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Is it possible to set up a virtual sandbox environment of an exact copy of Earth's financial system and let an AI "handle it" for years?

Wonder what the outcome would be.

Andreyasimow, (edited )

@bus_factor there could some "if.. then.." commands here and there to spice things up.

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@nixCraft yep, that me (as well)

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someone told me today that young people can't afford homes because we spend all our money on "toys like boats and ATVs" and now I am desperate to meet the one Millennial Hell-Child commuting from their basement apartment in a speedboat and giving us all a bad name


@VeryBadLlama if it would be about gaming PCs, consoles and large collection of videogames , then it would make sense. But boats and ATV.. the heck?

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@AskKbin what is your first memory?

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Only 0,0000000000001% of people can solve this.
@shitposting @lemmyshitpost


@Send_me_nude_girls it's 2023. I can be anything I want to be.

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@nouseforaname infinite IQ my man. No koney is enough for that.


@boratul unless someone spends a million $$$

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IF Brains were Computers...
What Dos commands would be running?!

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@shitposting @shitposting

Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is the Tusking Alien

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Andreyasimow, to lemmyshitpost
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@Diprount_Tomato which did more damage than good. My wife finished Valhalla and I was bored by each minute.

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