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Hoorah and hooray! My third appearance on Sparkleside Chats has been posted!

This is a magical girl podcast, hosted by Ayu! I've talked about my comic on there before as well as the third season of Symphogear. Now I've come back to talk about the grandmother of the magical genre, Bewitched!

Hope you enjoy it! :akko_listen: It's, uh, two hours, so yanno, maybe listen to it while you eat dinner or something :zerotwoevillaugh:

#MagicalGirls #MagicalGirl #podcast #podcasts #SparklesideChats #Bewitched #sitcom

Cartoony self-portrait of me, with big ol glasses and my gremlin child Eternal Ara doing a V sign for the camera

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Und nochmal @drosdowski @tazgetroete: Dieses Mal über #ARD-#Sitcom #Friedefeld: "Und dann kickt das Deutsche"

Die ARD-Serie „Friedefeld“ könnte eine Abwechslung in der Fernsehlandschaft sein – wenn sich da nicht das spießige Moralisieren einschleichen würde.!5997758/ @filmeundserien

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Ich brauch mal euer Schwarmwissen.

Ich eine () .
Spielt in den USA, rund um das weiße Haus. Geht teilweise um den Wahlkampf eines alten Mannes, glaube er war Mormone... dann waren da noch zwei Abgeordnete, die zusammen in einer WG gewohnt haben...
In den ersten Folgen geht es um einen Filibuster.
Aus den letzten 5 bis 10 Jahren.
Gab damals nur eine Staffel, sollte aber noch eine kommen.
Im Streaming bei Netflix oder Amazon.

Kennt das noch jemand?

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Damals, als #AI noch der Vorname eines #Sitcom-Schuhverkäufers namens Bundy war.

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: “Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.“ in between episodes of my binge the other day.

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Actor Richard Moll, known best for his role as Bull, the silly, towering bailiff on the 1980's sitcom “Night Court,” has died at 80 years old. Entertainment Weekly reports:
#Culture #Entertainment #Sitcom #80s

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Do you remember the cancelled adaption of LUCIFER RISING as TV sitcom? Me neither...


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😇 "Richard Curtis made sure Geraldine had some very unclerical passions such as her love of chocolate, her fondness for a tipple and her occasional, unabashed, carnality."

Dawn French and Richard Curtis talk about their much-loved sitcom 'The Vicar of Dibley'.

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The Good Place was so great, and such a one off, there's not really anything else like it
#tv #sitcom

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✂️ Fight me if you like, but in my years of man-knowing, I've concluded #Irish men are the sexiest. Not all of them, but the nice ones, especially artists—*swoon!

Will meets #StuartTownsend who plays Karen's pastry chef in this clip from #WillAndGrace. Observe the power of "The Sexy Irishman!"

#TV #Sitcom #Gay #Pansexual #Comedy #Ireland

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BROTHERS: Premiere - 7/13/1984, Showtime

Probably the 1st US sitcom with multiple gay central roles. Predictably, this 1984-89 series wasn’t on broadcast TV but on premium cable: on Showtime, which later gave us QUEER AS FOLK and THE L WORD.

It dealt with 3 working-class brothers. The youngest, Cliff, comes out as gay on the day he was supposed to marry a woman. Joe is a retired football player who runs a bar, and Lou is a gruff, comically clueless construction worker. The 2nd gay regular, Donald, is a strong queen, the character who most seems to have his life "together." Rounding out the cast are Joe's daughter, Penny, and a wisecracking employee of Joe's, Kelly.

BROTHERS was first in development around 1980 at ABC, which commissioned a script but not a pilot. Given the realities of 80s TV, an ABC version would have been more inhibited and apologetic.

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New post: 2000s Black sitcoms on streaming and home video, from "Girlfriends" to "That's So Raven"

#BlackMastodon #sitcom #television #streaming #DVD

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Do any of you have a favorite 90s sitcom that isn't "Seinfeld"/"Friends"? Or a favorite 90s/00s one starring Black people?

#BlackMastodon #sitcom #television

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I am afraid the Frasier reboot will be a failure. I hope not, but people didn't watch Frasier for Frasier. It was the cast ensemble around Fraiser that people came to watch.

There are big shoes to fill with no Martin, Niles, Eddie and Daphne.

I hope this isn't just a Kelsey Grammer vanity project.
#TVshow #TV #Sitcom

🔗 Frasier's Revival Is Already Disrespecting 1 Great Character From The Original Show

DuBusGuy19, to brooklyn

If you’re about my age you’ll remember a 1970s set in It was John Travolta’s breakout role. The opening sequence featured a shot of a sign that used to stand on that said “Welcome to Brooklyn, Fourth Largest City in America”. Did you know that that sign hangs in the lobby of Brooklyn hall?

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✂️ In a perfect world, "Soup Nazi" would be the the worst #Nazi we have to face.

The #1 #Seinfeld clip on the show's YT page.

#TV #Comedy #Sitcom #90s #Nothing #NewYork #NY #Soup #CarryOut #CulturallyInsensitive

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Still rewatching #Friends

I feel more and more convinced that the two major love stories are written by two set of writers who never talk to each other or even sit in the same building.

The Ross and Rachel "romance" is getting creepier by the season. Ross is mentally unwell enough to refuse Rachel a divorce after they drunk-married in Vegas.

Monica and Chandler's Romance is thoughtfully written, they obviously care for each other and are really cute together.

#Sitcom #90s

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Rewatching #Friends again and how anyone ever could find Ross or Rachel funny or attractive is beyond me. Quite frankly they deserve each other.

#Sitcom #90s

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

At the same time as Ross & Rachel are the laziest #sitcom relationship tropes Chandler and Monica has a (for a sitcom) well written and realistic relationship between two people with different problems (crippling relationship phobias and (actual) OCD respectively). It's almost like the two couples belong in two diffrent shows.

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