zersiax, to Twitch

When you have a sidekick trapped in an elevator hiding from robots trying to bash the door in so they can do horrible, terrible things to them, what is the best thing to do? Why ... open the door and let them in, of course! #twitch #twitchClip #streamer https://clips.twitch.tv/GrossSmellySangCmonBruh-agKgBtcAiZzMYgZK

Halefa, to Twitch
cragsand, (edited ) to Discord
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Twitch clip embeds not loading properly in Discord?
Clips not showing thumbnails?
Re-posting doesn't solve it?
Here's a little trick you can do to reload the thumbnail... ✨
> Edit and add a question mark at the end of the URL to force a reload.
> Still broken? Add more random characters.
#TwitchClips #TwitchClip #DiscordEmbeds #Embed #FixEmbeds #FixTwitchEmbeds #FixDiscordEmbeds #Embeds #Discord #query

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