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Brother printers won’t even let you print in black after you’re out of yellow for three weeks.

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Define recent? This one is almost a decade old.

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I was shadowbanned from /r/risa for making a shitpost about it a few years ago 😅

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Then as smart phones took off, all the companies quadrupled down on the walled garden idea

Yahoo and MSN had interop before smartphones existed. AIM and Google Talk (Jabber) as well.

When smart phones took off, Facebook Messenger actually had Jabber support (which also gave it interop with AIM and Google Talk).

The consolidation and walled gardens unfortunately came back later.

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We never find out exactly what happens to Benny Russell beyond this point, as after the breakdown occurs, Captain Sisko wakes up. Back on Deep Space 9, it seems as if his experiences as Benny Russell were all just a fantasy.

Yes, we do. He ends up in an asylum. He is shown briefly while Sisko approaches the Orb of the Emissary.


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We tried that once. It didn’t go so well.


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Agreed. See also: Benghazi, Hunter Biden, etc.

We have a bad habit of gliding down the slippery slope.

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They did pretty well with Inside Out as well. Bing Bong wasn’t even in any of the promotional materials at all.

Love John de Lancie, but we gotta shake things up a bit. (lemmy.world)

Given the events of “Picard” and the delays of the writer’s strike, it’s considerably less likely we’ll get to see our old Q up to no good. Natasha has the smarmy attitude expected from a Q, so why not? Certainly welcome to a relative unknown in the role if they can pull it off, but she gets my vote.

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What about Olivia d’Abo? It would be interesting to see what became of Amanda Rogers

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They do. By default the system partition is straight up mounted read-only.

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