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DanielTaylor, to photography
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snapped these cats napping on the steps in Chefchaouen

DanielTaylor, to animals
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when you find something terrible-smelling in the park

DanielTaylor, to mastodon
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weird is like weird was in its heyday

DanielTaylor, to Dogs
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teaching my dog/my dog teaching me to drive

DanielTaylor, to mastodon
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I apologise for not using however I do on my phone and it DOES NOT WORK
so I now write it as a reply to a post containing a photograph

jwz, to random
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Dear middle-aged white dudes: you don't actually need to begin your every comment about Taylor Swift with "I don't like her music, but".

We know. We know.

What is this, "no homo" for Billy Joel fans?

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@jwz how middle-aged white dudes partially see Taylor Swift:

bullivant, to random

Seven years ago today the UK voted narrowly to leave the EU in a vote heavily influenced by lies, misrepresentations, Russian interference and troll farms, Cambridge Analytica and dark money.

And hasn't it gone well since [irony]?

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@harriettmb @bullivant

Indeed the UK Govt.'s imminent ETA scheme will necessitate border checks on the Island of .
For example, in the scenario of a non-Irish EU citizen travelling from the Republic to NI.


rasterweb, to random
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My wife (who teaches writing) sent me a photo of this sign and said it made all of her insides hurt and also made her question her career choice.

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@rasterweb another concern is the likely inference about the food in Amalla's Family Restaurant

Gargron, to random
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This seagull has a whole island just to himself

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alfredo_liberal, to random

Now that President Biden and VP Harris announced reelection here are my updated rules for what I won't tolerate.

  1. Smearing President Biden or VP Harris
  2. Ageist comments about our president since I didn't see democrats question Bernie Sanders fitness when he ran twice and had a heart attack
  3. Populism/ Populist takes
  4. Misinformation about President Biden VP Harris and the democrats
  5. Misinformation on how the DNC rigged the primaries in 2016 and 2020 since that has been proven false over and over
  6. Extension of number 1 Smearing democrats for the wrong reasons this is very important since we need every seat and cannot lose an incumbent regardless if you hate them or not.
  7. Doomer/ defeatist posting
  8. Ignoring or making excuses for racism and fascism
  9. Normalizing shootings by saying we have to live with this we don't have to accept this.
    Break any of these rules you will be unfollowed or 86ed (blocked)
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Unfortunately, at the risk of infringing Rule 7, every vote in a so-called 'Democracy' is a vote for the status quo, i.e. , that ideology which is killing us by burning our earth's resources to profit the few who control them, those who stand in the shadows behind 'world leaders' like Biden, Harris, Trump et al ad nauseum.
is really no different from , and the only rational act in the face of this madness is to

stefan, to internet
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Alright, I don't really care for this dril guy, he'd do more good if he'd just bring his 1.8M followers over to the fediverse and start a "weird Mastodon" trend, or whatever, but him getting rid of the enforced blue check by simply changing his name (one of the conditions for not losing it) is just too funny.

And will hopefully finally put to rest any of the "is Musk secretly a genius" fan theories.


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I used to follow @dril when was still good and was a thing.
I even remember livereading the tweet when @dril said that while his avatar resembled Jack Nicholson, it was really him.
His potential takedown of the phenomenon in Musk's own house, on the platform he bought for $54 billion and now owns, is perhaps the coup de théâtre fėted by his birthright as the total anti-Musk

caseynewton, to random
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This will be familiar to anyone who has been watching the rapid unscheduled disassembly of Twitter https://twitter.com/spacex/status/1649045802332073986?s=61&t=Vqm9FnxVwEfRYYt9aGnAeA

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@caseynewton the time this post came to Casey is like the time the apple came to Isaac

dell, to random

Just got permanently suspended for publishing this story: https://www.wired.com/story/matt-walsh-twitter-hack-doomed

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@dell welcome to !

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