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From the sidebar:

A community focused on discussions on movies and TV shows.

It’s called movies as hopefully at some point in the future we’ll have TV shows split, but as Lemmy still has a small community it makes sense to consolidate both types of content here


Yes, I was surprised as well


Thanks for the link! I usually just use the Reddit link, I’ve had alternative viewers shut down in the past (e.g. Invidious instances for Youtube) and then people can’t access the content anymore


Yeah, not the best place indeed


IIRC, Blaze (mod here) got banned under similar circumstances.


That’s indeed why I opened this community in the first place. For people interested, you can have a look at this post for the details (open the spoiler):

maegul, (edited ) to mastodon avatar

Reflecting on the firefish/calckey "moment"

which was about a year ago now, I can't help but suspect it was a small event with wider implications on the dominance of in the

I think it was the last chance to direct the twitter migration energy into discovering new/different fedi platforms.

And it was blown, with alt-social in a weird steady/waiting state that's smaller I suspect, than what many hoped for.





To me, FireFish got replaced by IceShrimp. Good looking interface, nice features (Antenna) and regular releases.


IIRC, Catodon development is currently halted (

Sharkey I don’t know

There really is a whole *keys forks lore ha ha



The two communities you listed seem more adequate to promote existing communities, I’ve done it in the past when reviving a community.

About keeping activity, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll done fine, we are regular posters after all, if there’s a group with a high chance of posting, it’s this one.

An another note, we could maybe promote those two communities to a wider audience, maybe !asklemmy ?


I share your pain… No solutions for you however, sorry


I see where they come from, but from a new user perspective, it’s quite confusing to see too similar-looking communities, more or less similarly active, with more or less the same type of content, and not know where to post

!android is more software development oriented, and !android has the typical spin to it.

I’m not sure how either side would agree to “merge”, since wanting self-governance was the reason the split happened in the first place.

Indeed, but on that point I’m not sure how the LW is currently moderated. The moderators don’t seem that active (it’s a trend I’ve noticed among a few LW communities). If I have some time in the coming days, I might contact them to see if they are still interested in managing that community, or if uniting forces with would make more sense

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