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✍️ Hobbyist Writer, 🎲 Role player, 🧩 Game master, 🚀 Sci-Fi enthusiast, 💫 Star Citizen 🇪🇺 EU Citizen, 🐧 Linux user, 🧑‍💻 Professional Software Developer, 🏳️‍⚧️ Woman

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Did you also deleted your comments and posts?

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Warum oder?

Das Hinterende ist von Siemens gestellt, die Netzwerkschicht von T-Systems und das Vorderende ist mit SAP gemacht.

startygen, to markdown
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Just found out about Quartz

@obsidian @obsidianmd users PKM folks, digital gardeners and second brainers:

If you want to publish your markdown notes, this is—hands down—the best tool.

Looks good, set up in second, easy to use.

I'll use it to write my book in public:


#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #indiehackers #markdown

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And what does it do?

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Quartz, because that’s what’s your post is about, right?

Unpacking Linux containers: understanding Docker and its alternatives (optimizedbyotto.com)

🚀 Dive into the fascinating world of Linux containers! Most devs use #Docker or #Podman, but do you really understand what’s happening under the hood? 🧐 Let’s demystify #Linux #containers in simple, concrete terms. Just a 12-min read! 🕰️📖

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Docker is declining? Why didn’t anybody told me that?

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Please don’t push any product into me. I do not consent :D

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Wireless Charging ist hochgradig ineffizient. Ich hab ein Fairphone 5 beim Vertragswechsel gewählt weil ich die Batterie und andere Komponenten ohne Mühen wechseln kann.

Daher: USB-C Kabel zum Laden wenn der Akku stand unter 30 Prozent gefallen ist.

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There awalys has to be an ensign on the bridge… I don’t buy it Janeway!

DmMacniel, (edited )
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So, back to Glass then?

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“You said it man, nobody fucks with the Gary.”

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Was kommt günstiger, einmal jede Taste drücken und aufnehmen oder hin und her wegen defekter Ware?

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Given that Doohan and Shatner are just mere actors and Sisko is a demigod… not much I guess.

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