Average boring person from Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. I’m running the music blog 12XU. My main fedi handle is @groschi. It turns out Lemmy and Kbin subscriptions don’t really work with Pleroma yet so i made this auxiliary account to keep up with the discussion.

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Marbled Eye - Read The Air (2024) [new release] (

What i said about Uranium Club’s effect on garage punk a couple weeks back, similar things i can attest to this Oakland group concerning their particular (sub-)genre. Here we have a new LP by another band who, despite far from being the most prolific of acts out there, has clearly sent plenty of ripples through the post- and...

Delta 8 - Greased Lightning (2024) [new release] (

An awesome debut cassette by this group out of Athens, Geoargia, delivering a salvo of fuzzed out tunes on the intersection of hardcore- and KBD-soaked garage punk. While at times resembling the noise-laden output of groups á la Lumpy and the Dumpers, Soupcans and Black Button i think this stuff would fit equally well within...

No Brains - Cheap Shot // The Celebrities - Redd Karpet (2024) [new releases] (

Two outstanding releases rolled in this week dabbling in unapologetically oldschool aesthetics, both prevailing in their own way by fairly different means. No Brains from Utrecht, Netherlands present an uncompromisingly straightforward blend of timeless garage punk and early eighties, somewhat hardcore- and KBD-adjacent noises....

Jug - Or Not / Innuendo - Peace & Love [new release] (

Excellent shit straddling the fine line between hard- and postcore with a smidge of garage thrown in is what we get on the debut EP of Winnipeg group Jug, reaching our shores courtesy of the always reliable Vancouver noise forge Neon Taste Records. Their sound encapsulates exactly the rough and unruly qualities i seek out most...

Leaking Head - Leaking Head [new release] (

Another bomb has just dropped via Tetryon Tapes. The previous EP Better Homes & Gardens by the Rochester, NY group was a perfectly fun occasion already, albeit one still kinda struggling to seamlessly integrate their oldschool '70s/'80s metal elements into their overall aesthetic. This new cassette rectifies this in part by way...

Pork Belly - I'm Okay, You're Okay, Everything is Okay (2024) [new release] (

The second EP by this San Francisco group, coming to us by way of the weirdo suits at the headquarters of Discontinuous Innovation Inc., marks a quite impressive step up in energy, sophistication, elegance and stylistic variety after their already perfectly enjoyable debut cassingle in 2020. In the year 2024, their quirky and...

RONi - Demo (2024) [new release] (

Oh look, it’s that mysterious dude again who also goes by such names as Zhoop, Djinn, Nightman, Feed, Brundle and even more disguises i can’t recall right now. As usual he does exactly one thing on here and he gets it right every single time - five excellent no-frills minimalist detonations on the intersection of garage-,...

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