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Sun and moon combo: I finally got some OK skies overnight last night and few enough clouds to shoot through during the day today to get another moon/sun combo. These images were captured a little over 9 hours apart.



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Ein schillernder Star :)

Manche Vögel muss man in der Vergrößerung angucken um zu bemerken, wie außergewöhnlich sie aussehen.

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Die Pfütze hat ihnen zum Baden gedient, bei der Hitze sehr verständlich

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Finally! A clear day for some solar imaging and what a view today! My phone has been buzzing all day as all of these spots are firing off solar flares.

Details: https://www.astrobin.com/ahxkph/

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Canopus, the second-brightest star in the night sky.

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This week's theme for is and I have 3 bangers of songs for it.

⭐ New Killer Star - David Bowie

🌙 Pink Moon - Nick Drake

☀️ Taste of the Sun - Meat Puppets


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The sun and moon captured about 6 hours apart on April 23. The sun was super active with tons of sunspots and the moon was 100% full. I captured the moon right after it cleared the trees and the color is unedited.

Both were captured from my backyard with my QHY168C camera and EQ6-R mount. I used a homemade solar filter with Thousand Oaks film for the sun shots.

A white light image of the full sun littered with sunspots across the surface

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Laurence Olivier & Dustin Hoffman, on the set of the brilliant (1976)# film, Marathon Man
Note: Do not watch before a dentist visit.

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Captured both the sun and the moon today! The sun is very active with tons of sunspots and it's always fun to image a partial moon. I think this is my best moon image yet.

Both were captured with my Skywatcher 72ED and QHY 168C camera riding on my EQ6R mount. I used a solar filter to capture the sun (of course) and no filter at all for the moon.

Sun: https://www.astrobin.com/n85q46/?nc=collection&nce=30992
Moon: https://www.astrobin.com/laia8e/?nc=collection&nce=31685

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#Ballerina Enrica "Ricki" Soma with her daughter #AnjelicaHuston ⚘️🖤 , photographed by Philippe Halsman, 1946 ✨ just look at those strong features!! Angelica was born to play #Morticia 🦇
#Movie #MovieStar #AddamsFamily #Star #Mother #Daughter

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I wasn't planning to do any solar imaging yesterday, but I changed my mind once I saw what the sunspots were up to! That large sunspot region is cranking out solar flares at an impressive rate. Hopefully I'll get another chance to image on a clearer day before they disappear around the side.

Details: https://www.astrobin.com/0hpep5/

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waaa :waluigi: get ready for some very prominent this year between the and a new appearing in the sky! :angry_laugh:

Let's hope it's a good omen this time!


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It was not a good day for solar imaging, but I pointed my scope (with solar filter, of course) at the sun and waited for a break in the clouds. I finally got a bit of one and captured 2000 frames of video. Normally, I tell the software to pick the top 25%, but that stack had weird artifacts. Lowering to 5% produced a really nice image, which might be my favorite yet.

Details: https://www.astrobin.com/om17fg/

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