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Introvert. Anime lover. Gamer.

Talkative to some, silent to others. Long term Apollo user and had to move post reddit’s apocalypse circa July 1, 2023

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Musk would probably come close. He can shut down internet and stop your car if you own Tesla. And he already has his Space companies. On the other hand, if Meta takes off, Zuckerberg is a close candidate followed by Microsoft.

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Because libre office is not compatible with many others. You can open it sure but there’s no guarantee that opening .doc or .docx will have broken formatting. Not good for those in the academia or workplace where formatting are strictly enforce.

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I used sidebery and edited the userchrome.css using guides from r/FirefoxCSS

here’s some guides for them:

But for reference, here are the codes for them (since Reddit appears to be down at the time of this writing)


Sidebery Stylesheet

Here’s the sidebery link on github


Note, to find your firefox profile folder:


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Sleek and beautiful. And judging from that desktop, you’ve got a pretty big monitor.

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For some reason, this reminds me of the old digg. I’m feeling nostalgic. :)

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Speaking as someone who’s mostly on a laptop screen, that thing is big. When at home (which doesn’t happen a lot these days), I connect my laptop to a more modest Xiaomi 1C Monitor 23.8 Inch. I am not a techie so I’m not sure what I can use a vertical monitor for though.

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Ehh. Different strokes, I guess. Too much minimalism for me becomes extra step. Like if remove the search bar, I would have to type in duckduckgo.com everytime I need to search. Without the pinned icons, I would have to type gmail everytime, for example. Firefox is my secondary desktop and I treat those icons as kind of like a mini app. :)

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Why is there a SEARCH bar next to the bar where you can search anyway?

Muscle memory I guess. I associate the main bar with typing in websites. While the smaller one for search. That’s how I’ve been doing it for years.

The icons are pinned tabs using sideberry and CSS from r/FirefoxCSS

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tweXit does have a nice ring to it. Made me laugh 😂

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Same. @squizzy, I don’t like microblogging in general either. I was raised in the golden era of forums (the days of phpBB and vBulletin). My twitter account hasn’t been touched for years now.

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As an iOS user and long time Firefox user (never switched to chrome in my life) I feel jealous. But one can only hope that we too in the APPLE walled garden won’t be left behind. Though I understand that it would be a long shot. :(

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Thank you for your interest. Done and done! :)

Do you still use fanfiction.net or are you all in on Archive of Our Own

I began my writing journey on fanfiction.net after a fan page on wetpaint.com went down (wetpaint was my OG springboard for all things fanfics, then ff.net, livejournal and tumblr). I still visit it from time to time, reading fanfics that are not present on AO3....

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Some of the older fandoms started out there and it existed when majority of the internet users are younger and just starting out so I can understand the quality. Some of my older works are still there and I cringe at them. But that said, there are some hidden gems in FFN not otherwise seen elsewhere.

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