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Cyberpunk Fashion

Website: www.jilanico.com

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Jilanico, (edited )
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So is urine the new Robitussin?

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When this happens to me, I lean into the distressed look and peel off as much as I can.

What reading style do you consider more tedious to read, A) short, concise, and precise, but using non-layperson vocabulary, B) using layperson vocabulary, but it's longer, drawn out, and not precise?

I’ve seen a lot of people on here be teased for difficulty expressing themselves. Either people complain “you’re using big person words to describe mundane things” when they’re aiming for precision or “woah, we don’t need that damn wall of text” when they’re aiming for clarity. It’s like people just want to...

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You could have just said, “Why not both?” 😜

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Hell, even marbles are more fun to watch imo: m.youtube.com/watch?v=6wjQ1_icRUg

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Hahaha omg it IS amazing lol m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA8BoiT_ZmQ

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I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I think it’s the shorter race duration and the smaller track that makes it easy to take in all the action. In real races, super fast cars on long tracks look slow on video.

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The subreddit I was active on is still going strong, albeit with less interested mods. I think the impact of us leaving depends on the types of subs most lemmies used to be on. I don’t think anyone from the sub I was on left reddit.

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I see the same names cropping up in many disparate communities

I think one reason for this is because it’s easier for a post to bubble up to “All > Hot” on Lemmy since there are less people and less posts here.

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I just realized “dialing a number” comes from turning a dial.

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