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nonfedimemes, to random avatar

Did you install it in ./local/share/icons




Hold up guys, I need to call my mechanic and get new afterburners installed on my car.


I unironically love the idea of Cripple-Punk.


Circumcision is so weird. Like why are non religious people opting for that so much in the US?


I feel like it’s just bad journalism than boring dystopia tbh.


That’s a fair point.


Physical media making a comeback? Sign me tf up


More parking, less sidewalks, bike lanes, bus lanes, trains, subways or even carpool lanes. Why? Because we love sucking GMs cock, thats why? Now pay your car loan so we can lower your credit score you fucking cucks.


Starlink already uses Linux the whole way up the stack. It’s only a matter of time lol


I remember when Avast was considered the least shit or at least, one of the less shit options for Antivirus. Pretty much seems all those antivirus products are just malware with marketing teams now.


Lovely. Thanks for that Russia. I really needed reminding on how abhorrent humans can be, to get me through my day


We have it in Ireland, but it’s not even remotely like the stuff they have in the US. Our Mountain Dew is just like sweeter sprite.


I fucking hate when publications use these terms.

Other ones that grind my gears:

‘Claps back’


‘Caused a Storm’

Like 9/10 when I see ‘outrage online’ used in a piece, it’s actually just like a handful of Twitter people complaining for the sake of complaining.

Also, what the fuck does clap back even mean.


Wasn’t that compatibility based on SMS which is inherently insecure?


Great news. Thank you Signal


In my opinion, relying on upgrading users automagically to an encrypted and secure protocol isn’t good practice. If someone wants to use an encrypted chat, they should do so consciously. It will only cause confusion otherwise.

Do people still use SMS these days though anyway?

I would have thought iMessage, RCS and separate chat apps like Whatsapp, Signal and WeChat would have largely replaced SMS by now.


Watch the UK media begin autistically screeching about how this is anti semitic and how Labour is the racist choice and that Tories must stay in power and must keep supporting Israel no matter what.


Caoimh - kweeva

Siobhán - Shivawn

Sinead - Shin-ade

Níamh - Neev

Grainne - Grawn-ya

Sorcha - Surka

Bláthnaid - Blawnid

Clíodnadh - Clee-ona

Órlaith - Oar-la

Ciara - Kee-ra

All these names make sense when one understands Irish grammar and pronunciations, but I can absolutely see how people elsewhere would struggle with these.

Ukraine’s Zelensky Signs Medical Marijuana Bill, A Step He Says Can Heal ‘Pain, Stress and Trauma Of War’ With Russia (

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has officially signed a bill to legalize medical marijuana—a step that he and other officials say can help soldiers address physical and mental wounds incurred during the nation’s war with Russia....


Wasn’t on my list of predictions for 2024, but fuck it why not. They deserve to get high if they want after all they’ve been through lol


Imagine thinking you can make encryption illegal. Fucking imbeciles.


The extension is awkward to use imo. The way Vivaldi has it integrated for example is miles better and I really want to see Firefox do same.

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