IAmSpartacus, to random
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Happening now: settlers attacking villages in burning property and killing civilians under protection..


brynkbunny, to Furry

Year of the Rabbits: Bugs Bunny
For my final installment of Year of the Rabbits, had to go with the King- and occasional Queen- of them all. Unmatched in cunning, guile, and serving sickening looks, Bugs is the undisputed GOAT. Hillbilly Hare was always one of my faves.

#furry #furryart #BugsBunny #WB #mastoart #cartoon

davemark, to eagles
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Last night’s Eagles/Steely Dan concert was absolute 🔥

Met some friends at Madison Square Garden, we sang along all night.

Both bands were exquisitely tight, true masters of their craft. So very glad I went.

If you’re a fan of either, go see ‘em before this last run ends.

Bravo! 👏🏻 🙌🏻
#Eagles #SteelyDan #Music




You were there when I learned this. #WilliamSBurroughs started the whole meme.

I recently binged "reaction videos" of "first listening of..." and it absolutely melts my heart to see the love for #sd #wb #df and of course #lc (and #KC)

People go fucking nuts, all kinds of people. The world's most famous obscure band. I fell in love about max teen angst.

Eagles: oh yes, of course. They didn't catch quite as hard for me. But: drive through #winslow get an #earworm

Setsune, to lostmedia
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We no longer live in the age of Lost Media. We live in the age of Active Erasure by corporations who have the means to preserve it but the financial impetus to destroy it.

Warner Bros delays 'Dune,' 'Lord of the Rings' films due to strike (www.reuters.com)

LOS ANGELES, Aug 24 (Reuters) - The Warner Bros (WBD.O) movie studio will delay the planned November release of a big-budget "Dune" sequel until March, a studio spokesperson said on Thursday, because its stars cannot promote the movie during the Hollywood actors' strike....

FreiGuy86, to feminism
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#Barbie was delightful. Loved the commentary on the patriarchy & male entitlement, & the themes of internal validation and discovering who you are. The dig at white #feminism was a nice touch. Ken bringing the patriarchy to Barbie land was legit heart breaking. The aesthetic was pure joy. Couldnt get enough of the sets, costumes, & effects. Great performances especially Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as always. It was hilarious. Shout out to Michael Cera as Allan. 😂

#Movies #Film #WB #Toys

tydalforce, to Babylon5
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Trailer released for Babylon 5: The Road Home
Available for preorder now on iTunes, Amazon, others - Blu-Ray and 4K coming too -- all release on August 15!


#Babylon5 #B5 #B5AnimatedMovie #B5TheRoadHome #WB #WarnerBrothers

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