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lauren, to random avatar

Musk says books are too long, and he wants AI to summarize them. Pretty much what you'd expect from someone with the intellectual depth of a dried out sponge.


@lauren You’re being generous. A dried-out sponge has some value at least. #MelonHusk has none whatsoever.

CanadianCrone, to random

Happy birthday Kiah. She’s 7 tomorrow.

gemelliz, to Canada

Back in 2005, rookie MP Pierre Poilievre petitioned Queen Elizabeth to compel her to reject Michaëlle Jean's appointment as Governor General of Canada.
The Queen dismissed his request.


@gemelliz #PP took issue with Jean's past support of the Quebec sovereignty movement. So he took out a petition asking the Queen of Canada to dismiss her. Shouldn’t we be asking the king to dismiss him given his involvement in, and support of, the #FreedumbConvoy? Seems only fair.

CanadianCrone, to random

WTF gas has gone up six cents a litre. Goddamn Trudeau price increase of 3 cents per litre on the carbon tax. Oh but wait that only goes into affect April 1. So why are gas prices going up? That’s the real April fools joke. #MediaMalpractice #ConLies

CdnCurmudgeon, to random avatar

The truth is, Conservatives hate the carbon tax because it is progressive and returns the revenue back to Canadians directly, not corporations. They dislike the fact that carbon taxes are not an upward wealth redistribution scheme, or a form of trickle down.


@gemelliz @CdnCurmudgeon to report truthfully and factually. It has lost all legitimacy.

GottaLaff, to random avatar

“One of the most contagious diseases known to man…”

US sees surge in #measles cases as health experts plead for more vaccinations

This year’s total tally has now outpaced last year’s numbers, with 64 confirmed cases in 17 states so far, compared with 58 in 2023


@dougiec3 @soc_i_ety @GottaLaff Meanwhile here in Canada, the official federal opposition leader wants to ban all vaccine mandates. Cause parents have rights, right? The right to endanger their child and others by denying vaccinations.

mondoweiss, to Palestine avatar

When children are present in a time of genocide, they will always be the most vulnerable, the most affected, and the most in need of our protection. They will need pediatricians, such as myself, to act en masse and say unequivocally: ceasefire now.

#Palestine #Israel #Gaza
@palestine @israel

ned, to random

"The people of Gaza are not starving. The people of Gaza are being starved... starving a population to death is a war crime."

  • Brendan O'Hara MP
    SNP Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

#gaza #freepalestine


@ned #Bibi is a ##StoneColdKiller. Accusing Israel of #Genocide is not anti-Semitic. It’s humanity.

CanadianCrone, to random

More BS from : Latest email: “Canadians are overwhelmingly against the carbon tax. It makes life more expensive when Canadians can least afford it.
We know that. Trudeau knows that too, but he doesn’t care. And Jagmeet Singh’s NDP just pledged their full support to protect Trudeau’s job.” Does Pierre ever tell the truth? Ever? And is happily pulling the strings on his . With the and the feeding his hubris

jfmezei, to random

From Moonraker Trivia: The waterfalls in the movie are actually the Guaira Falls, the sum of 18 water falls divided into 7 clusters of falls - that give the Portuguese name "Sete Quedas". Since end of October 1982 the falls were submerged in order to create one of the biggest hydroelectric dams of all time (Itaipú Dam). The movie is actually one of the last times that the whole Guaira Falls were shown


@jfmezei #MelonHusk 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌

CanadianCrone, to random

All this hype about Kate Middleton. I’d like to know where people get the idea that they are entitled to know what is going on in anyone’s life! It’s a sad commentary on the state of our society #Busybodies


@ttpphd @CanadianCrone So being a queen means one’s life is open to scrutiny by anyone at any time?

gemelliz, to Canada

Conservative leader, Pierre is threatening to bring down the Liberal government if they don't get rid of the carbon tax.

👉 "Canadian conservatives are feigning outrage at carbon pricing to distract from their lack of an actual plan or action on the environment."


@themamiyaman @gemelliz His “performance” is the most grating, pretentious and bloated display of arrogance I’ve ever seen in Canada. I look at the seated behind him in the HoC and wonder how they can support such a pompous ignorant and vulgar *ss. But gotta con, I guess. Seems to be their raison d’être.

CanadianCrone, to random

#PierrePoilievre speaking in the House of Commons is a plethora of slick slogans: we will axe the tax, spike the hike, build homes, get rid of crime….. but when it comes to actual policies and how all of this will be accomplished, there is no information. I look at the conservatives sitting behind him and marvel at how they can applaud such a vain, entitled, ignorant, propagandist. His arrogance just drips from every single sentence he utters.

gemelliz, to Halifax

Has anyone actually heard Conservative leader Pierre claim that after he's cancelled the carbon tax, Canadian consumers will see big box retailers, gas companies & grocery stores reduce their prices enough to result in significant savings?

Because that's what many of PP's rally attendees think is going to happen. 🤦 Some even think they'll be buying a house straightaway once he's elected.


@canadianglen @gemelliz @zenheathen @Snowshadow The corruption runs deep. And it is all hiding in plain sight behind . The is strong and provides unlimited financial backing. The feeds his hubris. , chairman of the IDU, face of the rise in global fascism, seductively grooms him, But no one, certainly not seems to give a damn. So he’s free to spew his *T while he dreams of his glory.


@zenheathen @canadianglen @CanadianCrone @gemelliz @Snowshadow We have #ChaimanHarper to thank. He was so desperate to win his election that he sold our soul to foreign entities by signing off on the #postmedia deal. We kicked his sorry *ss to the curb but the toxic slime he brought in remains on Canadian soil.

CanadianCrone, to random

Latest #Con email from #Pierre:
“…Help us get more « boots on the ground » to spread our common sense message to axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget, and stop the crime….” Boots on the ground is shorthand for combat troops deployed in a foreign country. Is Pierre encouraging foreign players to come and stomp around on our soil? Is this his underlying message? #CanadianMediaFailsMiserably to care. Their reaction, meh.
My contribution is a new slogan “Spare us Pierre”.

flockofnazguls, to random avatar

@flockofnazguls Mainstream media is embarrassing and shaming itself. What a pathetic entity the #FourthEstate has become.

oconnell, to austin avatar

Inbox: Over 60 artists have pulled out of their official #SXSW performances in protest of event sponsorship by #military and war profiteers.

#Austin #Texas #news #politics #USpol #Palestine #war #Israel #music @palestine

HeavenlyPossum, to random

This is a thing that actually happened, apparently for real:

Billionaire CEO Angela Chao, sister to Trump’s transportation secretary and Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law, died after her Tesla drove into a pond.

  • Rescuers struggled to reach her because of the layout of the estate, and had to travel to her location on foot.

  • No one could get through the Tesla’s windows or open them to rescue her.


@HeavenlyPossum But they become boats on the water.

CanadianCrone, to random

More #Con taxpayer-paid slogans: “Axe the tax” cost $1,000,000. How much did “Spike the hike” cost? Latest #HarperCockwombleMan email: “…On April Fools’ Day, Trudeau’s hiking up his carbon tax by 23%. (PS That’s a whopping 3¢ per household. Yes 3 whole cents). This is a cruel joke on Cdns who are struggling. Do you want to spike the hike? Let Justin know by SIGNING HERE before time runs out on April 1st. Over 2500 common sense Cdns joined Pierre for a MASSIVE Spike the Hike Rally…”

gemelliz, to ontario

Premier Ford just raised your energy bills far more than the carbon tax.

families will be paying $600 more annually (with no carbon rebate) to subsidize Enbridge after overruled the Ontario Energy Board.

"Eliminating the carbon "tax" benefits the corporations while taxpayers pay the price. The Ford govt is ignoring all the experts and keeping Ontarians hooked on fossil gas even as cheaper, cleaner options become available."



@gemelliz The most corrupt government in the history of Canada continues unimpeded in its destruction of our beautiful province. And to even raise the issue. They’ve been told not to rock the boat. The boat, of course. Where nepotism, cronyism and backroom deals thrive.

CanadianCrone, (edited )

@ned @gemelliz @Snowshadow what’s most insulting in this whole deal is that #CanadianMediaFailsMiserably to call them to account. Gone are the days when their role of advocate for citizens or for positioning the political issues for readers were their goals. Today, it’s whatever their bosses tell them to print: BS, slander, disinformation, misinformation, headlines that trigger but lack truth, insinuations, meh.

gemelliz, to Canada

Respected journalist Chantal Herbert called him a Liar.
Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell called him a Liar.

"Pierre #Poilievre is not a normal candidate, and he shouldn't be treated like he is. He should be incessantly fact-checked and called a liar when he lies, because we do not want to end up like the US."

#canada #cdnpoli #conservatives #abpoli #onpoli cc @harryt59_harry


@jfmezei @gemelliz #poilievre is a liar. But everything else you said is bang on. #CanadianMediaFaillsMiserably in its role as advocate for citizens, and in positioning political issues. Instead, it publishes whatever will create the most triggering effect, whether it’s misinformation, slick, misleading slogans, disinformation, outright lies, slander, nothing matters just getting those clicks.

gemelliz, to Canada

"Pierre #Poilievre is so clearly campaigning - and has been since he became the CPC leader. Is this really okay with everyone?
No wonder he's ahead in the polls. HE IS CAMPAIGNING NON-STOP.
Meanwhile, PM Trudeau has a country to lead, legislation to develop, world leaders to meet, and so on."
👉 Taxpayers have paid for PP to flit around Canada campaigning for the last 2 years. The Conservative leader has higher expenses than the Prime Minister.

#cdnpoli #canada cc @kathrynmathias

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