One of the advantages of being on Kbin is that you can scroll All by New, and see genuinely interesting content

On Reddit, browsing r/All by new would show so much spam, it was really pointless if you just were looking for content. One relied on reddit's algorithm to show you new stuff you hadn't actively searched for. The nice thing about Kbin, and the threadiverse in general, is that you can browse m/All by New as see genuinely...

Are lots of websites really going downhill and/or closing or does it just seem like it to me?

Like many people I'm here because of reddit going to shit. Twitter has increasingly been shit. gycat is shutting down in September. To me it seems like lots of bastions of social media are crumpling, but as a previous active reddit user, I've been personally effected. Is this just a frequency illusion or has something changed...

It appears that Twitter is DDOSing itself. (

Attached: 2 images This is hilarious. It appears that Twitter is DDOSing itself. The Twitter home feed's been down for most of this morning. Even though nothing loads, the Twitter website never stops trying and trying. In the first video, notice the error message that I'm being rate limited. Then notice the jiggling scrollbar on...

Found an issue or bug on Help report it. We're keeping track of issues and working on improvements daily (

There's a heap of devs working on bug fixes and improvements to the website. If you run into a bug or find something strange, it would be great if you can report it on codeberg....

Is there any one else who feels like their life has been disrupted by this whole debacle with Reddit.

I really do like KBin and Lemmy and the fediverse on the whole, but development is still young and the userbase still growing. KBin is still basically early access, and Lemmy is buggy. I spent alot of time in reddit and I'm feeling the pain of trying to ween myself from it. Just wanted to here community perspectives and see how...

The official r/GlobalOffensive at Kbin (

As you may have already seen most of Reddit has gone dark including r/GlobalOffensive. We, the mod team of r/GlobalOffensive have created this alternative Counter-Strike community here for people who want to continue discussing Counter-Strike, bypassing Reddit's shenanigans....

[UPDATE] Issues with the functioning of

The main issues with the improper functioning of the instance have been resolved, but it led to additional complications. Currently, using the instance should be quite comfortable, but I will continue to work intensively on a comprehensive solution for the next few days. Therefore, occasional interruptions or errors may still...

/kbin - Just Reddit Things update

Hey, once again, I welcome the newcomers. It's great to see new faces here :) It seems that we've managed to resolve the server issue. Unfortunately, I had to temporarily disable certain features, such as content auto-refresh. It will be restored at the beginning of next week after the infrastructure change, so you'll get to...

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