I'm a UNIX and Security Admin (#DFIR and #BlueTeam), lifelong A's baseball fan, and I enjoy opera and early music. I sing, dance, and act, read voraciously, and plan to keep learning new things for as long as I can. @UnixGeekEm on Twitter. She/her. #BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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Emily, to Cats

The Gremlin judges you on this

Emily, to random

Have you closed your extra browser tabs today?

hal_pomeranz, to random

Despite repeatedly testing negative for flu, COVID, and RSV, I spent a couple days in the hospital and even more time at home recovering from some very nasty respiratory stuff. Be careful, keep up on your shots, and mask up as appropriate. There’s a lot of stuff floating around out there that you definitely don’t want to get.


@hal_pomeranz Oh yikes, I am glad you're home again and feeling better!

Emily, to random

If you're an email admin or email security person, this looks interesting! https://sec-consult.com/blog/detail/smtp-smuggling-spoofing-e-mails-worldwide/

Emily, to infosec

My #InfoSec friends, for years I have given these three recommendations to end users as my top tips for security. Do you have any others that you use as your top three instead?

  1. #Patch all your devices when patches are available.
  2. Use #MFA - any kind, even SMS, is better than nothing, but an authenticator app or hardware token (like a yubikey) is even better.
  3. Use a #PasswordManager to generate and store unique passwords for every account. I personally use 1Password, but there are other good ones out there.

@teksquisite I like them, but I feel like they're a 201-level recommendation rather than a 101-level, Do This First. Could you explain more why you'd recommend this first over using a password manager?

Emily, to random

It's so odd to see everyone talking about voting when there isn't a local election for me today, but there are critical elections for other people.

Please do today if there's an election in your city/county/state.

Emily, to random

When you say that you're wrong about something, you say that you are willing to learn. And yet some people think this is a weakness.


@tonyslatte @baseball @baseball

A leadoff walk by Wong.

Can Betts and Freeman capitalize? No

(fixed that for you)

Emily, to random
Emily, to random
Emily, to random

I’m looking forward to Il Trovatore at . Pretty sure I passed @evacide in the drink line!


@evacide She was a delight!

I want to like that opera more, because the music is so lovely, but the plot is such GARBAGE.

hacks4pancakes, to random

I had a mentoring session last night with a poc I’ve been working with who went to his first local cybersecurity con, recently. He had such a bad experience with people being cliquey there and ignoring him that he’s ready to stop trying to get into the industry. 😥😰 I knew there are some cultural issues at that con and area but had no idea they were so bad, and encouraged him to maybe look at other cities in the US and their cons. Pitch your city’s infosec community and scene and I’ll share with him?


@phamtq My best advice for someone attending their local BSides conference: VOLUNTEER.

Even if it's their first conference and they're new to the field they can help with setup or teardown or at the registration desk, and they will meet local community folks. It can be hard on the introverts, but I have found it extremely worth it.

Emily, to altersex

Hey, if you're running a conference or being the emcee at an event, maybe don't say "ladies and gentlemen" when you're getting people's attention? I know a bunch of non-binary people in the communities I hang out in, and it's not as welcoming and inclusive as you'd like to be to refer to two binary genders.

Some alternatives

  • Dear friends
  • Esteemed colleagues
  • Hello everyone

#Inclusion #NonBinary


@siderea That is a great one!


@courtcan It's a great signoff. 😂

Emily, to security

I'm #Mentoring a bunch of young ones (just finishing US High School or in their first year or two of university) in computer #security. What is one thing you wish people would have told you when you were starting out in #InfoSec?

Emily, to random

Dear whoever it is who used my gmail and your VISA (I have the last 4 numbers) card to set up an Uber account: WHY?

Ugh, now I have to contact Uber.


@jerry It happens to me a few times a year. Sometimes it's a typo, though how you forget the last two digits of your gmail address I'm not quite sure, and sometimes it may be attempted identity theft. In any case, it's annoying!


@jerry I have an old gmail with no numbers also. And I know at least a few have the same gmail with numbers, because some companies leak sensitive information (like phone numbers) so I have been able to contact people and tell them they have an interview or an apartment visit or whatever.

hacks4pancakes, to random

I’m starting a half sleeve tomorrow.


@hacks4pancakes So pretty ✨

Emily, to animals

Today it very much does not suck to be the old man cat!

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