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SAHDx2, sober, vet, NE sports, fan of Nazis being punched, AZ--->ND

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CultureDesk, to television
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The most popular TV show you've never heard of is called "The Chosen." It tells the story of Jesus and his disciples and there are seven seasons planned (the fourth season starts streaming June 2). Around 200 million people around the world have watched at least an episode, and the show also sold $63 million in theatrical ticket sales. The Hollywood Reporter talked to director Dallas Jenkins, who set out to make an elevated Christian TV series, and now has his sights on the Jesus Cinematic Universe.


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@CultureDesk seven seasons? Seven? I thought Peter Jackson turning The Hobbit into a 10 hour movie was an unbeatable world record stretch from source material to screen but clearly I was wrong.

Season 6 is just going to be 8 episodes straight of Jesus washing feet. [Tarantino joke here]

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@CultureDesk no. No way. You're pulling my leg.

mondoweiss, to Palestine
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In the first such divestment action by a major Christian denomination, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church has voted to divest from Israel bonds, and those of other countries carrying out prolonged military occupations.


@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel holy butt, salute to the Methodists!

cstross, to random
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Prediction: this is going to go down like a head shot in a neonatal ward.

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Disney exec 1: "No one is watching Marvel anymore, what do we do?
Exec 2: "Add an Israeli superhero."
1: "How will that help us gain viewers?"
2: "It won't, but when no one watches we can blame anti-semitism."
1: "Brilliant."

CultureDesk, to journalism
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The winners of the 2024 Pulitzer Prizes have been announced. The New York Times took three: One for its coverage of the war in Gaza and others in the Features and Investigative categories. The Washington Post tied with wins in Commentary, Editorial Writing and National Reporting. The Fiction Pulitzer went to West Virginia writer Jayne Anne Phillips for her novel, "Night Watch," while the Nonfiction prize went to "A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: Anatomy of a Jerusalem Tragedy," by Nathan Thrall, which tells the story of a Palestinian father living under Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Here's the full list from NPR. This Poynter.org story has links to all the winning pieces of journalism.




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@CultureDesk @bookstodon any awards given to the NYT and WP for reporting are awards that are worthless.

mbonsma, to random
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Cars parking in the bike lane radicalized me 13 years ago, and these days my willingness to "just go around" has hit rock bottom. It feels more important than ever to make it safe for ALL of us to walk and bike.

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@mbonsma I just ride on the sidewalk, but I'm guessing that's frowned upon?

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@mbonsma illegal?? It's like they want cyclists to die. 🤦🏽‍♂️ (TY for answering!)

coffeegeek, to coffee
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Our second Best of guide, the Best Budget Coffee Grinders for 2024, has had a good roll out. In 2 weeks, we've gone to the top 5 in search results (non sponsored, lol) on most search engines, and it's been read 140K.

I also heard back from one of the vendors we list (but make $0 from) and they noticed a real bump in sales. Good for them I suppose LOL! and good for the consumers who bought those grinders because they truly are fantastic machines.

cc @coffee @espresso


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@coffeegeek @coffee @espresso typo paragraph 8: "... and hope you’ll elt them know..."

w7voa, to random
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Hamas publishes a hostage video of an Israeli-American it kidnapped. https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-798476

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TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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Is being ‘woke’ a badge of honor?

Historically, the word was used as a warning to be aware of racial injustices.


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@TheConversationUS @blackmastodon using woke as a pejorative is awesome because it immediately tells me all I need to know about them as a person and I can save my time and mental health by not having any further interactions with them ever.

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@jonathanpeterson @TheConversationUS @blackmastodon for sure if you're in a position of influence it's morally imperative to use it for good. I'm just never in such a position these days so when I do run across a jackwagon online I save my energy and move along.

ismh, to random
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Logitech slipped some ChatGPT into its mouse software, and a gross directory into everyone's Home folder. https://512pixels.net/2024/04/ai-overlay-tmp-home-folder-mac-os/

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@ismh FWIW this appears to be Mac only. I just updated to the latest firmware on my G502 Hero on Windows and I can't find any AI shenanigans (that aren't Microsoft related 🤮.)

jonburr, to nature

Fun Fact.

is f*cking up the Environment and Pushing Wild Bees to the Edge.

Keeping honeybees doesn’t save bees – or the environment
It’s great to see people backing the pollinator movement, but managing hives does nothing to protect our wild pollinators. It’s the equivalent of farming chickens to save wild birds

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Hello good sir,
I know you said fuck. You know you said fuck. Jesus knows you said fuck. Using an asterisk instead of a letter doesn't do anything except ruin the experience of people using screen readers. I kindly ask you to rethink future usage.

w7voa, to random
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A day before Passover begins, the rabbi at Columbia University in NYC tells his Jewish students to go home as the school cannot keep them safe after pro-Palestinian protestors on campus yell “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground!” and other pro-violence slogans supporting Hamas.

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@w7voa is the support for Hamas in the room with us? 🤔

mattsheffield, to random
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Arizona Republicans are blocking Democrats' efforts to repeal the Civil War-era abortion law that is now in effect in the state.

Shortly before the Republicans on Arizona's supreme court upheld the 1864 law, a group of Republican state senators gathered on the floor holding what looks like a gibbering seance, praying that gawd would allow them to force children to carry rapist pregnancies.

Please spread this clip. This is the true face of the Republican party.



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@mattsheffield I've never been happier to be gone from that hell hole, JFC.

Beeks, to random
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I finished last night. It's dogshit. 0/10 I hate it. If you're a fan of the books watch on Prime instead. It's a very good representation of the books. If you just like random Game of Thrones actors doing their best with a god awful script that is tangentially related to the books, I guess sure check out 3BP, I'm not your dad.

Beeks, to Israel
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I've been very critical of the anti-Biden Leftists, but it does appear that maybe I need to eat crow. They may have actually applied enough pressure to stop the genocide. Granted if they still protest vote and Trump wins it won't have matterered, but I'll tip my cap right now if it saves Palestinian lives. 🫡

joins US call for to halt arms transfer to | Israel War on News | Al Jazeera

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@russellt if even Nancy Pelosi is joining in that tells me what way the winds are blowing. She wouldn't put her name on it if she didn't know it was ultimately the winning message. This IMO is much more significant than Biden's "ultimatum" to Bibi.

Unfortunately I think Israel may be so filled with bloodlust and so close to their ultimate goal, it may not matter. But I'm more hopeful today than I have been in 6 months, so I'll take it!

HopePunkFTW, to solarpunk
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America's first sustainable urban agrihood in Detroit.
"The three-acre development has vacant land, along with occupied and abandoned homes centered around a two-acre urban garden, with more than 300 organic vegetable varieties, like lettuce, kale, and carrots, as well as a 200-tree fruit orchard, with apples, pears, plums, and cherries, a children’s sensory garden, and more."


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@HopePunkFTW that appears to be just plagiarized AI bullshit. Here's an article from 2016 it mostly steals from.


TucsonSentinel, to Tucson
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Planned Parenthood will offer low-cost vasectomies in Phoenix https://www.tucsonsentinel.com/local/report/040324_vasectomy_growth/planned-parenthood-will-offer-low-cost-vasectomies-phoenix/
Planned Parenthood Arizona is now offering vasectomy services in Phoenix after demand for the procedure at the Tucson clinic was overwhelming, with nearly half of all appointments booked by Valley residents.

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@Mrfunkedude @TucsonSentinel I paid full price to get my vasectomy done in Phoenix back in 2021 and they didn't numb me up enough so I felt it all... I can't imagine the low cost version of that.

CultureDesk, (edited ) to television
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Zoinks! Digital Trends has compiled a list of 10 TV shows that they say are overrated, from "Parks and Recreation" ("overly hopeful") to "The Bear" ("a great dramedy, but award shows and audiences keep treating it as Christ’s second coming, which it most certainly isn’t."). Here's the full list. We want to know: Which of these do you think are overhyped, or just don't stand the test of time (choose as many as you like)? Tell us in the comments if there's another show that's critically adored but that you just can't see the appeal of.


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@CultureDesk bah, I forgot to click Ted Lasso, but it's definitely overrated.

TechDesk, to tech
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Yahoo is buying Artifact, the AI news app, for an unknown sum. Co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom will be "special advisors" to Yahoo but won't be joining the company. Here's more from @verge's @imdavidpierce


For more stories like this, follow @theverge's Tech News Magazine, @tech.

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@TechDesk @verge @imdavidpierce @theverge @tech

Excuse me? Yahoo still exists and in fact has enough money to buy things? Freaking how???

igd_news, to california

Blockades of military bases in continues in solidarity with . This recent action was met with police brutality.

"During these arrests they violently attacked several femmes, and threw several to the ground. Of those attacked, one was knocked unconscious from the force of the police assault. Another who had arrived with a walker due to hip injuries, was thrown to the ground and hospitalized. Immediately after the arrests were made police moved to try and arrest protesters who had never entered the street, but they were stopped by other police. "

Report via @indybay: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2024/03/23/18864476.php

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@igd_news @indybay anyone else completely unable to get Indybay to load?

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TheConversationUS, to random
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Imagine witnessing an overdose and being save somebody with the help of a drone.

“Via a video playing on a screen carried by the drone, the bystander received instructions on how to use the naloxone, which is administered as a nasal spray. We timed each participant on how long it took them to correctly give the medication during this crisis moment.

Average time for someone to view the video and administer the medication: 62 seconds.
Pretty remarkable.


@Beeks@mstdn.party avatar

@TheConversationUS this is such an over engineered idea that I was sure I'd find a patent owner in the disclosure of their study. Nope, no hidden get rich quick scheme, just some engineering students doing what they do: over thinking everything and finding complicated solutions to easy problems. 🤣

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