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a home-instance temp ban will override a remote instance perma ban (there’s a PR in the works to fix this , but it’s the way things are currently)

The way things work now is annoying.

Troll creates an account on instance A, posts racist shit or other uninspired bait on instance B.
Gets instantly permabanned from instance B.
3 days later, home instance A decides to ban them for a week.
Thus, a week later, user is automatically unbanned from home instance and all federated instances, including where they were permabanned.
Current behaviour is bananas.

This particular troll’s lack of creativity is unsurprising.

How does the day-to-day work of not wearing shoes in the house?

I have been reading a lot lately about not wearing outside shoes in the house and it interests me even more because I’ve been saving to re-carpet my whole house. It hits me every now and then about how to do things though, like, say I’m cooking all day on Sunday then need to take the trash out. I’m assuming it’s change...

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I can’t find a pair of tigers anywhere these days :/

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Can’t find any that aren’t sketchy af in Canada

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  • Allow all the time
  • Allow while using the app
  • Don’t allow, but your data is still uploaded in case you change your mind later
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Princess of Serenity which is basically Sailor Moon Super (Earth)

Roblox Studio boss: children making money on the platform isn't exploitation, it's a gift (www.eurogamer.net)

In an interview with Roblox Studio head Stefano Corazza at GDC in late March, where a new suite of AI-powered creation tools was demoed, I asked about the reputation Roblox hac gained and the notion that it was exploitative of young developers, since it takes a cut from work sometimes produced by children....

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When I did this, I had a high level corruption weapon and his minions did it for me.
But really anything, potions, scrolls, plants, etc.
Pretty sure wands don’t count as weapon either.

Anyone else notice a long delay for comments/posts from lemmy.world?

It might not just be lemmy.world, but several times recently I’ve made posts (usually to !helldivers2.lemmy.ca) that I check throughout the day. Then like 8 hours after I’ve made the post, I’ll see comments appear from people on lemmy.world that are several hours old....

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We are currently seeing a backlog in outbound federation towards lemmy.world.
Really, this graph says it all… 📈


I’ve restarted the containers, hoping it starts catching up.

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Sadly that line keeps going up.
I don’t have much of an update but it’s really specific to outbound federation and just with lemmy.world.
ie: inbound works fine, outbound with other instances works fine.

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Not necessarily.
Thing is, after a few consecutive failures, the next retry is now in a while (later tonight).
This retry spacing at least explains why it hasn’t gone down after the restart

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I’d like to celebrate early and possibly jinx myself in the process but the line is going down.


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Je ne fais que passer, je teste la fédération sortante vers une autre instance que .world avec qui on est 48k+ en retard 😓

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I’ve only ever had 1 or 2 hard crashes, but I get lots of “Connection lost/timeout”, sometimes 10 seconds in, sometimes just before extraction, or anytime inbetween. My Internet is solid and stable too (1.5Gbps on fiber)
I wish I had the option to just rejoin the same game.

The game even continues to work while the timer runs out, including voice chat and everything so it’s like there’s another keepalive that will boot you out when it misses a beat that’s independent from the actual server where the gameplay happens.

Otherwise, new bug that’s happened to me twice since the patch… getting yeeted all the way accross the map for seemingly no reason.
First time, I stepped on a long dead rocketpods bot and ended up flying for a good 10+ seconds, and eventually landed out of bounds in a glitchy graphics place.
Luckily, deserters get executed/timed out, so I respawned after.

Second time I was just going up a hill then got yote
back, flew for 4-5 seconds and almost died on the landing, got up, stimmed up, busted bots.

Crashing or getting timed out just before extraction on a 30min run is more annoying than friendly fire.

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I know this is 99.99999% an April’s fool.
Also, yes I’ll still try it for sure.

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I couldn’t find a camcorder in my hellpod but I’ve heard the flash from a 500kg can burn an image in someone’s retinas.

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For when you need to remember a moment for the rest of your life.

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I mostly just rinse mine when I’m done so there hasn’t ever really been soap scum stuck to it.
I’ve used IPA to clean/disinfect, it’s fine.
If in doubt, test it on a small spot first.

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I do this often enough to burn barricaded doors, but there’s a bunch of things that can work like fadeleaf a fish away, odds are they’ll teleport somewhere without water and die.

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