KickDownCH, to random German avatar

Ein schönes Bild.

srueegger, to voyager German avatar

Wenn man seine Kindheits TV-Helden 25 Jahre später in einem Podcast sieht. 😍

#starttrek #voyager

LoganFive, to VintageOSes avatar

After rewatching Star Trek TOS, it seems like half the planets in the galaxy should have warning buoys.


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BPStuart, to random avatar

Sarek, Spock, Saavak, Tuvak, Barack…
I had never met a Vulcan I didn’t like. Then came Vivek.
Inexplicably illogical.
What an asshoIe.
#Vivek #VivekRamaswamy #StartTrek #Vulcans #Spock #Obama

lonespelunker, to StarTrek avatar

I'm kind of floored.

Just by chatting a bit about #startrek and #rpg stuff here, I've gotten more traction for my sci-fi #soloRPG #ttrpg "Welcome Aboard, Captain" in the last couple of weeks than the whole time I was talking about it on Twitter.

It tells me either Twitter was never interested in connecting me with people who have similar interests, or Mastodon is simply a more supportive community. (Or both!)

Anyway, thanks to anyone who picked up the game. I hope you have great adventures!

lonespelunker, avatar


Okay! I noticed a lack of #soloRPG that recreate the #StartTrek like experience of being a starship captain. So I made one!

It's called "Welcome Aboard, Captain", and it has some neat features like versatile and easy character and ship creation, a procedural mission generator that reacts to your command decisions, and a slick resolution mechanic that enhances story.

Game (recently dropped to $5):

Free learn-to-play adventure:

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