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calls ’s democratic values the “grounding wire of our global power” & its “our greatest asset.” …, called for withdrawing American forces in & & has promised… to cut loose even our closest if they don’t do as he tells them. …Trump sees all countries as unreliable, the relations between them . That sentiment has spread throughout a that once championed America’s values abroad…

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During his 40 months in office, events have tested ’s vision of American world leadership. haven’t been enough to win a new European in . US & leverage haven’t prevented a catastrophe in the , marked by alleged . is trying to assemble an axis of from to . In , the US faces an adversary potentially its equal in economic & military power intent on tearing down the American .

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  • World leaders urge calm after Israeli drone strike on Iran ratchets up tension -

Tit-for-tat attacks have breached taboo of direct strikes on each other’s territory but has no ‘immediate’ plans to retaliate

@palestine @israel

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An has struck

state media are citing unconfirmed reports of explosions in central province of

Flights have been suspended over several cities, state media say

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's State news agency IRNA reported that flights have resumed at ’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Earlier state-run Mehr TV said that airports in Tehran, , and across the country’s West, North West and South West, had all been impacted.

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launches missile strikes into

The Israeli military has conducted missile strikes against Iran, a snr ofcl told NPR Thurs. There are also reports of explosions in & .

Iran's Fars News Agency says explosions were heard in the central city of , according to the Reuters News Agency.

The extent of Israel's strikes & the weapons used weren't clear.

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retaliates against
A ofcl confirmed have hit a site in Iran. The ofcl could not confirm whether & sites were hit as well.

Flights to , & have been suspended following reports an explosion was heard in the city of , Iranian state media reported.

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Meanwhile in Tehran

People lining up for gas, fearing a reprisal from Israel.


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closing all airspace over .

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Due to rising tensions between Iran and Israel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to close the in the Iranian capital tomorrow. The consulate in the Iraqi city of Erbil will also remain closed as a precaution. Normally both posts are open on Sundays because that is the start of the working week.

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Iran has signaled to Washington that it will respond to Israel's April 1 attack on its embassy in Syria in a way that aims to avoid major escalation.

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Following is a thread of quotes from #TheGlobalJigsaw latest episode on the #IRGC, #Quds force, #Basij militias - and th ideological blueprint for #Iran so called Axis of Resistance. Whole episode here:

Your feedback welcome here:

We have created, #Soleimani said, territorial continuity for the Islamic Resistance by connecting Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.


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Another #Iranian - the current mayor of the capital #Tehran - put it even more bluntly. He said that the Islamic Republic now ruled over four Arab capitals: #Baghdad , #Beirut , #Damascus and #Sana’a.

It was a #Libyan journalist in response to #Bush 's axis of evil' speech who said that these three countries instead formed an axis of resistance because they were against colonial and American interests and that phrase went on to be picked up by Iranian media.


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#BBCNews - #Israel - #Gaza latest: #Russia and #China block US call for immediate Gaza #ceasefire at UN - live page:

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has looked into how Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps or , the force and the militias operate and how have they become so influential. We examined the ideological blueprint of the -led influence network that has been shaping events in the Middle East for decades:

And a thread with quotes from this episode:

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state news agency source says has launched wave of ballistic

has launched its first wave of ballistic missiles towards , a source tells Iran's state news agency .

The missiles were fired at targets "deep" into the country, they add.

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What happened in the last few hours:
says that around 300 drones and missiles were fired by , and that some of the launches also came from and

Videos showed explosions and fireballs over as Israeli air defences worked to defeat Iran's unprecedented attack

This is the first time has directly attacked Israel after years of waging proxy wars with its affiliates, including Hezbollah and Hamas

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has now weighed in as well:
said it was "deeply concerned about the current escalation", adding it called on "relevant parties to remain calm and restrained to avoid further escalation of tensions".

It has close diplomatic and economic ties w - and the US had been calling on Beijing to urge not to launch a retaliatory attack on

However, US officials had privately said they had seen no evidence that China had applied pressure on Iran, acc to the FT

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Excitement is running high among fans of Tehran's two soccer giants before Wednesday's derby between Persepolis and Esteghlal.

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⚪ Ihr wisst schon... ein Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 You already know... a favorite
📷 by Artist: in Loc.: Azadi Tower, Iran 🇮🇷 2023 - Title: untitled -

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" thought we would just stand by. After all, we watched him destroy , rumble into and then steal — and we did nothing each time.

The decadent West, Putin concluded, had no stomach for the fight.

You may not want war, but war is on your doorstep. Ignoring it will not make it melt away. You may not be interested in and and but, believe me, they are very much interested in you"

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The head of ’s Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday that was “not looking for war,” appearing to signal that it would not escalate tensions w/ the . But he also warned that Iran was prepared to respond if attacked.

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Iran allegedly hired Canadians to conduct assassinations on U.S. soil, according to indictment

Alleged plot involved $350,000 payment to shoot Maryland-based targets repeatedly in the head

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Senior Iran Revolutionary Guard officials killed in Syria strike blamed on Israel

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— After a long journey from , more than 100 American citizens and their families have entered through the . Jonathan Webster, the in Cairo's consul general, said some of those families are telling him they ran out of food and water during their journeys.

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The strikes in #Pakistan came less than a day after Iranian missile strikes in #Syria and #Iraq, part of a string reprisals against #Tehran’s enemies in the wake of a double suicide bombing in the city of #Kerman on 3 January which killed more than 80 Iranians. #IslamicState (IS) claimed responsibility for that attack. #Balochistan #KermanBombing #Israel #Gaza

Iran strikes ‘militant bases’ in Pakistan in latest #MiddleEast flashpoint

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The #RedSea attacks fit in with #Iran's strategy of expanding and mobilising its regional Shi'ite network of armed militias to project its influence and show its ability to threaten maritime security in the region and beyond.

They said #Tehran wanted to show that the #Gaza war could be too costly for the West if it drags on - and could have catastrophic consequences in the region as things escalate. #Israel #Yemen #Houthi

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