #art #mastoart #artistonmasto

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Katharina, to boardgames

Had friends round to play "ganz schon clever" and managed to demolish a bucket of haribos. Here are before and after pictures. We played the first one first snd the second after.
#boardgame #boardgames #dicegames

The aftermath of a games night. The table gas dice and game sweets on it, crisis bowl snd haribo bucket are empty.

Katharina, to boardgames

Feel very clever for buying these "ganz schön clever" refills in Germany instead of the full games. I should have all the coloured dice necessary and can probably look up the rules online. Bargain!
#boardgames #boardgame #gaming #games

MLE_online, to random
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The Aliexpress vendor who cancelled my order for 2200K (color temp) LEDs has uncancelled it and now they are en route to my house from China.

I guess I'm getting them after all, though they only have two reviews, and one says they are a nice warm orangey yellow and the other says the color is nothing like what they are supposed to be, so I'm curious what they will look like


@MLE_online what are you planning to do with them?

sudelsurium, to knitting German
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Erstes Ringelsockenpaar fertiggestellt. Und sie verstehen sich auf Anhieb. 🥰



@sudelsurium @knitting ahhh wir haben ein tolles kinderbuch mit einer Ringelsocke der seinen Partner sucht (Simon sock).

Katharina, to Cat

Scooby and I just did some yoga.
#yoga #yogawithadriene #cat #CatsOfMastodon #CatContent

Swede1952, (edited ) to ilaughed

Meanwhile back at the feeder.

4 January 2024

When I let Ben and Charlie out this morning, a cloud of chipping sparrows (Spizella passerina) rose from the ground and flew away. So here is a pic of some sparrows. It's not a good composition, but not completely boring either.

"Particularly in fall and winter, watch for small flocks of Chipping Sparrows feeding on open ground near trees. In spring and summer, listen for the male’s long, loud trill, then look for the male in the upper branches of a nearby tree." - allaboutbirds.org


@Swede1952 we also get regular visits from a gang of sparrows. Not got a camera good enough to try to take nice pictures though.

Katharina, to art

We took the ferry back yesterday and I sketched some of my fellow passengers.
#Art #watercolour #painting #portrait #artistsonmastodon #mastoart

An elderly, white lady with red hair looking down.

Katharina, to sketch
cefairon, to boardgames German
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Fast wäre das letzte Feld auch noch ausgefüllt worden, aber die Zeit hat nicht mehr gereicht. Der Großteil wurde auf der Spielwiesn gespielt.
Highlights waren die Burgen von Burgund und die Weiße Burg, die auch eingezogen ist.
#Brettpiele #BoardGames @brettspiele


@cefairon @brettspiele die burgen von burgund ist so ein tolles Spiel, nur leider dauert es ewig bis es aufgebaut ist.

pauley123, to cascadia German

Brettspiele Samstag
#brass #cascadia und #littletown wurde gespielt
@boardgames @brettspiele


@pauley123 @boardgames habt ihr es gut. Ich bin heute Mittag im Spielecafe verabredet und freue mich schon. 🙂

BenHigbie, to comicbooks
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@BenHigbie the character from the spawn series? I should still have some comics with her in it.


@BenHigbie oh interesting factoid.

Katharina, to random

According to my youngest daughter I look like a blobfish. No more weird animal books for her... 🙃

RickiTarr, to random
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One of my friends pointed out that Bible stories sound exactly like Florida Man Headlines!


Florida Man Starts Building Ark, Says God Is Going Flood The Whole Earth

PLEASE, add your own Florida Man Bible Headlines for everyone's amusement!


@RickiTarr "florida man offers up Virgin daughters to rape gang in exchange for two strangers."

Katharina, to boardgames
Katharina, to cymru

I just started learning numbers over ten in Welsh. Turns out fifteen translates to one-ten-five and twelve is one-ten-two. Well, that is nice and simple for a change!
#welsh #cymraeg


@steve it was all just an evil trick trying to give me a false sense of security!

Gargron, to random
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I wish I could live here. It’s so beautiful 🥲


@Gargron you wre right, there are a lot of pretty places here. I wish you good luck! 🙂

Katharina, to boardgames

So boardgame arena night. We played five games. Azul (which I lost because I had forgotten the rules), skull (which I did not like, not my kind of game) splendour, which I also lost but love, celestia, which i win somehow and incan gold, not my type of game but quite fun nonetheless.
#boardgame #boardgames #boardgamearena #tabletopgames #games

Colourful fantasy based card game where you commandeer a spaceship which you can get off from at any time.
Another card based push your luck game. You explore tunnels to collect treasure but if you run into the same type of danger twice you loose your collection.

Katharina, to Phoenix

Wooooo last inktober drawing! "Fire". I can go back to painting (pumpkins probably) now.
See you all next year!


@thepoliticalcat thank you, me, too, actually. And i drew it really fast! 😁


@thepoliticalcat fiber art? Like stitching or something? And of course! No problem. 🙂


@thepoliticalcat haha that sounds a lot more exciting than my little sketch. 😅


@thepoliticalcat well I am looking forward to seeing what you make out of it! Definitely want to see pictures. 🙂


@thepoliticalcat I imagine even without all that it will take a while. Sounds like a long project!

ryanhoulihan, to random
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    @ryanhoulihan how fun!

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