Czechia to prosecute pro-Russian activist who called for country's 'de-Ukrainization' (

Czech authorities are to prosecute Nela Liskova, a pro-Russian activist who styled herself as an "honorary consul" to Russian occupation authorities in Donetsk Oblast, for spreading hatred against Ukrainians online, the Czech Television reported on Oct. 25.

‘You have one week to come home’: family of a woman who fled Ingushetia in Russia is threatening to murder a human rights lawyer if she doesn’t return (

Relatives of Marina Yandiyeva, a 28-year-old woman from Ingushetia who fled the republic in early October with help from the human rights group Team Against Torture, are threatening to kill Magomed Alamov, a lawyer for the group, and his family if Yandiyeva does not return home within a week, according to Team Against Torture...

Finland says anchor found near site of damage to Balticconnector gas pipeline likely belongs to Chinese vessel (

The Finnish police are investigating the damage to the Balticconnector gas pipeline, which runs between Finland and Estonia, as an act of sabotage. During the preliminary investigation, investigators discovered that the Sevmorput Russian nuclear-powered container ship and the Newnew Polar Bear vessel, belonging to a Chinese...

Florida orders universities to ‘deactivate’ pro-Palestinian group (

Florida’s university system chancellor, responding to a push by Gov. Ron DeSantis, directed state universities Tuesday to disband campus groups with ties to the national Students for Justice in Palestine organization, marking the first punishments handed down to colleges here amid the Israel-Hamas war....

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