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Multiple in are NOT the regular annual phenomenon media, and even local people now, would have you believe

Its been happening so frequently the past decade, and media have been repeating it so often, its taken as routine now


"WITH the mercury alrea­­dy touching the dreaded 45C mark in many parts of , the three heatwaves forecast .. over the next four weeks "

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Well referenced article by a thinktank based in #Pakistan summarizing the mechanism for #ClimateChange derived food inflation being observed in the country.

Doesn't add anything new except the fact none of the listed issues are predictions - they are observations and cited.

#ClimateCrisis is here, and as in the Global North, farmers/gardeners can see it clearly, but the rest barely.

#ClimateDiary #SouthAsia #Agriculture #PIDE #Inflation #Food

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Our is still open: The and (FOR 2779) invites applications for : 3-6 months: | Join us in the city of , in our new research building @WissRat and become part of an intellectually inspiring atmosphere 📆: 15 June 2024
funded by @dfg_public
@histodons @historikerinnen @religioushistory

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#ExtremeHeat is common in May. But not in April and March, both of which were the hottest across much of India for more than a century.

In the short term, experts say #India has no choice but to burn #coal to keep #fans and #ACs on. But in the long term, it must transition to #Renewables, to avoid a vicious circle of warming. #BurningPlanet #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

#HeatWave sends temperatures to 120F in #SouthAsia

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Editorial in Dawn - Pakistan's oldest English Daily:

"The writing is on the wall. The time for incremental steps is over. The scale of the challenge requires bold, decisive actions that reflect the urgency of the moment."

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This looks so good - a Pakistani hand-drawn animated film! Made by Mano Animation Studios and director Usman Riaz, it looks like a cross between a Cartoon Saloon and a Studio Ghibli film!

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"n K-P, the consequences of and are evident in the changing of the season, which now falls at a time when the cash crop, a speciality of Charsadda, is to be cultivated."

".. unusual rains .. destroyed approximately 80 per cent of the fruit’s crop, leaving farmers in a deplorable state... "

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Understanding 's electricity conundrum

"The ‘rooftop conundrum’ is another issue, where increased tariffs have spurred demand for rooftop panels, leading to a decline in demand from the national grid.

...contribute to the ‘capacity payment conundrum’, ..purchasing agreements obligate the gov to make payments even when plants are not generating electricity."

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Excited to see the launch of the Library of Congress's South Asian Digital Collection, which centralies access to the many collections of digitized books, journals, manuscripts that had been dispersed throughout that enormous institution.

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Brilliant article on the challenges facing transition to renewables, and why its unlikely

"while the cost of renewable power is now lower than that of fossil fuels, renewables are not a profitable business. The particularities of the .. market structure are the causal factors here... Making sure that capital gets its pound of flesh has crippled the country."

#Pakistan #GlobalSouth #RenewableEnergy #Solar #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #SouthAsia #ClimateDiary

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Buying and installing Panels in is almost 50% cheaper compared to the

Even factoring in the currency, inflation,& excluding labour/installation costs in UK

With NO state credits or supports or financing

Having seen both, I can safely say alone has more solar installations than all of

No kidding when people question why is UK a "developed" country...

Cameroon cuts rice prices following import deal with India (

The Cameroonian Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday a significant reduction in rice prices effective Friday. This price adjustment follows the arrival of a portion of the 190,000 metric tons of rice negotiated with India. The minister, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, detailed that the price for a 50 kg bag of Indian broken...

Baloch Yakjehti Committee to protest against genocide in over 20 cities of Balochistan (

As Pakistan prepares for the upcoming Eid al Fitr, peaceful dissent can be noticed in Balochistan against the regular occurrences of enforced disappearances and other atrocities inflicted by Pakistan on the Baloch community. The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC), an organisation involved in Baloch rights advocacy, recently...

Report: Chinese fishing fleet is responsible for systemic human rights abuses and illegal fishing across the Southwest Indian Ocean. (

The Chinese fishing fleet is responsible for systemic illegal fishing and human rights abuses in countries bordering the Southwest Indian Ocean (SWIO), undercutting China’s claims of supporting sustainable development and thriving blue economies in the region, according to a new report published today by the Environmental...

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Hello Southeast Asians and South Asians! I'm forming a collective for millennials and Gen Z who are interested in neuroscience, and information studies. Let's work together and offer opportunities to each other. Let's help each other in the Global South.

#tootSEA #ASEAN #SoutheastAsia #SouthAsia

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" could face up to 30-35 per cent water shortages during the upcoming kharif cropping season starting April 1. This could negatively affect some of the key cash crops like and revive inter-provincial controversy over water allocations."

Most of the article deals with water sharing and canal and power generation, but does devote one or two paragraphs to the actual culprit - low precipitation

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Have recently got every into researching administrative records of past students. This was a fun post to do, where a member of the family of the student filled in some of the gaps that the administrative record masks

#SouthAsia #archives #India #history #lse #LondonSchoolOfEconomics #libraries @histodons @archivistodon

Bhutan and Bangladesh to strengthen cooperation across various sectors (

Bhutan and Bangladesh to strengthen cooperation across various sectors Asia News Network (ANN) is the leading regional alliance of news titles striving to bring the region closer, through an active sharing of editorial content on happenings in the region.

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Samsung phones. Hyundai cars. LG TVs. South Korean exports are available in virtually every corner of the world. But the nation is more dependent than ever before on an import to keep its factories and farms humming: foreign labor. #asiapacific #society #southkorea #immigration #southeastasia #southasia #nepal #vietnam #foreignworkers

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Russians staying in Sri Lanka have showed their gratitude by creating a number of “whites only" night clubs, denying access to local Sri Lankans. So Sri Lankan authorities now decided to help the racists by telling all 288,000 Russians in Sri Lanka to take the next flight back to good old Moscow, where the average skin color is more to their liking.

Perfect! 😘👌

SiR_GameZaloT, avatar

@pjw @randahl i dont think you understand the sensitivity of a "whites only" club being launched in #SriLanka again.

British Colonization ended less than a century ago, horrifying stories of how locals were treated at the hands of the Racist White Colonials are still widely known.

This is an under-reaction if any. If it were #India or #Pakistan, its very likely mobs would be stirring to punish the 're-colonials'.

Sri Lankan Gov is trying an incredible balancing act.

#SouthAsia #GlobalSouth

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Folks, Risham and I had a !

We got married in our home town of last Sunday & decided to use the opportunity of our friends & family gathered under one smog-filled sky to raise awareness about the & platform local climate activists.

Its going to take time to get our own snaps sorted, but heres a thread of the highlights with links to sites/socials:

Link -



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We also had a wedding newspaper printed called “The JibRish Tribune”, explaining our motives for the #ClimateWedding, profiles of our celebrity cutouts, and most importantly, sharing the work and contact details for our local climate activists who so graciously agreed to be a part of our wedding.

Guests loved it so much, we have had to order a second print for them to keep!

#ClimateDiary #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #JibRish #Pakistan #Lahore #SouthAsia

Link -


Picture of the front page of the wedding newspaper on a table at the wedding.
Picture of a guest showing off their copy of the wedding newspaper.
screenshot of a guest showing off reading their copy of the wedding newspaper on their social

SiR_GameZaloT, avatar

We invited local activists, who have worked themselves on projects locally with minimal recognition and support, to our . We shared their work in our wedding newspaper, and in an exhibit at the venue. We are immensely thankful to them. Link’s to their social media posts below.

Link -

Link -


An easel pointing towards the climate-activists exhibit at the wedding.

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We know this is not a solution anymore but it is still the most basic action most of us can undertake ourselves, so at the wedding, we gifted citrus tree saplings (and rose plants) to our guests to take home and grow. We weren’t sure if any would take up the offer so ordered just enough for each family and…

We ran out of plants to give away as well XD

Needless to say, was a success!


Screenshot of a guest receiving a plant from our helper at the wedding: "it looks like I am receiving an Oscar here"

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