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Interested in Linux, FOSS, data storage systems, unfucking our society and a bit of gaming.

Nixpkgs committer.

reddit.com/u/Atemu12 (Probably won’t be active much anymore.)

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Open source e reader (lemmy.ml)

I recently got a Sony prs 600 e reader from 2009. The battery is at the end of its life (It lasts about 3 days with heavy reading, and a couple weeks without reading). No backlight, no Wi-Fi, just an SD card that I can load epub files and small PDFs. The screen is slow and the contrast isn’t the best. The “touch screen” is...

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parents are a motor to innovation

Absolutely. No parents -> No children -> No innovation.

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Pretty sure it’s even inside a secure element; inaccessible to even the OS.

Do you take pictures with GPS tags on?

Hiya, so quickly wondering wether you have enabled this or not. Obviously it’s not great for privacy, but it also seems very nice to have for image cloud solutions, so that images can be sorted based on location. Are there any good solutions for this? I’d like have it enabled, but also afraid of sharing images with sensitive...

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I used to not but I wish I did. I want to know where pictures were taken. Photo album software like Immich can also make cool maps out of your photos this way and group photos by location.

As long as you’re not sharing the pictures with anyone, there is no loss of privacy whatsoever in doing this. I don’t see any reason to generally label it as “not great for privacy”.

When sharing publicly, you need to be careful of course and run the images through an EXIF metadata stripper.

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Why is this being downvoted? It’s clearly labelled as Japanese; if you don’t want to see foreign languages, filter them out.

Monitor advice: UWQHD Curved 144hz VA vs. QHD 240hz IPS

I’m in the market for a new monitor. It’ll be used for gaming and browsing, but also light graphic design/video editing and lots of email- and document-writing, some spreadsheets, etc. My graphics work is not very color sensitive, and I have a “normal” $100 IPS monitor on the side to compare....

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I’ve heard that some VA panels can get a bit wonky with text.

I haven’t. Where did you hear this?

OLEDs tend to have issues because of their subpixel layout and I don’t know the current state of font rendering support on M$'s stupid OS.

I can’t be giving people jaundice, I mean. The Acer isn’t exactly perfect either, but it’s good enough.

If your current cheap monitor is good enough, any monitor of this class will be at least as good.

If you need proper colours though, you should rather invest in a calibration device. Even good monitors should be calibrated for your specific room conditions if colour accuracy is of importance.

Whatever I choose will be my daily driver for probably 7+ years.

Then I’d get a newer OLED that isn’t prone to burn in or wait a few months for said OLEDs to do down in price.

LCDs are not future proof. The vast majority has no proper support for HDR for starters (HDRn’t).

I’m concerned that there will always be adjustments and compromises if I go curved.

Curved isn’t as significant as you imagine it to be. You usually don’t notice it at all.

Even extreme curvature as is common on Samsungs newer VA panels is only a little noticeable when you actually sit in front; eventhough it looks like a lot from the outside.

With VA, you actually want curvature as there is somewhat of a significant gamma shift when looking at a horizontal angle and the curvature helps mitigate this effect.

I really enjoyed 240hz G-Sync smoothness, but I don’t play serious competitive stuff and I could downgrade to 144hz, as long as the other benefits are worth the trade-off. I also think QHD will hover around 180fps in my current games, and UWQHD around 140 maybe. I’d probably only get the full benefit of 240hz QHD in older games.

Unless you really love playing E-sports games competitively and that makes up most of your gaming time, 144Hz is good enough. Though VRR with LFC is a must, look out for that.

Do any of you own either of these or similar monitors?

I’m not too familiar with the current market but what I can tell you is that you must always look up real-world measurements of rise and fall times, overshoot and colour accuracy. Ideally read or watch a review (TFT Central, RTings, HWunboxed/monitors unboxed).

This is especially important with VA panels as the vast majority use older tech that can have very slow rise and fall times that are often not actually sufficient for high refresh rates and/or bad overshoot. You need to filter these out.

I would not buy a monitor without having seen real-world measurements of rise and fall times aswell as overshoot.

If you have other recommendations in the $450-600 range

HW unboxed usually has many “current” monitors for comparison in their charts. I can highly recommend watching a few of their reviews.

I personally bought a UWQHD Nano IPS panel (LG 34GN850) after attempting to buy a working Samsung G9 VA UUWQHD twice a few years ago (yay Samsung QC…). It’s decent but I wouldn’t buy it again nowadays. I really miss the contrasts of the old (S)VA panel I had before. Decent VA panels have ~3000:1 ration while rather good IPS panels only have ~1000:0; it’s really that much of a difference.

I’d only buy IPS if I couldn’t find a VA with fast enough transition times for my specific constraints or desperately needed a colour accurate display.

These days, I’d buy LG WOLED or Samsung QD-OLED (or wait for them to go down in price).

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VA has historically been terrible for high framerate, decent for colour accuracy and great for image quality (contrast is so much better on VAs compared to IPS).

VA panels with decent rise/fall times and not too much overshoot are far and few between. You really have to do your research and even then it’ll be close or even slightly over the refresh cycle target. Only Samsung’s more recent panels are actually good for high refresh; incredibly good actually.

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Statistically it should always be better by now because the resource hog that is called windows slows older systems down.

That’s not how any of this works.

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Plenty more benchmark worse. What’s your point exactly?

Linux 6.10 To Merge NTSYNC Driver For Emulating Windows NT Synchronization Primitives (www.phoronix.com)

Going through my usual scanning of all the “-next” Git subsystem branches of new code set to be introduced for the next Linux kernel merge window, a very notable addition was just queued up… Linux 6.10 is set to merge the NTSYNC driver for emulating the Microsoft Windows NT synchronization primitives within the kernel for...

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Old reddit absolutely had its issues. The new and newnew design is just decisively worse however.

[HELP] Option for Variable Refresh is gone after installing new graphics card (PowerColor 6750 XT)

Howdy. I just installed a new graphics card in my gaming rig, and now the option for Variable Refresh Rate is gone from the Display Settings when I log into a Gnome Xorg session. I swapped out my trusty Vega 64 for a new PowerColor 6750 XT. Before the swap, I always signed into an Xorg session and the option for Variable Refresh...

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Does it work if you enable VRR via xorg config?

Which xorg driver are/were you using, amdgpu or modesetting?

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Monitor I/O on the drive; is anything using it while your system is idle?

What’s I/O like when loading an album?

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This reads like a phrase from Half as Interesting.

Anyone know exactly what info Youtube captures from you from its browser version (and by what means)?

I know the prevailing sentiment for a long time in the privacy community has been “DAE Youtube bad?” though I have always thought that it is kinda overblown. Besides, I am using Firefox which is supposed to isolate tabs so they can’t speak to each other, so I felt a small amount safer using Youtube....

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Typing anything in another window that is not my browser

Which windows exactly? The apps you’re typing things into might be spying on you.

M$ and their 738 parters really value your privacy, so if you’re typing things into Excel…

copypasting the words “trans” and “talking”

What applications were running on your computer while you did this? Any of them could be recording clipboard history; it requires no special privilege.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Windows itself was recording this and sent it to daddy M$ to train LLMs and maybe sell it as a little multi-billion side hustle.

transgender videos about “How to change your voice” start popping up in my feed. Please know I have zero interest in transgender politics/culture/anything, it is not something I have ever searched for or engaged in online.

Maybe Google knows something you don’t? JK.

A more plausible explanation is that Google knows that you’re in the Fediverse (ever Googled it?) which has a far above average concentration of queer people.

What is also plausible is that someone living with you (i.e. your family) or a friend is trans and you’re obviously associated with them.

Google doesn’t recommend queer content because they think you’re queer but because it’s what their data-defined statistical algorithms (““AI””) predicts you are likely to be interested in and therefore watch ads for. If you know a queer person or are often in contact with them, you are simply quite a bit more likely to be interested in queer people than the average and therefore more likely to click on queer content.

Possible that Youtube is reading my clipboard? Reading my keystrokes?

Youtube itself? Near impossible.

Other applications? Possible but likelihood unknown.

Listening to an album via VLC, while Youtube is open in my browser. Suddenly, more tracks from that album start showing up in my suggested feed. Possible Youtube is reading the titles of other apps current open on my machine? (VLC changes its active title to the name of whatever file is currently open)

Again, Youtube itself directly isn’t doing anything like this. If that album is related to what you were listening to on YT or is even simply also popular with people who listed to the same things on YT as you do or are just generally similar to your person; that’s all it takes for YT to attempt to show it to you.

Also note again that any application on your Windows or Linux PC can read the window titles of any other application or even simply scan your media library or other files.

Discord does this for instance for their rich presence function for instance and I would again not be surprised if there was a little multi-billion side-hustle going on.

I use Youtube all the time as my personal version of Spotify.

If you’re not reliant on YT’s recommendations, I’d recommend you to download the songs you want to listen to and listen to them on a local player.

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Then for a day and a half after I was working on that spreadsheet, it showed up at the top of the suggested videos.

Again, which applications had access to your clipboard and user files at that time? If any of the applications running on your computer was stealing your data and selling it for financial gain, Google would likely be buying it and obviously using it against you.

You also have to consider side-channels. Were you or your friends talking about that spreadsheet project via Discord or some other known abuser? Did you talk about it with a person in your room while daddy Google or Amazon were listening? (Alexa in the room, Google assistant on your phone etc.)

in short: years of nothing, nothing, nothing, TWO DAYS OF TRANS VIDEO SUGGESTIONS, and then since, nothing, nothing, nothing.

This might simply be expectation bias. You may have been shown such suggestions in the same pattern before and simply didn’t notice because, contrary to the present, the topic wasn’t on your mind and simply forgot about it because you’re being shown irrelevant suggested topics all the time.

Even after reading a lot of people telling me that it is just The Algo^TM^ at work, that incident seems so razor specific to activity I was simply doing on my computer at the same time Youtube was open rather than anything that could be related to my personal interests.

That’s how “The Algo^TM^” works. Google gathers data on you directly through its applications, from 3rd parties selling data they stole from you and indirectly through the same process from people you associate with.
It’s even possible that some data broker simply made up the fact that you’re trans. Google could have then assumed it’s true because you associate with trans people here. I could very well see that happen in an enshittified system such as Google.

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The process for this is that you want to set your prefix to the /boot partition in the (hd1, gpt1) syntax (use ls) and then load the “normal” module. From then on, you should have regular GRUB again and should be able to boot your OS to properly fix GRUB.

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It’s too early to tell; you must investigate further.

Redlib: Open-source, privacy-focused frontend for Reddit without Reddit's ads, trackers, and bloat. A fork of Libreddit. (safereddit.com)

The purpose of this post is not to endorse the use of Reddit (https://tosdr.org/en/service/194), but rather to inform users of a privacy-friendly approach in case they need to utilize the platform....

Standard notes: what about don’t put all your eggs in one basket rule?

If the owner of the standard notes will now be a proton, doesn’t that contradict this principle? I have a proton email account but I don’t want it linked to my standard notes account. I don’t strongly trust companies that offer packaged services like google or Microsoft. I prefer to have one service from one company. I am...

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You activated my trap card!

It’s entierly based on the excellent org-mode for Emacs.

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XZ is a slog to compress and decompress but compresses a bit smaller than zstd.

zstd is quite quick to compress, very quick to decompress, scales to many cores (vanilla xz is single-core only) and scales a lot further in the quicker end of the compression speed <-> file size trade-off spectrum while using the same format.

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Edge is so privileged you can’t remove it… well, you kinda just can’t remove it…

That will have to change with the DMA becuase otherwise M$ will get …a really big slap on the wrist or something.

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internet chromesplorer

I’m stealing that.

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I don’t like the Piped bot at all.

What should be posted on the internet should be the canonical source of some content, not a proxy for it. If users prefer a proxy, they should configure their clients to redirect to the proxy. Piped instances come and go and the entire project is at the mercy of Google tolerating it/not taking action against it, so it could be gone tomorrow.

I use piped myself. I have client-side configurations which simply redirects all Youtube links to my piped instance. No need for any bots here.

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