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On Decentralization:

“We no longer have choice. We no longer have voice. And what is left when you have no choice and no voice? Exit.” - Andreas Antonopoulos

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Very excited about this release - the double album was a surprise. My spouse similarly also went to bed around 5 AM after it launched.

I’m gonna find some time to immerse myself and listen to it this weekend.

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Oh yeah definitely do. I have to run a bunch of errands this weekend so good to blast this in the car for the first couple of listens. 31 tracks - so much music!

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Whoa there, fella. How did you know this person’s first name? Are you a hacker? You must be one of them!

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Try this setup:

  • Bottom - Two intake fans
  • Side - Two intake fans
  • Rear - One exhaust fan
  • Top - One exhaust fan


With this proposed setup, aim for slight positive pressure by setting your exhaust fans at a higher speed than the four intake fans (e.g., exhaust - 900 rpm, intake - 800 rpm). This may give you the best balance in noise, cooling, and airflow.

Advantages of this new setup:

  • Reduces noise since you can set all fans to a comfortable speed
  • Optimises airflow to achieve either neutral pressure (ideal) or slightly higher positive pressure to reduce dust
  • Exhausts hot air at a rate that does not allow the air in the case to heat up

Explanation for changing your setup to my proposal:

Mount the top exhaust fan as far left as possible (over the top left corner of the motherboard). The ideal airflow pattern in any system, not just computers, is to get air in at the same rate as you get air out. The ideal is neutral airflow where there is no pressure buildup in a case - air leaves as quickly as it comes in. The next preferable pattern is positive pressure - simply because it helps to reduce dust - where a slightly higher volume of air is brought in than exhausted.

With your current setup, you have too much positive pressure, which is very bad for cooling. You’re introducing an unnecessary volume of air that’s bouncing around in that case. While it sounds like shoving more air into the case would be great for cooling, the problem is that air isn’t leaving the case fast enough! So what happens? You’re shoving so much air into that case at such a fast rate, and it has nowhere to go! Sure you’ve got one exhaust fan that’s trying to pull some air out of the case, and I guess you have some breathing holes at the top, but there’s nothing up there to direct that air, so air will partially get pushed out of there slowly. Meanwhile, you’re still shoving so much air into the case. Air is also forcibly shoved everywhere in the computer, gets pushed in all the cracks and crevices in that case (e.g., between the glass and the case), and small amounts of air get squeezed out from those cracks. The air in the case is somewhat trapped and it actually gets hotter since it can’t exit quickly enough! Your CPU and GPU heat up the intake air, and this is why your temps are worse by adding those three intake fans. You need to get the hot air out at the same rate it is coming in, and exhaust fans will do that for you.

Key: The air coming in should leave the case at the same rate. A compromise, where the only benefit is to help reduce dust, is to have the air leave the case at a slightly lower rate than it came in.

You only need to adjust your setup so you have two exhaust fans: one rear and one top. You’ll see other builds with three fans mounted on the top for exhaust, but that is extremely wasteful and misguided. Those extra fans end up exhausting cool intake air before it even has a chance to flow over the motherboard and other hot components.

Set your exhaust fans slightly higher than the speed of your four intake fans to help balance them out. It is two exhaust vs four intake, so you can try something like this: intakes at 800 rpm, exhaust at 900 rpm. Of course, set up appropriate fan curves when you’re introducing load to the CPU and GPU so they ramp up appropriately.

As for optimization, your definition of noise may be different from others. Introduce sustained load to your PC, and then while you have that load, play around with your fan settings to figure out what you’re comfortable with and set the fan curves appropriately so that they gradually ramp and stay at consistent speeds.

CatZoomies, (edited )
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Happy to help! I don’t recommend you do that, though. You need cool intake air to reach your motherboard and CPU. If you switch those three side fans to exhaust, there is no more cool air reaching your CPU and motherboard. The only air that will reach the CPU is the hot air from the GPU.

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@Ansis - I’ll add my setup just as a reference point.

  • Case: Corsair 5000d
  • i7-12700k
  • RTX 3080
  • Noctua UH-14S CPU cooler with the two included Noctua fans
  • Front: Three intake fans
  • Rear: One exhaust fan
  • Top: One exhaust fan

I have been very happy with the level of cooling and have set up the fans to achieve slight positive pressure. This case supports side fans, but I did not add any since they were unnecessary and would just introduce more noise with less benefit.

Pardon the dust and bad lighting - it is overdue for a cleaning but I hurt my back a few months ago and I can’t lift my computer safely to bring it outside and blow my computer air duster through it. Plus the darkness helps hide the dust. 😉: https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/532f5aea-e35e-4de7-827e-46291beba36d.jpeg

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Fun fact, I entered one of the grocery stores near me, and i observed Hormel products for sale. I thought to myself, “Wow, those are certainly Hormel products for sale.”

I’m making a joke of course, OP! 😀 Is there any more to your fun fact to share?

[b]EDIT:[/b] Adding a smiley face to this post, as the intention is that I’m making a joke.

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My bad - I made a joke, and let the OP know it was a joke. Perhaps I should have used a smiley face emoji to further communicate this was a joke.

I appreciate it’s difficult to communicate emotion in text form when people read text without knowing what kind of person is behind the text, so I’ll edit my post above by adding a smiley face in it.

I also asked if there was any more to this story they could add, rather than leaving us waiting for more information.

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I learned about MissingNo back on the playgrounds and read about how to catch him. It said it was risky, but me a kid, tried it anyway thinking what could be the harm.

I caught it! I was scared of losing it, so I hit Save and turned off my Game Boy Color. Booted it up, and my save file was gone. Kid me was crushed, and I chastised myself for being so stupid to risk it despite all the warnings.

My first play through of Pokémon Red was wiped out completely. My first party, my certificate of getting all Pokes (that I desperately wanted to print with a Game Boy Printer my folks never got us), all gone. I spent HOURS trying to find Mew under that damn truck. All of it - gone.

Thanks Obama MissingNo!

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Did you drop the penguin over the edge?

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Would you mind sharing a recipe if you’re up for it? That looks delicious and I want to try it.

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Load Balancers everywhere named Samwise: “You mean we don’t have to share the load?”

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FYI - this is a clip from the movie “Emily the Criminal”, starring Aubrey Plaza.

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I hear you can get those at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Great landscaping company, incredible. Best there’s ever been. Nobody knows more about landscaping than them.

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Wild Tobey appeared: “I’m gonna put some pop in your eyes.”

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When the Protagonist takes Caroline and Justine into the human world to learn how humans live, and they end up having a great time.

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Hi, this is Hewlett Packard here. We read your post and are happy you love our products! Wouldn’t it make sense for you to upgrade to one of our newer models? I’m sure you’re tired of lugging your heavy, old printer these days.

Our new ones are much lighter! Lighter in weight due to beautiful design! Lighter even on your wallet (at first, and for now)!

Won’t you consider upgrading and locking in - I mean - “purchasing” a new printer, pretty please? uwu :3

Here’s a friendly Kirby to convince you to upgrade! See, we’re cool and we know how to use product placement! Upgrade now or else!! We can’t wait for YOUR SOUL TO BE OURS.


Your Friend, HP

(We rebranded. Now the “P” stands for Predatory, but like the cute kind 😘. It’s okay to give us your money, trust us.)

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I see Golden Sun, I automatically upvote.

I hear Golden Sun music, and I am rushed with emotional nostalgia for simpler times. What a game, and what a journey.

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Are you sure about that? I thought the advice was to never trust a SCART.

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Former Roman Catholic raised in a catholic family while also having gone to private Catholic schools until I was 18.

I wasn’t extremely religious after 18, and mostly began to align myself with Christianity rather than Catholicism. I was indoctrinated to never question, never doubt, and always believe because God is watching you. My catholic education and the stories of “doubting Thomas”, Job, the Egyptian plagues, Sodom and Gomorrah, and all that stuff were lessons that were deeply engrained.

One day my sibling committed suicide when I was young. He was in the hospital, and I prayed so hard for god to heal him. God didn’t, and in the viewings and funeral, Catholics would say to me “I’m sorry for your loss, we’ll be praying for you, God needed him in heaven, and God works in mysterious ways that you are too human to understand.” Whatever, I accepted it due to being deeply indoctrinated.

It took me a little over 30 years before I finally accepted that God wasn’t real. In my 20s I certainly entertained the thought, but I suppressed until as I grew older I started to become less and less religious. I constantly had the doubt in my head, the nagging feeling of why did God let suffering happen if it’s only to bring us to heaven, why did God hate homosexuals, why would God commit genocide against the people he created and loved, why would he kill indiscriminately, why did he let evil happen(like children being born with leukemia) if he was omnipotent and omniscient. Why was his divine plan so callous? Why did he let my sibling die? I prayed so very hard that god would pull the bullet from my sibling’s brain and somehow heal my sibling, but it never happened - God didn’t answer my prayers. My indoctrination and subconscious reacted with the normal response: suppress, don’t question, and obey. Once I finally began to separate morality and ethics from religion, accepted that I could question my religion (despite Doubting Thomas), and began unpacking the cruelties of religion did I get to a better state. I also began looking through history to eventually determine that all religion was intended to do was co-opt societies of different values, and institute control on primitive humans incapable of true critical thinking. I learned about Christmas being Saturnalia, and then it started to click that all these religious holidays I celebrated were aligned with solstices and co-opted from pagan celebrations. I learned that the traditional image of St. Nick or Santa Claus was actually marketing from Coca-Cola almost 100 years ago. I felt like such a fool.

I of course researched Dawkins, Darwin, other religions, regaled in George Carlin’s monologues about religion, and started embracing my already logical and scientific side. I couldn’t justify, even when I was in my catholic educational years, why there was a bad God of obedience in the Old Testament, and a new cool hip God of love and forgiveness in the New Testament. Why did Catholics select only certain things from the Old Testament while ignoring the rest? What caused God to stop being such an indiscriminate killer? Was it because he sent Jesus, his only begotten son, to suffer and die so that we could finally be saved and get to heaven? At that point, I concluded that religion doesn’t have answers but rather addresses the existential dread everyone faces: it gives hope, and a promise that the reason for our existence is so we can do good and get to heaven. Religion was debunked and no longer important in my life.

I gave up Catholicism and am in a much better mental state now. I felt icky for decades that the Catholic Church protects their pedophile clergy (of course not all clergy are pedophiles or evil, there’s a lot of people that do really good things and I’ll always have respect for them). I no longer have fear in my heart that God is watching me. I now have love, and deep-seated morality and ethics that guides me rather than a spooky creator. It’s been liberating and I feel at peace finally.

The one thing I can’t do, however, is tell the truth to my parents. They are from a very, very religious place where religion comes first. Telling them would destroy them. Better to keep the peace rather than cause severe emotional distress in their old age which could likely impact their health. They’re thankfully not religious nut jobs, and are the exemplary kind of good religious people that help and serve others, rather than the scary conservative kind that uses their religion to oppress others. I’m glad they taught me well how to be a good person so I can make good choices - without the need for an invisible parent watching me, judging me, and threatening me with eternal damnation.

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No cap? Ong, no cap fr!

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Perhaps I should explain myself. I’m a millennial and also a huge Pokémon fan. I recently discovered that this is gen A’s slang. I used to be with it, and then they changed what “it” was.

Since you mentioned you were capped, I wittily decided to tap my newfound knowledge of new slang and dropped some “no caps”.

No cap = no lie, I swear it’s true.

Ong = abbreviation for “on god”, shorthand for “I swear on god”, also similar to “deadass” but I don’t hear that as much and I’m not sure of exactly what deadass means and if there are contextual variances.

fr = For real

And thus, my joke plays on your “capped” statement , since apparently gen A actually responds this way in social media, and say this aloud to their friends since this is their slang.

Ong I won’t do that again bro fr fr. That’s the last one - I couldn’t help myself.

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Yes, yes we understand human lives will be disrupted, employees sacrificed, we got it - no problems there since it’s business as usual and the machinery of capitalism is fueled by the blood of the working class. But we have demands of the CEO!

What about the rats? Where will they go? Won’t somebody please think of the rats?!

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Is there any difference in the content for the Eras Tour on Disney Plus? My spouse and I went to the Eras concert, then saw it at AMC (so we could get those darn metal popcorn buckets), and then I also archived my own local copy of the Eras Tour. If there’s another version, not only would I not be surprised, but it’d also give me something to seek out!

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