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Dont you think it is horrible how people put their political ideologies / viewpoints over human lives

Something that i find prettyd disgusting these days is how certain people put their political ideologies / viewpoints over human lives, for example, celebrating the russian invasion of ukraine because it is “a blow against US / NATO imperialism” completely ignoring all the warcrimes, the deaths, and the suffering generated...


I think Timwi was getting at this part of ArbitraryValue’s comment:

Not all ideologies are the same, of course, but you should still consider whether you only see people you disagree with putting ideology over human lives because when you put your own ideology over human lives, it seems so obvious and natural that you don’t think about it.

Also worth emphasizing that they specifically say this preceding that:

But somehow in this case I find myself putting my ideology over human lives.

In other words, unless I’m mistaken, even supposing their thought might somehow hold true that Ukraine’s surrender would save lives, they maintain support for Ukraine’s fight against Russia as they’re putting their ideology over human lives. Nevertheless, they think it’s important to recognize that they are doing this, rather than think there is no ideology in play whatsoever in their position.

It’s not necessarily the best way to have approached this given the charged topic (particularly framing it as a certainty of far fewer lost lives), but I think that point is worth remembering. Introspection is especially important in serious matters, otherwise you lose sight of what you’re really fighting for.


I’m sure part of it’s the tone of OP’s title, another part is that the demographics here seem to lean STEM over humanities, another part is that regular mix of people that just abhor anything mandatory, and some of what you mention among other things.

It’s pretty depressing tbh. I don’t agree with OP being all judgmental over it, nor do I think making learning another language mandatory would do much of anything. I’m pretty sure a few years of a secondary language already is mandatory in many schools, and we see how well that goes.

Nevertheless I do think everyone should aspire to learn other languages if for no other reason than simple curiosity, and making oneself at least a little more literate in other languages so that they may be able to experience even those stories that haven’t been translated. Think of all those gems in the rough you find in your own language that may not be translated to any others, and what gems may yet be found in other languages.


US has another meaning for high school, although it may vary from place to place even there. I think it’s typically the…9th year of school, so when people may be around 14 or 15.


…This gets even funnier when you consider how near to Antarctica South Africa is. 😂


Sort of, but not for the reasons you may think. I’m not deep into economics jargon, so my initial response to hearing anything like bullish makes me think of the animal first.

So when I hear about bullish on tech subjects I take a moment to imagine how bulls might genuinely be involved or engage with the subject. Imagining people giving bulls AI to help them find the best grazing spots, avoid hazardous ones, and calm down after some people provoked them for a show.


…I’m concerned they may not recognize that the microSD slot is at least one of the nice selling points of their phones. With so many other phones tossing out microSD cards and headphone jacks, what beyond the price point remains to set them apart?

I guess there’s the gesture controls for quick camera or flashlight use, but the former is undercut by these being budget phones with mediocre to poor cameras. Also with the devices being larger it makes the gesture controls feel a little more unwieldy compared to when you were using them on smaller phones.

It’s a bummer, as I’ve otherwise appreciated their phones as cheaper, close to vanilla Android options.


Is there something more to it that’s not highlighted in the linked blog post?


Yes, however without experience with Lemmy’s implementation, it wasn’t clear what the differences were. From what I’ve read of Lemmy’s basic implementation, i.e. submit a reason with your registration/application, this didn’t sound that far from it.

As I read it, Pixelfed’s request for more information form is a good addition (better than the awkward roundabout way you’d have to handle it otherwise, as I think I recall seeing come up with Lemmy), albeit as it’s optional we’ll have to see how well it’s used in practice.

Attempting to parse Authenticated Transfer Protocol, or Atproto

As Bluesky begins to open up more and more, it’s felt more pertinent to try to wrap my head around it. To help in this, I decided to write out my rough understanding of it from its documentation, in the hopes that it may help others and myself with any corrections from misunderstandings....


Fwiw as I understand it data portability is possible without a custom domain, aside from your handle/name. A custom domain only seems necessary if you want to prove and maintain your identity across AuthTransfer services/platforms that permit/enable custom domains in handles. It’s basically a more direct form of the website verification one may find on federated platforms like Mastodon.

Without it you’d be jumping between subdomains and top-level domains in your username/handle similar to how you do so on ActivityPub platforms, i.e. @uniquename.bsky.social -> @uniquename.otherATprotoplatform.tld.


Bluesky feels like there is still too much data silo mentality behind the project, and the federation part seems more like a symbolic gesture than something that is meant to actually allow users their data freedoms?

I keep going back & forth on this tbh. I don’t think it’s merely symbolic, but I think it makes the same kind of mistake many tech-oriented people make in imagining that many people will know how or even want to run their own servers.

This is why towards the end I mention that I foresee the AuthTransfer protocol producing more or less similar platforms to the fediverse despite the differences in architecture. Supposing Bluesky continues apace with the release of their work, we may see something like an atproto.xyz that’s basically an independent microblogging service like Bluesky but with whatever custom adjustments they’ve made. The whole PDS idea will fade into the background as this independent service emulates the Bsky Social model of acting as a PDS entryway service and platform.

Any decentralized benefits many were intended to find via AuthTransfer’s PDSs will sort of end up falling to the wayside, which may be okay if you’re okay with that. At that point it’s just another distributed model though, and should be assessed on those grounds for whatever benefits or downsides it possesses compared to others.


we should all be so lucky as to find our own buckets


It’s an “Escape” string, it simply wants to run free!


No, no, Friday made it to us. Congrats Friday!


Sorry, I’m afraid Google only knows how to minus


Couldn’t find an A on the person to press send help


Thanks for the update! The discussion on private communities is definitely an interesting one. Lots of small details to work out, but I think they’d be a great addition. Sort of surprised there wasn’t already an instance-level default sort setting, but that should be interesting to see if instances experiment with it more.

Also linking that post reminded me, hopefully somehow a smoother way to link posts across instances can be worked out (albeit that’s a general federation quirk from what I’ve seen, Mastodon runs into similar stuff sometimes).


we fluctuate through the electrons in whichever patterns permit these communications

Opportunity to educate potential users about the fediverse

With the advent of Reddit going public and selling user data an opportunity has arisen. I still consume Reddit from time to time and noticed in the threads about these things that a lot of displeased users were there. But when they ask what alternatives there are, lemmy is barely mentioned at all. So if you’re still on there,...


Remember if you do:
Don’t get caught up in the technical details, those aren’t what matter to many people. Obvious exceptions if they express interest in hosting a server.

Don’t talk in the jargon of fediverse this, federated that, those mean nothing to outsiders. Unless they ask for further details, but even then, use more familiar terms like saying it’s a website connected to other sites or whatever might help bridge understanding.

Do point them to whichever instance you’re on, or seems relevant to whatever interests they may have mentioned, to join. One of the big problems people mention is figuring out which site/instance to join and how to navigate around here, take this opportunity to help them cut through that.

Ask them which subreddits/accounts they’ve joined or like to follow where they are as relates to the platform they’re trying to move from (i.e. Reddit/Twitter/etc.), and try to help point them to either their equivalents or similar that may be found around here.


So, it’s good to keep in mind you will face that, and be prepared with some patience and counter-arguments.

I wouldn’t really encourage this, as much as one may be inclined. Some may be willing to change their mind, but many others of a resistant disposition aren’t that interested in leaving so much as venting frustrations, and lurkers may get the impression the alternative you’re advocating is full of however you may present yourself in your argument.

It’s better to look for those genuinely asking where to move to or what alternatives there are, and if they specifically mention Lemmy, then you might help them along there. Otherwise I’d suggest mentioning a variety of alternatives to choose from and mix together, such as setting up a RSS reader (if they’re more of a passive reader), Lemmy or Kbin/Mbin, or scaling back Reddit use as they explore these alternatives, rather than pressing them to drop it outright for a single option.


I think this would likely be the simplest solution and is worth considering especially since similar concerns have been raised with Mastodon over their naming of messaging specific people (“private”/direct/mentioned only/etc.).

Exclusive may be another good term instead of private.


Ideally these communities would be prevented from appearing in the “Trending Communities” list or local/global feeds unless someone other than the owner was subscribed to them, but wouldn’t be private in the sense that no-one could see them. Just they wouldn’t get wide distribution.

This raises a distinct but interesting additional feature request that might complement “private” or exclusive communities, as well as others that might like to prepare a community before promoting it: a hidden or unlisted setting for communities.

That would enable what you mention here, preventing their appearance from trending, and perhaps also user profile/data areas (i.e. if one can indirectly view others’ subscriptions, this might offer a way to obfuscate/hide that from others besides admins).

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