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5 Things Every Kid Should Know About – Raising .

This is the first of a four-series post. In this post: 5 actions to your kids about disability inclusion & awesome to get started. Learn what to look for in fostering for – and how to spot tropes.

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You don't have to be a mathematician, or even "good" at #maths, to help your #children learn maths. You just have to model resilience and positivity towards what they're doing, and to avoid reinforcing negative tropes.
A #thread:

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  1. Do they seem to have been taught a different method for something you remember? Not a problem: get them to #teach you theirs, and encourage them to try to understand yours. See if you can spot similarities. Why do both work? Can you find reasons why one may be "better" than the other (there are no right answers here, but just being more familiar doesn't count)?

#maths #teaching for #parents

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  1. Are they doing something you don't recognise, or maybe you do recognise but never got the hang of it? Get them to #teach you as much of it as they can. Work together on it. Admit that you don't understand it YET but don't use this as an excuse to not engage. Learning new things is a positive thing. Not understanding something is a prerequisite for learning something new.

#maths #teaching for #parents

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is already getting out-of-hand. There's plenty of , & who couldn't afford to go to .
Using you to is appearing in in a variety of places e.g. when you use a for . It isn't going to end well.

I'm pleased to see using material without permission getting called out here:

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This is totally neat. A game to #teach how to better spot #FakeNews. I played — had fun and learned!

"#Scientists who worked with us on the development of this #game found that playing Bad News improves people’s ability to spot #manipulation techniques in #SocialMedia posts, increases their #confidence in spotting such techniques, and reduces their willingness to share manipulative content with #people in their #network."
Bad News — Play the fake news game!


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"Faculty don’t need bosses to do their work: they can #teach their classes and conduct their #research without any interventions, thank you very much. And, there’s no reason why #democratic self-governance and confederation can’t facilitate all #university decision-making. But, #administrators often convince themselves that the faculty are “out of control” and require discipline, which they are more than happy to offer."

#CalFac #union #strike #CalState #excess #leaders

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"What's the best way to #teach #calculus?" Strong new evidence suggests a definite answer. New "Devlin's Angle" post on my #MAA blog

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Twice in the last month, someone has lamented near me that they have a bunch of learned-through-experience knowledge in their head, and they don't know how to draw it out into lessons to #teach their colleagues.

This is called "tacit knowledge". And fortunately, we actually know some ways to elicit it from experts & use it to train new learners!

I've appreciated Cedric Chin's blog series on this:

Thread on #MetaFilter:

#teaching #learning

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Dear colleagues in @sociology, @sts, @anthropology, #anthrodon, #sociology, #STS - if you regularly #teach higher education students:

Do you manage expected #student work load, care for their #workload, rely on #students to self-manage their #work #load? Or, how do you relate otherwise in your #teaching to the hours students are to engage in studying?

Looking forward to reading your responses!

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What are some websites #teachers go to for getting #educational material? For example, a #teacher may plan to #teach about mixed fractions and would search for examples to show the class. Any links would be appreciated. I'm specifically looking for early #education #teaching materials and #search websites.

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I want to share some amazing works on recruiting and retaining and mentoring teachers!
The publishers are independent! They are small!
Why we #teach

illumniscate, to ai

#Educators today have more on Their plate than those whose shoulders we stand on. #Teaching is best when it grants lifelong #SelfDevelopment skills that reach into routine habits, like #critical review, multi-context thinking & #ActiveCitizenship.

I cherish the possibilities #AI brings, but the issues we create with it have arrived. #Teach everyone to engage with content that influences them carefully.

Here's Kyle's take on hollow money-grab "edu" channels:


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