I made LASIM!

I currently have 3 accounts (big shock):




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Wouldn’t this be the equivalent of the mob mailing their own finger?

CMahaff, (edited )

Maybe I am not thinking of the access control capability of VLANs correctly (I am thinking in terms of port based iptables: port X has only incoming+established and no outgoing for example).

I think of it like this: grouping several physical switch ports together into a private network, effectively like each group of ports is it’s own isolated switch. I assume there are routers which allows you to assign vlans to different Wi-Fi access points as well, so it doesn’t need to be literally physical.

Obviously the benefits of vlans over something actually physical is that you can have as many as you like, and there are ways to trunk the data if one client needs access to multiple vlans at once.

In your setup, you may or may not benefit, organizationally. Obviously other commenters have pointed out some of the security benefits. If you were using vlans I think you’d have at a minimum a private and public vlan, separating out the items that don’t need Internet access from the Internet at all. Your server would probably need access to both vlans in that scenario. But certainly as you say, you can probably accomplish a lot of this without vlans, if you can aggressively setup your firewall rules. The benefit of vlans is you would only really need to setup firewall rules on whatever vlan(s) have Internet access.

CMahaff, (edited )

Out of curiosity, what switch are you using for your setup?

Last time I looked, I struggled to find any brand of “home tier” router / switch that supported things like configuring vlans, etc.


I loved the original Hades, but I played it after it left Early Access.

It’s going to be really hard to resist jumping in early with Hades II.


Source for the image? I’d love a higher resolution version.

Cargo ship had engine maintenance in port before it collided with Baltimore bridge, officials say (

The cargo ship that lost power and crashed into a bridge in Baltimore underwent “routine engine maintenance” in port beforehand, the U.S. Coast Guard said Wednesday, as divers recovered the bodies of two of six workers who plunged into the water when it collapsed. The others were presumed dead, and officials said search...


So maybe you’ve heard something I haven’t, according to this timeline, there was only 2-3 minutes between when the ship issued a mayday and the bridge collapsed:…/francis-scott-key-bridge-collapse-t…

It sounded like there was 1 police officer already stationed on either end of the bridge, so thats the only reason they were even able to close the bridge before the collapse.

In the time it took them to do that, I can’t see how there would have been time to warn them physically (it’s like a 2 mile bridge). From the article, it sounded like there was confusion about if a crew was even on the bridge. I also don’t know how often / what mechanism police can use to directly contact crews, if there even is one.


NPR News Now publishes great little 5 minute podcast digests every hour or 2 summarizing the big news items of the day / hour.

Their politics podcast and Trump’s Trials podcast are also good.

All three of these are very U.S. centric, obviously.


The bullet points in my comment here render correctly in the official Lemmy frontend, but not in Sync:


So I know that will make it look correct in sync, but I guess what I’m getting at is that the comment is an example that looks right in other clients but NOT in sync.

Sync should show the list correctly like other clients do.


I’m hoping the new update will include the new “scaled” sorting option. I think it will really help support smaller communities on Lemmy if more people use it.


This was my experience as well, though I did notice that many games did not properly isolate game saves from separate steam accounts.

Tip to any devs that might read this: organize saves based on the steam account logged in, not the user of the PC (always “deck” for the steam deck) and definitely not just a single location among the game’s data.


IIRC Alaska Airlines knew the plane had issues and decided to keep flying it anyway.

So yes, it’s Boeing’s fault the plane’s door blew off, but Alaska Airlines also deserves blame for continuing to fly a plane that was reporting issues with the door hatch.

[SOLVED] TrueNAS scale VMs unable to see/connect to the host and vice versa

I have recently setup a system with TrueNAS scale and while it’s been mostly smooth sailing (lies), I can’t figure out why TrueNAS itself cannot connect to virtual machines and vice versa, which kinda sucks for me as I have a wireguard server setup on a virtual machine, which works but clients connecting to it cannot connect...


I ran into the same thing. I’ve always just worked around it, but I believe I did find the solution at one point (can’t find the link now).

But if I am remembering right, I believe you need to manually create a bridge between the two networks - by default it isolates the VMs from TrueNAS itself for security reasons.

Sorry I can’t link the exact fix right now, but hopefully this will help you Google the post I found on the subject.


Simple thing, but are you sure you mounted the NFS share as NFSv4? I don’t have access to a machine to check right now, but I think it might default to mounting NFSv3, even if both sides support v4.

Broke a partition. Is there any way of saving it?

While I was switching distros, I accidentally broke a partition. I’m almost certain that all the data is there, but it doesn’t have a filesystem (I used ext4). Is there anything I can do to fix it, similar to changing the file extension without changing the contents. PS: It’s a data partition. I was trying to resize it,...

CMahaff, (edited )

To add on to this answer (which is correct):

Your “of” can also just be a regular file if that’s easier to work with vs needing to create a new partition for the copy.

I’ll also say you might want to use the block size parameter “bs=” on “dd” to speed things up, especially if you are using fast storage. Using “dd” with “bs=1G” will speed things up tremendously if you have at least >1GB of RAM.


I ran into this exact situation at work - though for me it was more the case that getting approvals for new software / installing new dependencies in our system is a massive pain.

So I went with Python since it’s already installed on basically any Linux system. It was fine - I mean Python is a good language and can certainly handle string processing and data manipulation with relative ease.

I still think the Python docs are pretty bad, and I wasn’t thrilled with the options for calling a subprocess in Python - they all felt kinda clunky, though I was barred from using the newest versions since I had to run an older version of Python.

But I ultimately got something that worked and it was certainly better executed / shorter than the bash equivalent it was replacing.


I dunno man, I think that the fact she teaches high school kids specifically, who by now all know about it, means that she has no hope of being an effective teacher at this point. It’s a massive distraction, as unfair as that is.

She had to have known this was a possibility when she decided to start an onlyfans - there’s almost nowhere in the country where you won’t get fired as a teacher for that, progressive or conservative states alike. Society just isn’t there yet.


I had a bunch of friends up and was gifted Cosmic Encounter.

I had seen it played on YouTube, but this was the first time I got to play it myself. We had a great time! The game can feel a little bit overwhelming at first with all it’s stages and card-decks, but once you get past it it’s a really good time.

If you’ve never played it, the super short version is that you are trying to get colonies on other players planets by drawing cards against each other. But what makes it fun is that every player also gets to draw an (initially secret) civilization/character card, which typically has abilities that completely turn the game on its head. We had lots of hilarious moments stemming from the character reveals. I would definitely recommend checking it out!

I also got to play Radlands with my S/O. Not at all the kind of game either of us have really played before, but we had a blast. It’s a card-dueling game, and all the cards feel very powerful with some cool synergies. It’s pretty simple to teach, especially if you use table-top sim or spring for the edition that comes with play-mats.


But on the other hand, if loans were subject to bankruptcy, most poor people would never be approved to get them.


It’s wild that 3 games into his career, teams are double-teaming Carter instead of the other (impressive) vets on the Eagles D-Line.

And Carter still disrupts the play half the time!

Why do these git merges happen (

With git/github I really only pull and push. I don’t really use any of the other features. Same for the kids on my robotics team. The only thing I have taught them is pull and push. The kids do a pull at the beginning of practice and a push at the end. Yet sometimes I see this in the commit logs. Why are these merges...


To expand on this a bit, git pull under the hood is basically a shortcut for git fetch (get the remote repository’s state) and git merge origin/main main (merge to remote changes to your local branch, which for you is always main).

When you have no local changes, this process just “makes a line” in your commit history (see git log --graph --decorate), but when you have local changes and the remote has changed too, it has to put those together into a merge commit - think a diamond shape with the common ancestor at the bottom, the remote changes on one side, your changes on the other side, and the merge of the two at the top.

Like the above comment says, normally this process is clarified at the command line - VSCode must be handling it automatically if there are no code conflicts.

Bernie Sanders says President Biden will win in 2024 if he runs on a "strong progressive agenda" (

With the 2024 presidential race beginning to unfold, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said he believes that President Joe Biden will again earn the Democratic nomination — and the president likely win reelection if he runs on a strong progressive campaign....


Look, I’d love for that to be true, but it just isn’t. Biden will win by being a boring centrist, because that’s who he is and that’s who will win a general election (generally speaking).

With the GOP going completely off the rails the easiest path to victory is to simply go middle of the road and pick up all those independents/centrists and conservatives with brains. Progressives will vote Biden regardless because Trump (or any Trump wannabe) is too terrifying of a reality.

This country has never shown it has some giant progressive silent majority - Bernie would know, he bet and lost on that materializing in his own presidential runs.

I don’t see Democrats running hard on progressive policies until either the GOP starts running moderates again (forcing Democrats to pickup votes elsewhere) or young people prove they can be a force at the ballot box.

All this is not to shit on what Biden has achieved, because he has done things for progressives, but I don’t see him suddenly switching to anything resembling a “strong progressive agenda” because it will just give his GOP opponent ammo to claim “see he’s radical too”. Biden will be the most boring, normal politician he can, while highlighting how bad things will get if his extreme opponent gets into office, and that’s probably the smartest thing to do.

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