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Buffalox, (edited )

Ha not only that, they are also allowed to make money here, and play in professional sports tournaments. It’s disgusting.


These are some pretty big numbers today, and an aircraft on top.
Sadly Ukraine also has losses, but Ukraine is fighting hard to protect their country and families, and avoid Russian totalitarian control of their country. They are fighting for their freedom and a better future.

Russia is fighting for bullshit reasons, so how heavy losses are they willing to accept as a people for basically nothing? At what point will it be enough?

Buffalox, (edited )

IMO it sounded fake, not fake like artificial or not being real, but more like not being honest or genuine. Like a bit too much or over-attached girlfriend.
Don’t get me wrong, it was very impressive, but IMO they should tone down the fake enthusiasm.

Buffalox, (edited )

Selling surplus production from solar panels have been pretty worthless the past month here too. But that doesn’t change that the production I use myself, is very profitable because the transport and taxes are very expensive and those are saved too. The electricity itself is dirt cheap currently, actually most days around zero during daytime. I bet it’s similar your place. (I’m in Denmark)

I don’t quite understand why you feel cheated, when in fact you are also doing some tax evasion of sorts having solar panels, as you don’t have to pay taxes on the electricity you have produced yourself. Are you really whining you can’t get above market price for the electricity you sell?

OK since I’m downvoted I may be wrong, are you saying you have to pay taxes on the power you use you produced yourself? I find that hard to believe.



Ha that sounds like “burdening” in Danish. Funny your IRS is called that.
Here it’s called SKAT which is the same word we use for “darling”, also a bit ironic IMO.

Buffalox, (edited )

I’m guessing you mean a word that is pronounced the same, but with a c instead of k?
That’s actually kind of fitting. lol

Ah it can also be a type of singing? Let’s go with that.


You forgot to mention the thing I asked, do you pay tax on the power you produce that you use yourself? Obviously you should pay the same taxes as everybody else on power you buy, here the power we sell isn’t taxed on private installations less than 20kWh I think is the limit. Above that, it’s taxed as income. Still I bet you don’t pay taxes on the power you make and use yourself.

There are 3 scenarios, and here the system is:
1 Power you buy (taxed for everybody)
2 Power you produce and use (not taxed)
3 Power you produce and sell (not taxed on private installations below 20 kWh)

The one I specifically asked about was situation number 2, and you only answered 1 and 3.

Tips on distro for gaming Swedish

Hi! I’m getting a new laptop any day now and I plan on going back to Linux after maybe a decade on Windows. What works best for gaming nowadays? Is manjaro good for that? I prefer a distro with a nice name but of course that’s not the central thing. I’ll also do some book keeping, writing et cetera but I don’t think...


I’ve used Manjaro for many years now, and it works very well for Steam IMO. When I chose Manjaro I checked ProtonDB to see if there was a trend where some distros had higher success rate for Proton games on Steam, and it seemed to me there was, and Manjaro was one of the best.

But maybe if I had checked other games I’d have other results IDK. But generally if a game has good score on ProtonDB it will work for me with my Radeon RX 6600 XT.

I would imagine most distros work well with Steam today, it is after all mostly similar libraries they all use.

Buffalox, (edited )

I have it direct from the CEO of Boeing, it’s just a minor “quality escape”. nothing to worry about, we have them all the time.

When questioned further on what exactly is a “quality escape” he got confused, and failed to give a coherent answer.
But apparently Boeing does not recognize faults, because faults are bad, instead they have occasional quality escapes, which are OK, and not a big deal.



Honestly, I find it contemptible, it’s always an attempt to spin something, either to tone it down or to sound clever or something, sometimes it’s even decidedly misleading. It’s sickening IMO.


So you read the part where they did NOT call police, but for mental health help, and clinicians came but the police came too. And yet you blame the parents?
I think you have a problem.


“Plans to allocate” is a bit imprecise, the package is decided and secured. With the 37 Billion SEK Sweden has already donated, the total donation decided is $10.4 Billion USD now. A very significant donation, especially considering Sweden is a country with only 10 million inhabitants.

Thank you Sweden 👍 😀

PS the article states “over $9 billion” the actual number is SEK 112 billion = $10.4 Billion USD in all.


500k estimated by Saturday.
Putin: Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


It’s not like anything he says is a secret:
www.linuxfoundation.org 900 open source projects 3M+ developers trained
It’s right there on the front page.

Linux foundation never supported desktop development, and I suspect they have their reasons. Maybe that a GUI is a very subjective thing, there are dozens of desktops, supporting one would probably cause major wrath from everybody else, so if Linux Foundation were to support the desktop, they’d have to support all. But Gnome has often shown to be hostile to outside influence, so maybe they don’t really care to mess with that. KDE is based on QT, and maybe the QT dual license isn’t within the scope of Linux Foundation to support? So with the biggest desktops being somewhat problematic, maybe it’s better to just leave it alone.

The real question IMO is why Linux desktop doesn’t have better support from other foundations? Why aren’t any of them able to attract more financial support?

Personally I liked Gnome 2, and I think Gnome did a lot of harm to Linux when they deprecated it before Gnome Shell was ready, and I think Gnome alienated many users with the design decisions of Gnome shell.

Then the problem is that almost every GUI Desktop on Linux is based on some flavor of GTK which is under Gnome, or based on QT with the dual license.

Personally I don’t mind the dual license of QT, but many Linux developers are very idealistic, and don’t like it.

Buffalox, (edited )

Bill Maher is funny, he makes fun of Christians as superstitious, but is himself superstitious, and is an outspoken antivaxer contrary to the evidence.

But he is only funny if you find idiots funny.

I actually watched his show years back, but I stopped when he show after show started saying “Iknow we shouldn’t talk about Hillary’s emails. But have you seen the latest?” He is such a moron.

Buffalox, (edited )

Obvious strong blinking red light ahead, obvious train passing ahead…

Tesla FSD: Hmmm let’s not even slow down, I don’t see any signs of problems.

FSD is an acronym for Fool Self Driving.


Didn’t he recently claim Tesla robotaxi is only months away?
Well I suppose he didn’t say how many months, but the implication was less than a year, which has been his claim every year since 2016.

I was detained at a US airport and asked about Israel and Gaza for 2 hours. Why? | Ilan Pappé (www.theguardian.com)

I was held for two hours. The first round of questions was about my views on Hamas. Then the agents wished to know whether I thought Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip amount to genocide and what I think of the slogan “Palestine should be free from the river to the sea”. I said yes, I do think Israel is committing...

Buffalox, (edited )

AFAIK the basis for these checks were established under Bush. So mostly designed by Republicans and not democrats.


OK so if I understand you correctly, at a gun show, you can buy a gun as if it was a piece of candy! No check, no registration no nothing. I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question, but this seems pretty crazy to me.


What!!! Are you saying you don’t have your constitutional rights if you are under 13? /s

Buffalox, (edited )


That sounds like a background check, so now I’m as confused as I was to begin with.

Edit: Maybe states are different, but apparently it’s possible to buy without any check or showing ID at least in some states.


Have you tried to open it in a private window?


Thanks for clearing that up for me. 👍


Free market economy is inherently imperfect, and needs to be both regulated and adjusted by government.

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