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A good life for all within planetary boundaries.

PM/PO/UX-er. 🇳🇱 and 🇦🇺. Avid cyclist and frisbee player. Stubborn optimist.

Mainly here to talk about:
#Sustainability #SystemsThinking #PostGrowth #Degrowth #Climate #ClimateChange #Energy #Renewables #Ecology #EcologicalEconomics #UBS #Coops #Biodiversity #PlanetaryBoundaries #UX #UXDesign #PO #Netherlands #Utrecht

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ttpphd, to random
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Look at this beauty at the VA! I don't know much about fungi. Is this a turkey tail?

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@ttpphd looks like Turkey Tail indeed! (but please get it ID'd locally if you're planning on consuming it)

firstdogonthemoon, to random
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It's not my place to judge Guardian readers' food choices. That's for other Guardian readers to do. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/picture/2024/apr/12/shameless-guardian-readers-share-their-favourite-perverse-food-combinations

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@firstdogonthemoon Banana and mayonnaise sandwich. I know, it sounds disgusting, but try it once and tell me it’s not delicious.

Brendanjones, to climate
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Fantastic. This is the kind of thing that'll directly drive reductions in fossil fuel projects.

"Zurich Insurance Group AG will no longer underwrite new oil and gas projects, and is cracking down on clients planning to expand in metallurgical coal mining."


Brendanjones, to climate
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In a credibility-destroying move, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) have decided to allow companies to count offsets towards reducing their scope 3 emissions.

Five SBTi teams have written an open letter calling for the CEO and Board who voted in favour to resign, and other orgs have also come out against it: https://carbonmarketwatch.org/publications/open-letter-on-the-use-of-carbon-credits-to-meet-scope-3-ghg-targets/

Full summary here: https://www.reuters.com/sustainability/companies-get-green-light-use-offsets-supply-chain-emissions-2024-04-10/

#climate #emissions

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SusiArnott, to random
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Turning some preconceptions on their head? Surviving won't be about seizing control of an unsustainable system
"The historically unique situation we are now in presents us with the need for a non-confrontational strategy, one that involves turning away and ‘ignoring capitalism to death’. (This does not deny the need to confront over specific threats, such as to log a forest.)"

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@SusiArnott I dunno, I love Ted’s work but it seems he’s mostly strawmanning here. Main arguments seem to be that:

  • degrowthers don’t realise the enormity of the reductions required and the systemic changes to achieve those reductions
  • degrowth lit doesn’t cover strategy

There’s an entire tome dedicated to strategy: https://www.degrowthstrategy.org/, and that’s not the only one that addresses strategy.

And the enormity of the task? That’s kinda fundamental to the whole concept.

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@SusiArnott Everything else he says is pretty on point, I just take issue with him thinking that these are not things that degrowthers are thinking about. That and his vision of how we will live is a bit low tech for my liking - maybe that’s how it has to be in order to stay within planetary boundaries, I don’t know, but I’d prefer not to limit ourselves that much if we have the ecological capacity for more.

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@SusiArnott I’d agree with that, but also we’re so far from doing degrowth that it’s not really on my mind. Let’s first even manage to get a degrowth economy started (which let’s be honest will no longer be capitalism) and then we can see how far we need to degrow. That’s just my thinking on the matter, in any case.

evan, to fediverse
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Friends, I need your help. I'm working on the Far Horizons chapter for the #ActivityPub book, where I discuss future applications for AP. I've got dating, enterprise software, job search, IOT, marketplace, and others.

What's a far-out application of ActivityPub you've thought of that I might not have?

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@mapache @evan Was going to say this one. AP would work well for turn-based games such as Diplomacy. Or any digitalised turn-based board game, for that matter.

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@andy @mapache @evan Hah no worries, I’m especially equipped for giving people a jonesing for something. And always happy to bring division and distrust into long-standing friendships by suggesting people play diplomacy 😁

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@mpjgregoire @mapache @evan A distinct lack of chatter about the board game in that hashtag feed - it’s almost all real life diplomacy! Boringgggg haha

Brendanjones, to Economics
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One thing that irks me about firms in (capitalist) markets is that they don't share information.

Capitalism is supposedly an efficient driver of innovation, but how efficient can it be when efforts are surely duplicated far more often than would happen if firms were collaborating?

So, how do you structure companies and inter-company relationships to foster both innovation (through competition?) and collaboration? Anyone have any info on this?

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I realise "companies share information" is utopian as hell but that's me; I don't care about maximising wealth for me or my company at the exclusion of others, I care about benefit to society.

I've thought about this previously, when I did some analysis on some new legislation. I would've liked to have shared it with other companies, but doing so would have removed competitive advantage.

So (capitalist) competition is in this regard actually limiting efficiency and productivity.

pvonhellermannn, to climate
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MUST READ interview with Chris Shaw about his new book, “Liberalism and the Challenge of Climate Change”. Agree with everything he says here. Liberalism, and class, at the core of the problem.

“It is very difficult to bring about climate action in a world that prioritizes individuals and in which we are so alienated from each other.”


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@pvonhellermannn Definitely agree with the general thrust of his arguments, but some interesting commentary I’m not too sure about.

I don’t get how you can reference “the Yellow Vest protests in France.” and then say “I don’t hear working-class people talk about a just transition”. What were the protests about if they weren’t about a just transition?! Just because people don’t use the exact term doesn’t mean they’re not talking about it.

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@pvonhellermannn That sounds like a perfect example of the later point he makes:

“the language of climate change remains an elite, technical language. It is opaque and impenetrable to most people, and it excludes the working class. The imperative political question is: how do we make that discussion about our future accessible to, and inclusive of, a broader range of voices?”

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@pvonhellermannn How do we make discussions on climate accessible? Stop using jargon.

Don’t use a name if you don’t have to. Write instead what a thing actually is or does. Chances are using the name obscures what information you’re actually trying to convey.

Perfect example: a ‘just transition’ is such a broad term to as be almost useless.

Despite his sins as a venture capitalist, Paul Graham’s post on writing simply is a timeless guide on this topic: https://paulgraham.com/simply.html

exocomics, to random
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old comic 💖

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@chris @exocomics Does physical form define conscious form? Then the remaking of the carpet into a jumper will remake the conscious entity. Deep philosophical questions posed here, O unraveller of carpets.

Jgbird, to random
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Allen’s hummingbird

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@Jgbird @Openhuman Gorgeous photo.

vdonnut, to anime_titties
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do people play stuff like #diplomacy or other simple #boardgames by post?

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@vdonnut Never done it, and afaik the 10 or so friends I know who have played diplomacy have not either. It does sound like a wonderful, intentionally slow and low tech way of playing.

Would you also limit conversations to mail, or only the sending of moves?

When I have played it async then we used one of the online versions of it, which also sorts out the faff of working out moves and sharing the board state. That was during covid, though - I prefer playing in person.

evan, (edited ) to random
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"The Fediverse is for making us happy."

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@evan neither agree nor disagree. The Fediverse is for whatever one makes of it. I hope that its net effect makes people more happy, but would we say that's what it's for?

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@evan Ah, but for what purpose was it constructed? (He asks one of the founders of the Fediverse, hoping for a profound and insightful answer 😉)

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@evan Quite the elaborate prank, then haha.

And who is being pranked, pray tell?

Brendanjones, to UX
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My wish for 2024 is for 'onboarding' to be added to keyboard dictionaries.

No, computer, I did not mean 'on-boarding' or 'on boarding'. Stop red-underlining my words.

evan, to random
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OK, this is cool:

  1. Look up a podcast on https://podcastindex.org/
  2. Check the number at the end of the URL in your browser. Example: https://podcastindex.org/podcast/270016 -> 270016
  3. Follow <number>@ap.podcastindex.org. For example, @270016 .
  4. Get podcast updates over ActivityPub! Including audio!

h/t @samsethi

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@evan @tchambers @270016 @samsethi That’s a perfect use for exclusive lists - as in I don’t want podcasts in my home feed but if I can go check on them occasionally then that’s fan-diddly-tastic.

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@jlou are you applying this to all orgs in the economy, as in saying that public services should be run as pure worker co-ops?

Also, what about hybrid co-ops (like, for example, a consumer/worker co-op) where the workers are the only ones to accrue profits but the consumers have some voting rights?

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