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jon, to random avatar

I know “le train train” can mean something monotonous in French. But most French actually need to quit “la voiture voiture”


@jon actually, they need the means enabling them to get away from the "voiture voiture". They don't have except in the dense urban areas. Each time we go to our house on the countryside I need to get a car from our CarSharing...

dichotomiker, (edited ) to android avatar

Smartwatch won't connect via bluetooth anymore

My mom tries to #bluetooth pair her smart watch and her phone. But every time she enters the correct validation code in her phone, the watch denies the #pairing.

  • her watch is a Suunto Peak 9 Pro
  • Smart phone is some Shift Phone 5 on Android <edit>8</edit>
  • watch and phone have been factory reset
  • app has been reinstalled
  • watch to the latest firmware
  • phone bt cache and data have been deleted
  • phone network data has been reset
  • the watch can connect to another phone
  • her phone can connect to other bt devices

Any suggestions? What are we missing?
@android #boost #boostplease #teilen #followerpower


@dichotomiker @android
I encountered a similar problem with smart jewels. The app would only connect the device to BT after validation from a database on the manufacturers website. Since it was closed down connection has become impossible and our stock of jewels is scrap.

lauren, to random avatar

Remember when over the air digital TV came in and unless you had a new TV you needed a converter box to watch the digital channels as analog channels went dark? Did you know it's happening again? But worse.

While the FCC just recently extended (to 2026 I believe) the required time for the existing (ATSC 1.0) system to stay operational, the new ATSC 3.0 system is loaded with encrypted DRM even on basic channels in many cases.

And get this, it appears that the external converter boxes currently available for this that can actually deal with that DRM reportedly require an Internet connection to work!

You read that right. To receive an over the air ATSC encrypted channel -- even a basic broadcast channel -- reportedly appears to currently require an Internet connection.

Now you might be asking, what the bloody hell is the point of over the air TV if you need a damned Internet connection to watch it?

And the answer is: I don't have a clue.

I'm trying to learn more. Stay tuned. No pun intended.


@lauren Consider, they'll gather data on what you're watching. Just as simple.

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