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Oliver, Keeper of the blind Nightbird, author of Minutes to Midnight and Intergalactic Kammerjäger, plastic crack addict

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Forkillion, to miniaturepainting
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Painting up that squad of brutes finally got my #turnip28 army ready for their first full size game. Sooo It was time for a first group picture of my Mossketeers. My foto setup wasnt really up for this, but I tried my best.

#miniaturepainting #darksouls #paintingminiatures #kitbash

Forkillion, to miniaturepainting
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I had a few hangover days, so I finally got back to #miniaturepainting and finished a few projects. First up a #warhammer40k predator tank, that I desperately needed to get done for some scheduled matches (and he did good in all 3 games, no new model syndrome!).
Next up: Some new darksouls x turnip brutes.

#40k #warhammer #GrimdarkFuture


Forkillion, to random
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Great article on why you should definitely try out #turnip28 yourself: https://www.goonhammer.com/why-you-should-be-playing-turnip-28/

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