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Well, we're queued up for via .

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If you don't know who Roger Corman is, you owe it to yourself to seek out as many of his movies as you can. Most of them are on #tubi and other free apps. His death means there are going to be marathons. Seek them out and enjoy. 😎


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📺 Into the Tubi-Verse

(... it's like as cable died and went to heaven: multiple MTV branded channels really play new and old music videos)

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📽️ I discovered earlier that HISTORY OF THE OCCULT is available on , so I guess tonight's movie is settled.

(It's also on for those of you who don't have Kanopy, but if you have a library card in the U.S., I beseech you to check and see if you can access their amazing library of .)


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Did anyone else see this? 👀

TL;DR: #Shudder will be getting an ad- supported tier. If they offer this as a cheaper alternative, ok, but if #AMC+ eventually pushes this on current subscribers unless they pay more a la #Amazon, I'm out.

We already have an ad supported horror channel; it's called #TUBI.

#capitalism #lame #horror @horror

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All ten episodes of former MAX Original series "Gordita Chronicles" will be available for streaming on the free Tubi beginning March 29 at 10:30 AM Eastern/7:30 AM Pacific.
#GorditaChronicles #MAXOriginal #Tubi #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

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Oh nice - watching a 1960s dubbed German movie called "Spy Today, Die Tomorrow."
Very cheesy 007 wanna-be. On #Tubi.

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'Boarders' Has The Potential To Become Tubi's First Original Hit Series -- If People Watch It

#tubi #tv

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Tubi's new redesign wants to push you down the rabbit hole


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I’ve been using Tubi a little lately, mostly because I’m broke and lazy and I wanted to watch Lovecraft Country

Overall low-information review?

Tubi is not bad. Maybe it gets worse the more you use it, but I much prefer ads on Tubi to ads on YouTube. There maybe 4-5 minutes of ads in an hour-long show on Tubi

Lovecraft Country had a little too much gore for me. I didn’t get past Episode 5 but I might keep going. It’s a fantastic book

#LovecraftCountry #Tubi

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10 Great Horror and Sci-Fi TV Shows You Can Stream For Free on Tubi

#sci #tubi

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I'm trying to watch Babylon 5 on Tubi. I'd never watched it but with Harlan Ellison on staff & so many nerds I know having watched it, I thought it'd be good.

Sigh. This has been a tough row so far. Overacted, cheesy sets & costume design, terrible computer models... the writing is up for judgment.

I'll give it 10 episodes before I switch back to Deep Space Nine.

#babylon5 #tubi

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Whew, those movies on the #Tubi app are quite something! They seem to pick up all the stinkers with ratings in the range of 2 to 5 out of 10.

Watched a 5.1 called "Magellan" that was a low budget "Interstellar" rip off. An hour and a half of garbage. Should've bailed I guess.

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might be the greatest thing since fried bread, but, as long as it is a Fox property, it is warmed-over shit.

I'll never use it.

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I forgot to start the movie on #Tubi several minutes early to get thru the opening commercials, I barely started on time.

This movie started quite abruptly.

#Monsterdon #ItCameFromHell

RamenCatholic, (edited )

#Tubi ad breaks
1: experion, ally (only 2)
2: experion, polaris
3: petsmart (super short)
4. prisma cloud, BMW EVs, pandora bracelet
5. subaru, prisma cloud, ally

#Monsterdon #ItCameFromHell

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Watching Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe directed by Mario Caiano from 1973 on #tubi #NowWatching #FilmTwitter #FilmMastodon #filmastodon

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'The Rapper Who Got Shot in the Heel' is coming to Tubi. Here are a few more ideas for the director, if he's looking.

#film #tubi

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Tubi and Warner Bros. Agree to Bring the DC Universe to Streaming for Free


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With #DoctorWho now on #Tubi, we took a look through, and watched a set - the #Castrovalva episodes. Always entertaining.

The arrival episodes for #PeterDavison which was fun to see.

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