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(He/him) Marxist-Leninist and amateur writer. I like cats, foxes, sci-fi, science fantasy, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Message me for my roleplay ideas!

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In all seriousness though: Pretty sure this is referring to using straw as insulation, not structural elements.

Where did the rules of the road come from? (www.youtube.com)

So I’m not posting this in this community because I think the old way of having no rules of movement is better with the current state of car infrastructure, obviously it’s not and the rules are what keep cars from being even more deadly. But I’m just saying, the old system worked really well right up until cars showed up,...

HiddenLayer5, (edited )
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It honestly kind of looks like a model of a virus lol

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No, and that’s what the video attempts to show with real-world comparisons in Montreal.

Using DNA hashing as a way to identify individuals?

This is something tangential I’ve developed for my science-fantasy world with intelligent animals. For context: In this world, different taxonomic governments represent groups of related species. You have the Felines, Vulpines, Rodents, Avians, etc. Each of them technically belong to a different State but frequently...

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Good point. I didn’t know that DNA can’t be used in court that way either, TIL. Thanks!

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Very interesting! Thank your for your perspective from a background in this!

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