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People want to survive a nuclear blast? Interesting

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Me as an adults just gonna be here taking notes for my own reading list , you all are the best for recommending

When was the last time you purchased something at a vending machine?

I usually avoid them because of the mark-up, but yesterday I was in the mood for a soda and didn’t feel like going into a store and interacting with the cashier, so I bought one out of a vending machine. I enjoyed it. What about you? When was the last time you used a vending machine, and what did you buy?

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Everything dear leader and commander president Maduro has to say about anything is a LIE or rather maybe he thinks is true and like a emperor lives too far remove from the people he is governing to even know what the heck is going on. However I understand is probably hard to get journalist inside the country to get info from the people living the reality of Venezuela , local news and reporting is heavily sensor nation wide so yeah journalism is hard to do here. I know this because I live in Venuzuela so be chill. - I mean for instance the two public school in my street open from 7am to 10am Tuesday to Friday because there is no water to flush toilets or do cleaning meanwhile the Major is preparing and budgeting for next month’s folk song festival in town, is all tomfoolery.

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(゜o゜) How you did that? Posting from another community and that post from that community showing as a like a reboot in this community?! I have never seen that before. Also congrats UK.

TachiyomiSY devs have announced to work on a new "spiritual successor" of Tachiyomi (ani.social)

This message has been posted on their discord server yesterday, currently the app is being worked on and has no definitive ETA. We probably have to use other forks until that. I don’t know whether I can share the discord server’s link so not sharing that until a mod gives heads up.

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Lucky… Maybe I will do that… Man this sucks.

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Thanks for posting this & to all the comments helping to clarify the situation. I though for a moment my phone was failing or something , sad.

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Is the best and healthiest relationship I got in my family , I can’t imagine my life without her being a part of it which is funny because I really didn’t like her as a kid and use to be really mean to her ; I am the older one. I guess shares trauma and me realizing I was an ass wipe then asking for forgiveness goes a long way. She tells me that she remembers well the first time I hugged her , apparently I was about 7 or 8 and she picked up my toys for me and I was grateful so I hugged her ( I don’t remember this)

Currently we live half the world away from each other , and with some luck maybe not for much longer. She has completely aliened herself from the family including my parent I guess my mom is an expection because she occasionally calls her. I didn’t at least I haven’t completely not like her and we respect and love each other enough to still agree to disagree in a lot of things and still love and support each other to the best of our abilities. I hope you all got a person around like that , I got really flipping lucky it is my sister.

Netflix considers adding in-app purchases and ads to games, report says (techcrunch.com)

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company has had discussions about how to make money from its games for months now, including in-app purchases, putting a price tag on more premium titles and placing ads on games that subscribers to its ad tier have access to. These methods are common (and effective) in the mobile gaming...

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The website seems fine , at least a week ago. But the app which I rarely use. I had to use it recently and oh boy. Is horrendous and overwhelming. Geez.

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I used to use Niagara Launcher and now I use Discreet. Here is a link github.com/falzonv/discreet-launcher , you could also find it on F-Droid.

B4tid0, (edited )
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Aunt (?) And cousin. Apparently Aunt has being drinking since the 23 by the 24 at night she was drunk out of her mind; insulted and scolded my cousin and his girlfriend in front of everyone in the family dinner at grandma’s because the girlfriend was wearing a croptop. I frankly though it would’ve being about the fact that she is 14 and he is 20. ( But apparently not. I personally left when they arrived. I got told about the fight later) Everybody left or kept on arguing after that. Hopefully your holiday’s dinners are better .

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Yup. When I mention it , I was screamed at and told “I should mind my own business” , “He is an adult he knows what he is doing” and “who am I do judge other people” I am not proud of THAT situation. My family is fucked but we are ALL welcome at Christmas dinner, I go for the free meal and to hug my grandma and leave right after. Apparently the girlfriend’s family is very close to my cousin’s mother , I don’t know them . Is all messed up (¯―¯٥)

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Uhm if I do a lot I feel tired , wake up groggy. Is fun in general. My nightmares are super manageable but I still like to sit back and let my brain do its thing is less taxing for me and more fun and unexpected. I haven’t manage not dreaming on purpose, I wonder if that’s possible.

Edit: just realised that you ask about tales and reading. I can’t read very well in my dreams , when I read is all weird and even numbers look kind of off, so I haven’t being able to do that not that I have tried very hard. Lmao uhm I guess I am able to consistently do magic in my dreams and dream different scenario in fantasy worlds like harry potter , lord of the ring or song of ice and fire. If I am reading something IRL I can go through it again in my head and watch it like a movie if I really want to. I don’t like flying and wet dreams are extra fun too (ノ´∀`*)

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Awesome more people reading. Funny thing I am currently watching a 7 hour long video on Lightlark , a book made and hyped by ans for booktok. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5LS_HQHjXA)

Like kimson said “even Twilight got people to read, and once they started reading, they learned to read something better” which is true for me. My first not-school book was Twilight and ever since I never stopped reading and Twilight pretty unreadable now that I am older but I enjoy the movies and the nostalgia of it all :D

foss_android, to foss
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Private and Open Source Books Tracker

Keep track of your books with @openreads a privacy-oriented and open-source Android app written in Flutter.

Organize your books into four categories:

  • Finished
  • In progress
  • For later
  • Unfinished
  • Use custom tags and filters

Add books by searching the Open Library, scanning barcodes, or entering details manually

Download: https://github.com/mateusz-bak/openreads-android/releases

#FOSS #Android #Privacy #OpenSource #Flutter #Books #ReadingList #BookTracker @books #Reading

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Heck yeah! Thank you so much! I can keep my data? Yes please

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