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I try not to spam you guys with links, but this was wicked cute. https://youtu.be/Nx6vfZztkT4

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@n1vux #TodayILearned: MUTCD stands for Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices!

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Quobna Ottobah Cugoano était un esclave affranchi d’origine ghanéenne, figure de la lutte abolitionniste.

Son ouvrage "Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery" (1787) ferait de lui le premier auteur anti-esclavagiste noir.

Conférence de Jennifer Pitts, Collège de France, 14 mai 2024 :
"Les Lumières et l’esclavage : Cugoano, Condorcet et les débats sur l’abolition à la veille de la Révolution"


Richard Cosway, "Richard and Maria Cosway, and Ottobah Cugoano", 1784

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that there are actually two kinds of Chartreuse—green and yellow. So the color “chartreuse” can really be either.

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TIL that the strongest biological material on Earth is thought to be the teeth of the limpet snail


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Sadly, Bonzo did not succeed.

todayilearned@noc.social - TIL Ronald Reagan was nearly killed during his acting career when the chimpanzee actor in Bedtime for Bonzo started strangling him with his necktie. He had to be cut free by a crewmember.

#til #todayilearned  
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#TodayILearned that the scam known as “trickle-down economics” was formerly known as the “horse-and-sparrow theory”:

“If you feed enough oats to the horse, some will pass through to feed the sparrows.” (quote attributed to John Kenneth Galbraith)

In other words, “let the poors eat shit”.

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Irgendwann erstelle ich meine eigene Linux-Distribution. Sie wird "Linux minus GNU" sein.

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Started a new habit as I learn Go-lang. Namely a document.

Spending just a bit of time up front adding headlines for the topics helps in the future scan-ability.

Also, I'm incorporating lots of links and leveraging back links.

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so this is a bit wild

i've got an oldie iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5. this has some expired root certificates which results in several apps not working properly. Plex will load, but it won't be able to negotiate with your plex server, for instance.

since apple doesn't offer new iOS updates for it (with refreshed certificates).. it seemed like i was kinda stuck.

as it turns out, and is documented nowhere aside from a post on reddit, you can manually download your own root certificate - and iOS lets you install it without complaint.

if you're on an ancient iOS device, just point its Safari browser to this url: https://letsencrypt.org/certs/isrgrootx1.der

tap Install when prompted - and you've got working certificates again!

this just breathed new life into a 10+ year old iPad, which will become a bedtime plex viewer.

#apple #vintageApple #iOS

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If anyone is curious as I was why the URL of that certificate has "groot" in it. It's the ISRG ROOT x10 certificate and ISRG is Internet Security Research Group.

Which is 3 #TIL #TodayILearned for me in a row (including VGA256's original post).

Despite that, I will continue to think of it as the certificate that says, "I AM GROOT".

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#TodayILearned: You can't change other people's actions because they already happened. All you have left is your reaction. Approach it practically: does it help you to get depressed? No? Let it go. Does it help you to get angry or despair? No? Let it go. #mindfulness
#psychology #mentalwellness

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that the phrase for “getting scapegoated” is 食死貓 (sik6 sei2 maau1), literally “eating a dead cat”.

When someone has to eat a dead cat, it means they have to take the blame for a problem.


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#TodayILearned that the question of what would happen if you placed a sprinkler underwater and sucked water through it has been unsolved for 140 years. Finally, someone has experimentally demonstrated what actually happens.

“How Physicists FINALLY Solved the Feynman Sprinkler Problem”


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Today I learned I can use Libby in a browser at https://libbyapp.com/

I don't like reading in my browser, but it sure is a lot easier to add books to my TBR and manage holds.

#TodayILearned #TIL #Libraries #Libby

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Samuel L. Jackson has made around $357,161,000 from his movies. He averages around 2200 words per movie in 156 movies. That's about $1040 per word.
"Motherfker" was 1116 of those words.
Samuel L. Jackson has made roughly $1,160,640 from saying "Motherf

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The Words of Age by Decade

Today I learned of a group of words that describe the age of a person by decade from watching a television series. Will you join me in this discovery?


#TodayILearned #TIL #writing

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I’m in the Norwegian woods;
reading ‘Norwegian Wood’.
So, of course (?) I played the Beatles’ song on a lark and now can’t stop thinking about the Droster effect.

#Murakami #Norway

Snow on the ground in a forrest of Birch and Rowan trees, two moose can be seen in the distance eating the twigs. (Photo by me. personal archive)

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Curiosity peaked by ’s line on page 330:

“… life is a box of chocolates.”

Googling rabbit hole:

Norwegian Wood was published in 1987, years before the movie Forrest Gump (1994) written by Eric Roth.

And while the screenplay for Gump was based on Winston Goom’s 1986 novel, his line was actually : “Being an idiot is no box of chocolates.”

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Today I learned that the majority of road signs use either Highway Gothic or Clearview sans serif font.

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If you were wondering why production isn't outlawed all over the world, along with other ic beverages: it might be due to whiskey being the 's 5th largest export product, with the UK being the largest exporter in the world. Its market share is valued at £6.25 billion, and its industry supports 42,000 jobs. Ain't nobody gonna take that away!


mythologyandhistory, (edited ) to australia
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Things I've learned today:

  1. #Australia does not recognize the #Armenian #Genocide, (& I'm officially baffled).

  2. #British diplomats had known about #Hitler as a character, & the likely consequences of National Socialism about a decade before his ascent to Chancellor.

  3. #Lithuania has a dish named after the Zeppelin.

  4. The Great #Mosque of #Gaza, built in the 7th century, has been destroyed for the 6th time (2x earthquakes, Ayyubids, Mongols, Britons, Israelis).

#todayilearned #history

drahardja, (edited ) to indonesia
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Wow. I grew up in 1970s #Indonesia reading Bobo, a magazine for kindergarteners and elementary kids. It was a magazine published by Gramedia, an Indonesian publisher, and featured the adventures of a blue bunny named Bobo and his extended family, as well as a collection of recurring characters like a pink elephant (Bona) and her cat friend (Rong Rong), and other articles.

#TodayILearned that Indonesian Bobo was likely translated from an English magazine called Bobo Bunny, featuring the same cast of characters (the pink elephant is Pinky Puff, and the cat is Purr). That magazine, in turn, was translated from a Dutch magazine called Bobo, which was founded by an Italian cartoonist, Sergio Cavina, who created the blue bunny in 1968 and drew every edition until 1994.

Anyway, Bobo lives on to this day on https://bobo.grid.id, though he looks way more modern.

#nostalgia #comics #reading

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TIL about git add -N for when I want to start tracking files but only want to include part of their content in the commit:

git add -N file.txt  
git add -p file.txt  

(I actually generally use git citool rather than git add -p, but the result is the same: you can now add only parts of the file, rather than an all-or-nothing)


#git #TIL #TodayILearned

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Today I learned why you're not allowed to use surge protectors on board cruise ships when you're travelling (they confiscate them if they're found).

Link to a US coast guard safety notice PDF:


Effectively, the voltage on ships is often evenly split at the socket so protectors may trip on what they think is the hot wire surging but leave the other still live to potentially overheat and start a fire. Which is bad, m'kay.

#TodayILearned #TIL #Cruise #Travel

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apropos of nothing, just have to get this off my chest: call it victim-blaming if you must, but even a simple maritime fisherman should suspect that anyone who tells you you're gonna be getting american gold without firing a shot is a straight up scammer

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@Stoof @nev

#TodayILearned that the Kingston Trio were still recording in 2012, and there's a group performing with the name even today, because the name has been passed around and handed down like a musical version of "The Dread Pirate Roberts."



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