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Just dropped a new episode of The Self-Host Cast featuring a casual conversation with Ivan, the developer of the maintenance tracking application .

Would love some feedback on ways to improve or suggestions for future episode topics!

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We at ZERO GmbH have completed our first prototype to display our own content in vehicle on-board systems. The touch function of the display can also be used to write ZERO in the most beautiful font ✍️ 😅

So...why all this? With the help of our AMPS platform, our customer can easily show new designs or functions in a vehicle and bring them to life - without having to access the series components directly.

And "easily" really means "easily":
Connect computer viaHDMI => switch on via button or CAN => be happy 🥳

Person writing "ZERO" on a vehicle infotainment touchscreen inside Microsoft Paint. You can see that MS Paint has been displayed in the vehicle by using our "HDMI to car infotainment" product.

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#X #Twitter #ElonMusk #Tesla

My neighbor told me yesterday that she believes the buyers of a Tesla #vehicle are just Beta Testers. And to make it worse, Tesla buyers pay a shit ton of money to be a #Beta Tester for a multi-Billionaire.

I'm having a hard time refuting her beliefs about this issue.

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Curious about our ArtNet based light control system?

We've created a web GUI that enables easy access to various typical vehicle lighting scenarios. The operator gets instant feedback about the currently activated scenario.

Our layering concept allows prioritizing lighting animations and stacking them on top of each other.

By the way: Animations are provided as CSV files. You're free in choosing the tool to generate these.

Video shows a split screen: Left side displays a web GUI in blue color. Various buttons in a row. Each button has a light function assigned to it: "Welcome", "Goodbye", "Warning light", "Brake", ... Right side shows a light strip and a light controller that translates the button pressed into light animations on the stripe.

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C-V2X communication requires very precise timing so that transmitting devices can find and use their transmission time slot. We rely on GPS time for this.

For our V2X node (, we are therefore trying out various GPS modules that provide us with the necessary 1PPS signal. This is not the case for all modules.

We are curious to see whether the AT6558R GPS chip proves itself and meets our requirements.

#cv2x #v2x #communication #smartCity #vehicle #gps

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I am curious. I am spending about €250 per year on #bicycle maintenance. I also spend about €1.600 per year on public transportation - Infrequently visit my father by train, and he lives about 550 km away.

If you own a #car, what are your annual running costs - excluding the purchase price, but including fuel, maintenance, and insurance?

#vehicle #transportation

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Not sure what to think about this. On one hand seeing a #vehicle going the speed limit and stopping at red lights will be welcomed, but I still feel like we need to move away from personal vehicles as much as possible. These vehicles don’t solve #congestion or deal with #climatechange in any meaningful way. What do you think about #autonomous vehicles?, to car avatar
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So that's where I left the truck!

Not going to be able to dig that out anytime soon, but fortunately the Jeep was a bit closer to the road. I am now mobile again!

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Formentera, Spain. September 2016, iPhone 5s., to Battlemaps avatar
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The organisation representing new-car makers in Australia has come under fire for "now discredited" claims some models could become up to $13,000 more expensive next year under the government's new #vehicle #emissions standards. #auspol

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Mad Max: Desert Oil Merchant, Hasake/Deir-Ezzor Desert, Syria, March 2018
#colorphotography #desert #syria #rojava #vehicle #motocycle #furyroad

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Practiced a little hard-surface modeling. Have an "Airpod". 🙂

Modeled and rendered using MagicaCSG.
Inspired by a Jake Parker concept.

#aircraft #airpod #HardSurface #vehicle #drone #art #artwork #artist #ArtMatters #DigitalArt #illustration #design #3D #IndustrialDesign #MagicaCSG #CreativeToots #FediArt #MastoArt

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As we contemplate the way modern-generation cars work, we must also contemplate the question:

Are you really the owner of your car?

Or merely the subscriber to the functions your car might or might not make available to you?

Rent-seeking is big in the car industry - as it is in many other tech industries. Just one more reason to switch to bicycles, in my opinion.

#mobility #car #vehicle #RentSeeking

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I bought an expensive #EV in 2018. At the time, I calculated it would have taken almost 15 years to recoup the price differential to a similar #ICE (gas) #vehicle.

Days away from my car's 5th birthday, I ran the calculation again. Inflation adjusted (in all ways), I am only one year away from recouping that cost diff.

$35 a month in electricity to run my car. $18,000 saved in gas and maintenance in 6 years.

That is wild.

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Old Prius Gets Upgraded Batteries - So many of the batteries made today are lithium batteries of some sort, from mobil... - #transportationhacks #nickelmetalhydride #replacement #battery #lithium #vehicle #hybrid #prius #nimh #car

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