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Hello Mastodon, my name is Rob. I'm a relatively normal person but with a weird accent. I've lived in four countries, at least as many alternative universes, and countless alternative realities. I'm fascinated with all sorts of cultures, languages, music, and foods. Some folks know me as a #writer, a lay #Buddhist, a #rabbit adopter, a #vegan, or a #photographer. I'm a #survivor of childhood abuse, so support children's issues and #MentalHealth. Nice to meet you!

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RickiTarr, to random
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Alright, lots of heavy discussions today, so let's talk about something silly!

What is a movie that always makes you laugh?

Personal pick:

Anything Mel Brooks, but Robin Hood: Men in Tights, it's just funny every time I watch it.

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Totally on board with Blazing Saddles, Life of Brian, Holy Grail, Galaxy Quest, and Buckaroo Banzai.

I'd like to add Austin Powers, Being John Malkovich, Best In Show, Borat, Grumpy Old Men, Idiocracy, Rocky Horror, Rush Hour, Whisky Galore (original), and pretty much anything with the Marx Brothers.

Hawaii, to random
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Chinese activists gather in Tokyo to salute victims of #TiananmenSquare


Hawaii, to hongkong
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police arrested six people on Tuesday (May 28) under the city's new security law for "posting messages with seditious intention" online on a Facebook page about commemorating Beijing's deadly 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.”


Hawaii, to Malaysia
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“Vast concessions in #Malaysia's forests threaten millions of hectares of rich natural habitats and risk the country's commitment to 50 per cent forest cover, a report warned Tuesday (May 28).
NGO RimbaWatch said its analysis of concessions in the country's forest showed up to 3.2 million hectares could be slashed, potentially unleashing enormous carbon emissions and compromising key animal habitats.”

Hawaii, to random
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  1. Played pickleball for the first time today, and it was more fun than expected.
  2. Just received my new Wormier mechanical keyboard and am looking forward to writing on that instead.
  3. Spent most of the day with six very dear friends and was reminded that yes, lovely people do still exist.
Hawaii, to random
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Badminton and table tennis are sports I love to watch. The pros play at a speed even my eyes can’t keep up with.

Preparing for Paris: What it's like to train with Singapore's Olympic-bound badminton star Loh Kean Yew

Hawaii, to windows
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Another reason to use any OS except :

revealed a new AI-powered feature called "Recall" for Copilot+ PCs that will allow Windows 11 users to search and retrieve their past activities on their PC. To make it work, Recall records everything users do on their PC, including activities in apps, communications in live meetings, and websites visited for research.“


Hawaii, to random
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Hawaii, to random
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Same as it ever was: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

“Dow surpasses 40,000, world stocks hit record amid rate cut hopes”


Hawaii, to random
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100% support for independence protestors in . The violence and damage that a small handful of people are doing is nothing compared to the violence and damage caused by more than a century of France colonialism.

drahardja, to Texas
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#Texas is losing Californian transplants again. No surprise to me, as Texas politicans use Californians as rhetoric bait—at the same time boasting about how Californians are moving into the state to create the next Silicon Valley in Austin, while simultaneously scapegoating Californians as disgusting commie liberals invading their state, lumping them together with “illegal immigrants” in their xenophobic rhetoric.

Not said in the article is the fact that Texas law is hostile to non-cis-het people, especially those with a uterus. You can’t pay me enough money to relocate to Texas (or any number of southern red states), because that would add a mortal risk, if not to me directly, then to someone close to me.

The recent influx of tech workers to Texas was a mirage anyway, fueled more by tax giveaways than any systemic change. Now that the money has run dry, companies are finding a different state to fleece.

“Texas Attracted California Techies. Now It’s Losing Thousands of Them.”


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@drahardja About two years into the pandemic #Hawaii created the “Movers And Shakas” program which subsidized bringing remote workers to Hawai’i. Caused a valid backlash locally, and I wonder how many of the participants are still in Hawai’i. The program should have been called “Out Of State Landlord Support Program;” all HI got out if it was more shoppers in Costco.

Binder, to random
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“How do you manage to not compulsively read the entirety of every book you start?”

Simple explanation, really. I’m a natural born quitter.

I quit when things aren’t working & when they are. For any reason or no reason. I’ve probably quit more things than most people have begun.

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I have a huge number of books I’ve loved enough to never want them to end - so I skip the last chapter. The characters, the places, all the unanswered questions and unrealized potentials, remain my BFFs.

Sadly though, my mind reached capacity years ago, and now new BFFs seem to be overwriting earlier ones.

So I go back and reread, and the self-perpetuating cycle itself becomes the BFF.

Hawaii, to random
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Florida dolphin found with highly pathogenic avian flu: Report


Hawaii, to hongkong
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protonprivacy, to random
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This e-mail could have been a meeting.

Hawaii, to random
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#Bayer bought #Monsanto, who designed #RoundUp around their previous product #AgentOrange. Now Bayer claims that waging chemical warfare in the yard, garden, and farm should be acceptable.

Weedkiller manufacturer seeks lawmakers’ help to squelch claims it failed to warn about #cancer


Hawaii, to ps5
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“Codenamed Trinity, the PlayStation 5 Pro model will include a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode. All of Sony’s changes point to a #PS5 Pro that will be far more capable of rendering games with ray tracing enabled or hitting higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles.” #gaming


Hawaii, to Stoicism
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I wish that drove as many of our actions as violence. Physical violence, economic, social, cultural, sexist, racist, environmental, and more. Even the games we play and the foods we eat. Humanity seems driven to destroy not only itself, but everything around it - even the water, air, and soil that support our lives. Earth is written off as collateral damage. We treat our own kind, even our children, as if we are a disease to be eradicated. Choose peace; our choices are being taken away.

dgar, (edited ) to random
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@dgar love this!

verge, to random
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Another reason to never, ever use #Windows: now you'll have ads embedded in your OS (browser ad blockers won't work on them). Use Linux instead - the vast majority of distros are #FOSS.

Hawaii, to Stoicism
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I enjoy exploring the world via Google Earth; it's much less damaging to the environment, though may be damaging to your privacy because it's a Google product. In any case, here's a screenshot from , . Sighting a sign with the word "Peace" made me wonder how those folks are doing today. in Myanmar may be difficult to imagine while a violent military controls the country.

Hawaii, to Korea
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Hawaii, to climate
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Europe's top human rights court ruled on Tuesday (Apr 9) that the Swiss government had violated the human rights of its citizens by failing to do enough to combat #ClimateChange, a decision that will set a precedent for future climate lawsuits.


Hawaii, to random
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Enjoying @annaleen ʻs “The Future Of Another Timeline” and getting blown away (and disgusted) by all the references to Anthony Comstock. Sad that all this Comstock rubbish is still such a problem today, 130 years later. Sheeple are sheeple.

Em0nM4stodon, to random

New People of Mastodon :mastodon:​✨

Know that Saturdays on Mastodon are in fact Caturdays :ablobcatnod:​

If you have a cat,
please caticipate by sharing pictures (with alt-text) of your cutie friend with us and using the hashtag Caturday!

We need more cats! :blobcatalt:​

MORE CATS! :blobcatflip:​


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is also:
for bat fans or batmans
for your boss' yesmen or flat-earthers
for Animal House fans
for insect champions
for those with fancy chapeaus
for Mormons
for physicists
for salespeople
for cute rats
...oh, and in some jurisdictions it is referred to as "Saturday," but I'm not buying that one.

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