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Nope. This isn’t science fiction; no dystopian future. This is here… now. I’m past opining, but willing to converse on any subject that improves lives. #Volcanology, #Petrology, #SW #Engineer, #System Architect, and #SciFi #writer; I really dig #butterflies. Especially the tiny ones. Walker in the Rain. #CowboyBebop

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CWilbur, to random
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Wow. #SCOTUS Just wow. This so looks like TFG's appointments coming to bail him out. And for what?

WarnerCrocker, to politics
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Holding out hope for SCOTUS to rid us of the decaying orange turd was always a foolish proposition.

The stakes didn’t get higher, the folks who fuck around with the rules changed how the stakes will play out. #politics #USPol #SCOTUS

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@WarnerCrocker All #SCOTUS needed to do was stay out of it. The appeals court ruling was was more than adequate. But they couldn't even do that.

HunkThunderzone, to random
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People who want to control a complete stranger's adult sex life are disgusting. They are the real sex criminals. The real perverts.

You can't stop recreational sex, and something is deeply, disturbingly wrong with you if you want to. Something is already wrong with you if you're fixated on anyone's sex life but your own.

How about instead of playing out your personal issues through our legislature you just....grow the fuck up? How about you go to therapy or a dominatrix and leave the country OUT of your psychodrama?

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@HunkThunderzone I feel the rage. 😬
GOP Gerrymandered America has produced an inbred congress, incapable of governing. We gotta vote them out everywhere.

CWilbur, to random
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Random thought: We play among the ruins of lost generations. and, descending into darkness, become the foundation upon which future generations in turn repeat the game.
Thought becomes thoughtless stone, a thousand thousand times.
And all that matters is the now.

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@wordsmith @CWilbur It’s a recurring theme. Here it is in a self-published book of my poetry. It’s also near the end of my third novel Fallow Fields of Wisdom.
But hey, if you got something, run with it. AIR?

CWilbur, to random
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RickiTarr, (edited ) to random
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Best U.S. Southern Dessert:

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@RickiTarr This.

RickiTarr, to random
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Type "Women are..." and/or "Men are..." and let predictive text finish the sentence.

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@RickiTarr Women are the most important part of the world, and we are all the same. Men are so weird and I love it.

Yotenotes, to random
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I kind of fell asleep today instead of doing what I wanted to do. Oops?

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@Yotenotes I have your caffeine issue. The only thing that ever worked was to ditch stimulants of any kind, stabilize your blood sugar with proper diet and deal with the short-term consequences. There is no magic elixir.

Once you are in a level place in your head, look at your schedule to see what demands are driving you towards this blood-sugar crisis. Maybe make some changes there rather than sacrificing your health on the altar of billionaire bonuses (just sayin') It's not easy, I know. Good luck!

dabertime, to random
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Pain can consume our life-force with such intensity that we are unable to use what little we have left to escape its voracious appetite.

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@dabertime Pain: the final frontier.

CWilbur, to random
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Seems there’s no great concept or idea that promotion and institutionalization can’t ruin. Take, for instance: #floridaman

wordsmith, to random
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Imagine thinking that one can age a tree by cutting it down and counting its rings. I don't think many trees have died, ever, since the dawn of trees. Humanity is a collective sleepwalk, barely awake as its consciousness struggles to grasp its own identity, its very existence.

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@wordsmith I think you'll get this one. (From my poetic work):

Tapestry of Lies

The spider weaves its powdered web
Not to fill all space
But to catch a meal that might be lured
To transit trough the lace

As remarkable the spider's plan
As impressive her design
To winnow truth from hopeful dream
Requires a finer line

Religion's fickle phantoms
Safely caught and tossed away
Fixing something with a name
Will fairly promise its decay

And yet the answers that we crave
Remain so deeply hid
Things like "Why we all are here?"
Still passing through the grid

Keep winding observations keen
To make your mythos hale
And soon the fabric's warm enough
To provide a comfortable tale

There's molecules and atoms
Things we seem to understand
Could it be that quarks are just
A finer grain of sand?

No matter yet, how tight the weave
No apparent spaces left
The truth slips by, unhindered
Between the warp and weft

And in the end, no thing remains
In grids of any size
The grand design we weave
Is just a tapestry of lies

@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@wordsmith @CWilbur right! but you have to look harder to see them.

I rather look at the system of “things we know” as an ever-increasing sphere of interconnected (thus consistent) elements. The outer surface is where science happens. And really, the tapestry idea has more value than “a comfortable tale”, since it’s consistency actually makes it useful to real creatures like us in a predictive sense.

But every thing we “know” is based on a model (the tapestry). The universe exists, and we are a part of it. But we still know none of the answers to the basic existential questions. And we never will. Our very nature prevents us from knowing what comprises our very core.

Kinda poetic I think.

paul, (edited ) to random
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Question: MDF or OSB board underlayment over existing underlayment to strengthen floor?

Our house is aged and the flooring underlayment is also the finished floor, like 2" tongue and groove, and it's not holding up too well with my medical equipment.

We had extra bracing added at delicate areas between joists that was causing problems, like where my motorized wheelchair puts weird pressure. ( see below.)

Want to have new underlayment put down. Any tips. Suggestions? #Builders #Remodel

@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@paul Make sure your underlayment specs haven't changed! I ran into this doing the same thing (albeit for different reasons) Turns out the previous owner had replaced several boards but the modern boards were a 1/4 inch thinner, making the floor seem like it was sagging. Spent a lot of time under the house putting in reinforcements just like this one, but I probably didn't need to. (in my case)

RickiTarr, to random
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Why am I both people in this conversation?!

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@RickiTarr @humanhorseshoes Just remember: squirrels never die a natural death. Squirrels may be able to fall from an indefinite height, but it will be struck by a Ford Explorer the moment it hits ground.

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@davej @CWilbur @RickiTarr @humanhorseshoes Squirrelman! Whose special power is resurrection.

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@aeisenberg @RickiTarr @CWilbur @lowqualityfacts You sound skeptical. 🐿️

darnell, to random
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I expect that we will see more tech in 2024 due to stock holder demand & the rise of artificial intelligence in many companies.

📹 Why Widespread Tech Layoffs Keep Happening Despite A Strong U.S. Economy https://youtu.be/SkAc2P_audc

I did not like how CNBC minimized or belittled how devastating the layoffs have been. Near the end of the video they said it only affected 1% of tech workers in the industry.

1% is a lot considering how many folks work in tech.

@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@darnell It’s weird, because ditching a significant block of brain trust in order to chase a more risky business strategy with perceived growth potential has literally never worked in any of the companies I’ve worked for. In one case the head of corporate quality asked me if I wanted my old job back, after about 6 months. (I was an SCM) But by that time I had found a much better job. So, no.

mina, to random
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There are quite some religious and spiritual people I like a lot and deeply respect.

I would never judge a person based on their #faith.

The same is not true for #religion itself and esoterics. I was always convinced that such belief systems are poisonous to the mind in the sense: If they can make you believe something for life, because you were told so as a child or by a guru or a book (these are the common entry points) without evidence, you can basically be taught anything, if somebody


@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@mina This has always been true. Both are based on believing something that has no factual basis. You accept it is true on faith.

@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@mina It’s very cool if someone has a personal mythology: “the universe always seeks balance” or some such “useful” story. Parroting some preconceived doctrine seems lazy, and is frequently anything but useful. The pursuit itself of a personal mythology is valuable and neverending.

amydiehl, to random
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The Christian right wants social order where women are 2nd class & therefore opposes reproductive tech that allows women to have autonomy. The perception is that IVF is primarily used by lesbians, single women & women who waited until their 30s to marry.

@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@amydiehl Why do some women go along with that? The only explanation I can see is that they don’t see it applying to them. This in turn implies bigotry and perceived “membership” in a privileged class.
Stories of real problems like those recently in Texas do,I think, provide a warning that there are dangers in this world they are trying to create.

morgandawn, to random
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Anyone ages 12 – 26 living in the United States can get a San Diego Public Library Books Unbanned card. With the card, the library’s online collection of banned or restricted eBooks and eAudiobooks are available for FREE, no matter where you live in the U.S.

@CWilbur@sfba.social avatar

@morgandawn Only half serious but: But what does a struggling author have to do to get on the banned book list?
Seems like the banners just target already famous books or heavily promoted stuff.

EmmaFaber, to random
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A man’s world is a no woman’s land

On the whim of the male the rights and freedoms of the female have been determined

and for most of his male history he determined she had no right to any?

because she wasn’t born male in his man’s world she wasn’t born good enough he said, and he smugly laughed out loud as he stifled and suffocated her inside his tiny little pinched up head!

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@EmmaFaber Nice!
I had to laugh at the "translate" button below. "Is that for us guys? haha."

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@RadicalCartoons @CWilbur @EmmaFaber Well y’know, down deep we’re all the same.

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