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Help using Mangohud / Gamemode with Flatpak version of Lutris and Steam

Like the title says I am trying to understand how these things should work together. Part of my issue is I don’t have a good mental model on the Flatpak permissioning / sandbox model. My use case is running a game on Lutris, which is a Flatpack, and using my package install of Mangohud. I am also curious if I should using a...

Chewy7324, (edited )

Flatpak apps don’t have access to your system packages, so you need to install mangohud as flatpak. Once it’s installed it’s available to Steam flatpak and can be enabled like system mangohud in system Steam.…

Edit: Switching from system Steam to flatpak Steam is simple and it’s always possible to switch between them. Just make sure to give flatpak Steam access to the existing SteamLibrary through flatseal.

Personally I have my SteamLibrary at ~/Games/SteamLibrary and give flatpak Lutris/Steam access to ~/Games.


It’s possible to have Steam libraries at multiple locations.

Chewy7324, (edited )

Nach anfänglicher Befürwortung aus dem deutschen Innenministerium etwa argumentierte Deutschland im Rat gegen den Vorschlag, der auch das Scannen verschlüsselter Kommunikation vorsieht.

Scheinbar hat unser Innenministerium mit Nancy Faeser doch einmal in den eigenen Koalitionsvertrag geguckt, und bemerkt, dass sie eigentlich gegen Überwachungsgesetze sein sollte. Oder sie hat bemerkt, dass sie gar nicht mit der CDU koaliert, die ihr bei mehr Überwachung den Rücken freihalten würde.

Aber mM. hat dieses Gesetz gezeigt, wie wichtig es ist, wen wir in Deutschland nach Brüssel und auch in unsere Regierung wählen. Sollte die nächste Regierung die CDU beinhalten, wird sie dieses Gesetz mit Sicherheit unterstützen (auch wenn ihnen bewusst ist, dass es wieder vom EuGH kassiert wird).


Agreed. It’s great to see a gpu stresstesting tool making it to Linux. For the cpu there’s a few with stress-ng and mprime/prime95.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve usually used GTKStressTesting, which is based on stress-ng. But a tui tool is more useful for e.g. headless use.

arappathor, to dach German

HLI: Die neuen Folgen von Last Week Tonight

...sind in Deutschland auf YouTube nicht mehr verfügbar. Schnüff.

Chewy7324, (edited )

Glücklicherweise gibt es die hohe See und entsprechende communities mit Anleitungen. Beispielsweise werden bei mir neue Folgen automatisch auf mein NAS heruntergeladen.

Edit: Außerdem erscheinen die Folgen mit 5 Tagen Verspätung auf YT und es fehlt die pre-show (oder wie auch immer der Teil vor der Hauptgeschichte heißt).

Chewy7324, (edited )

!piracy hilft bei Fragen zur Schiffahrt. Freemediaheckyeah ist eine englischprachige Liste [1] und ist auch auf lemmy.

LWT ist weltweit bekannt und sollte fast überall zu finden sein.


Can someone explain to me why NAT is not enough for security?

Networking noob here. I want to prevent all incoming requests except through a specific port, and that traffic is forwarded to a specific device on the network. NAT seems to do that just fine, it’s almost like a kind of firewall by itself. What kind of threats are there that requires more than just NAT for security?


The global IPv6 address is usually not directly reachable from the internet for incoming traffic. There’s still the router with a firewall which blocks all incoming connections, so having an IP for each device doesn’t make a difference for security.
With IPv6 ports still have to be forwarded on consumer routers by default, the main difference is that it doesn’t have to be translated to a different IP.

This also means I can have multiple hosts on my home network listening on the same ports, because their public IP’s are different.

My experience using Fedora Atomic (Budgie) for a month or two. (

I would just like to preface this. This is the first blog post I’ve ever written, so please please please give me feedback if you can. I also didn’t intend on it being here on Lemmy, but Hugo is quite a complex tool that’ll take some time for me to understand. Webdev is not my cup of tea....


Just wanted to note that tinkering with the bootloader on Fedora Atomic is as error-prone as on any other distro.


They disclose their advertisements through audio and video, altough I dislike them not declaring in title whether it’s a sponsored video or review. Linus said publicly that he wonders why people don’t understand which of their videos is sponsored or not, but going by their titles it’s to be expected.

Watching their video it’s imo pretty obvious what is a review and what is sponsored advertisement.


I believe someone would’ve to destroy anything beyond 50g. It’s not the only compromise of this law. But growing for personal use will be legal, so it’ll be unlikely for police to find out how much cannabis someone actually possesses. Unless someone sells it, which will keep being illegal.


The conservative CDU already said that they want to make weed illegal again, if they win the next election. Which is likely because the current government isn’t well liked. Luckily most other parties are pro-legalization, so hopefully they won’t get the necessary majority (except for the far right, partly right extremist AfD. Luckily no one wants to form a government with them).


Cannabis clubs are a work around for selling cannabis being prohibited through international treaties. E.g. the laws around free transfer of goods in the EU isn’t made with exceptions for illegal substances in mind. So the EU would’ve to reclassify cannabis, which is unlikely to pass for a long time.

Someone has to be part of a cannabis club, which has a membership fee and gives out a maximum of 50g per month. This means it’s not directly buying cannabis, which might mean people who consume less have to pay relatively more per amount.


Arsenic can leach to the surface of the treated wood, becoming accessible for absorption through exposed hands and skin touching the wood surface and, especially in the case of children, ingestion through normal hand-to-mouth behavior. […]

Exposure to arsenic can cause cancer of the lung, bladder, skin, kidney, prostate, and nasal passage. Data released in November 2003 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that 90% of children repeatedly exposed to arsenic-treated wood face a greater than a one-in-one-million risk of cancer.…/arsenic-treated-wood/

Sounds like a great pipe :D

What's a good phone now that doesn't force ads on me?

I’m using a Pixel 6 Pro right now, and I’m looking around to see if there are any good phones. However, I have heard that there are ads in the newer flagship phones (Samsung, Xiaomi). I am willing to spend around USD$750 on a new phone, but I just don’t want any crazy ads or preinstalled apps like Facebook. Are there...


Where I live some banks have their own contactless payments app which can be set as default in Settings. Sadly many banks only support Google/Apple Pay.


Immich has breaking changes too often, so I disabled auto updates for the server and phone app. Updating every few months with backup beforehand is a good tradeoff for something as important as images.

Reading patch notes is especially important with some Immich releases requiring minor admin intervention, e.g. running an extract metadata job.

Chewy7324, (edited )

The GrapheneOS team is security focused to the point where it is detrimental to the regular user experience. I.e. “Secure App Spawning” increases app startup time considerably on older devices like the Pixel 4a.

GrapheneOS is security focused and it’s great that they point out security issues, but for most people security updates being late isn’t an issue. Half the people I know have devices without security updates for months to even years.

Also, with the Fairphone 5 using an automotive SOC with 13 years of updates, the FP5 might actually be able to receive Android updates for 6 years. Iirc the FP3 still receives security updates, albeit not monthly and a bit late. Edit: The last security update for FP3 is from 2023-12-05. Edit 2: The FP3 got the 2024-02-05 security update on 2024-03-01.

Also, the GrapheneOS team has very high standards for security features supported by a phone. Basically no phone besides Pixel supports those features, which obviously isn’t a big problem for most people (else we’d have a big problem).

Anyway, I’ll keep recommending Pixel + GrapheneOS, but imo Fairphone is also a solid choice.


Sure, usability might not be perfect because Google only releases base Android as open source software and keeps all their fancy apps proprietary, but it’s not in a state where it’s totally unusable either.

Agreed. GrapheneOS/AOSP feels a bit like desktop Linux, where the base OS is there but many components like screen time have to installed seperately (e.g. screen time/app usage). Compared to many phone manufacturers installing apps for ads or other unnecessary bloat.

That’s why Graphene allows you to disable the security features.

That’s what I did the second time I tried GrapheneOS. The worse ootb performance made me install CalyxOS again, until I found out Secure App Spawning can be disabled.

Installing Steam from BOTH package and Flathub? Any gotchas?

As the title says, I am looking to install both the package version (on OpenSuse Tumbleweed) and Flatpak version. I’ve been running the package version for awhile and it’s been fine but I want to play with the Flatpak version to see how that compares - partially because I may eventually go for an immutable distro....


Library sharing between two instances of Steam works great. My shared ~/Games/SteamLibrary works well in Steam flatpak and Steam native, and I’ve done that for years.


I also had to add ~/Games to the flatpak sandbox with flatseal to allow Steam flatpak to access my library.

Steam settings should show the path to where your library is located.


I personally dislike recommending NixOS at all for new Linux users. Even though it’s packaging and file system differs from other Linux distros, it’s necessary to understand how general Linux works to understand why and how NixOS works.

E.g. systemd services in NixOS are often times more complex as they include the full nix store path or execute a script which simply executes a command. This is because of how they are generated and obvious once you have experience how other distros systemd units look like.

PS: I appreciate you helping people find a good distro. I’m merely nitpicking and complaining which doesn’t help anyone :D


Good reasoning. You’ve made it clear in your graph that Arch and NixOS aren’t recommended (for most newbies).


Interestingly I’ve currently crashing issues with running CS2 through Steam native on NixOS, while the Steam flatpak works like it should.

The part about drivers is true though, as GPL is the reason I’m using native Steam.


I mean the native NixOS package of Steam (instead of flatpak), not that the Steam package uses native libs.

I believe Steam on NixOS always uses the Steam runtime, because NixOS isn’t FHS compliant, thus apps wouldn’t find any libs. No, I don’t think there’s steam-native on NixOS.

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