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Christmas - Asimov's Guide to the Bible (

I picked up Asimov’s Guide to the Bible recently and have been really enjoying it. I found this bit about Christmas in the chapter on Luke really interesting. It’s not a short read but an insightful and in-depth take. It gets to a few points that have always bugged me about the birth story; such as “Why is Jesus of...


If I were a Republican, I’d be embarrassed. The foreign enemies of the US want the GOP to win every election. How can they see that and not feel shame over what they’ve become? They are the domestic mouthpieces of America’s enemies.


So conservatives rushed in with a steady stream of gifts and perks to make Thomas wealthy so he’d stay and continue rubber stamping anything sent his way. It’s disgustingly corrupt.

Cranakis, (edited )

Well yeah. Alito was executing “the plan” they all already agreed on back at the Federalist Society. SCOTUS has been captured by far right forces. The court is illegitimate and corrupt to the core.


Good prevails over evil — that’s the American spirit.

Which is why the Satanists should prevail Ron.


I think there may be problems. Looks like there is a bug with 0.19.0 that may be affecting us. I made a post in a local sub and checked later from a login to a different instance and I don’t see the new post.

0.19.0 has a critical bug where sending outgoing activities can stop working. The bug is fixed in this version. It also fixes the “hide read posts” user setting, fixes a problem with invalid comment paths, and another fix for private message reports.

From this link:…/2023-12-20_-_Lemmy_Release_v0.19…

Behind the Scenes at the Dismantling of Roe v. Wade (

To dismantle that decision, Justice Alito and others had to push hard, the records and interviews show. Some steps, like his apparent selective preview of the draft opinion, were time-honored ones. But in overturning Roe, the court set aside more than precedent: It tested the boundaries of how cases are decided.


Fuck them all. This episode highlights what an absolute sham SCOUTS has become. I’ve lost all trust in the courts. It’s just more political bullshit. There is no “justice,” just a bunch of religious assholes forcing the rest of us to follow their backwards ass rules.

Let’s also not forget Darth McConnell’s role in all of this. Straight up stole a supreme Court pick from Obama. This court is illegitimate.


I’d argue the smartest were likely atheists or agnostic and were either quiet about it or got killed over it.


So “both sides” because Biden believes Israel should be allowed to exist? 🙄

ChatGPT excuses Muhammad but not Warren Jeffs for the same crime

Here’s an interesting case study: asking ChatGPT about Muhammad’s marriage, (and consummation), to nine-year old Aisha in comparison to Warren Jeffs’ marriage with at least one under age child. ChatGPT has nuanced and inconsistent responses to both, much like American liberals when it comes to Islam vs Christianity....


What does it say if you ask it to explain the double standard?


always pleasant to interact with others and hear different opinions.

Yet you ignore me. I used ChatGPT 3.5. Here is what I got using your prompts:

yes or no, is warren jeffs marrying a kid wrong?

Yes, marrying a child is wrong. Warren Jeffs, a former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was convicted of multiple counts of child sexual assault related to underage marriages within his community. It’s crucial to protect children and ensure their well-being, and marrying a child is considered both ethically and legally unacceptable.

yes or no, is muhammad marrying a kid wrong?

Yes, marrying a child is wrong, regardless of historical or cultural context. It’s important to consider actions within their historical context but also to acknowledge that contemporary ethical standards universally reject child marriage.

I believe you are tripping it up on language. Right and wrong are contextual in history. Things that are objectively wrong now, were not always so historically. Ask it if Muhammad’s marriage is “right or wrong” based on current morality and I bet you will get a different answer.

I also take some offense to your statement of “much like American liberals when it comes to Islam vs Christianity” I’m an American liberal. Both Christianity and Islam can fuck right off in the same breath. Islam gets no pass from me and is objectively false and awful, just so we’re clear. Your generalization is inaccurate.


I hope that traitor Giuliani ends up broke and homeless.


Yeah yeah. You’re right of course. I am an American child of the 80’s though which is why my mind uses the hammer and sickle still.

Also, Fuck Russia.

Edit: And, you try photoshoping that fucking eagle into a stencil format. Fuck that.



You nailed it. I must have been 9 or so when that came out.


On that topic, it has been really strange watching the same group that used to have nothing but vitriol for the Soviets, suddenly in jump in bed with the Russians. A generation has passed is one factor, I suppose. Still, its an about face that still makes my head spin a bit. I have to attribute it to Russian influence campaigns and other underhanded corruption using power, money and influence.


You’re welcome


Why’s that?


Exactly. Also the current Russian logo (two headed chicken beast), looks like shit and doesn’t mean anything to the average American.


“Let’s see, how can I make it even shittier…?” -Elon

'She's done letting Ron talk': Casey DeSantis mocked for misleading Iowa caucus comments (

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife Casey, who has taken an active role in her husband’s campaign, appeared to urge supporters who don’t live in Iowa to travel there and try to vote in the caucus anyway, saying on Fox News, “We’re asking all of these moms and grandmoms to come from wherever it might be — North Carolina,...


And empty chairs for loyalists should they succeed.

Tuberville is a traitor. I wonder what position he’s been promised in the fourth reich?


Problem here is people in cities don’t scare easily. If a rural mob of ppl comes rolling through my city policing the polls, its going to cause a huge shitshow but it won’t keep anyone from voting. Hell, it might drive turnout among some that were planning on not voting out of apathy. We city folk fight back. Trump sends his brownshirts here, they’ll get bloody noses at the very least.


In Atlanta? Detroit? Philly? No I don’t think so. Ppl with guns will show up and shit will go down. Hope those chucklefucks are ready.

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