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The Woman in the Wall Official Trailer | SHOWTIME
Series premiere streaming January 19 with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan.

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Showtime's political docu-series "The Circus" will end with its current eighth season. The final episode airs November 12.

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I'm going to #subscribe to a new #streamer. It's a toss-up. Who should I go with? #HBOMax or #Showtime?

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🎬 "Nothing Compares" by is available @ and .

The film, which focuses on 's life and work between 1987 and 1993, has earned a 99% rating on :

"A moving look at Sinéad O'Connor's remarkable life and career, 'Nothing Compares' is enriching viewing whether or not you're a fan of her work.”

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BROTHERS: Premiere - 7/13/1984, Showtime

Probably the 1st US sitcom with multiple gay central roles. Predictably, this 1984-89 series wasn’t on broadcast TV but on premium cable: on Showtime, which later gave us QUEER AS FOLK and THE L WORD.

It dealt with 3 working-class brothers. The youngest, Cliff, comes out as gay on the day he was supposed to marry a woman. Joe is a retired football player who runs a bar, and Lou is a gruff, comically clueless construction worker. The 2nd gay regular, Donald, is a strong queen, the character who most seems to have his life "together." Rounding out the cast are Joe's daughter, Penny, and a wisecracking employee of Joe's, Kelly.

BROTHERS was first in development around 1980 at ABC, which commissioned a script but not a pilot. Given the realities of 80s TV, an ABC version would have been more inhibited and apologetic.

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This epic love story and political thriller follows the clandestine romance of two men in McCarthy-era Washington based on the novel by Thomas Mallon.

Read On To Find Out More

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Paramount Plus just increased the price of its cheapest plan - The Verge

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@dmoren @lexfri @Moltz NOT that I'm supporting them - cos I hate the name change, but is so named 'cos of ...

owns Cinemax. Hence the reason it was originally .

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@jann @lexfri @Moltz @dmoren Sounds right to me. I’m old enough to remember when both of those and were two of the four total premium movie channels, the others being and . 🤣

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Is anyone watching #YellowJackets? I want to discuss it, but don't want to be spoiled. We're only on Season 2 episode 3.

I have QUESTIONS. And THEORIES. And my husband can't handle how much I interject during the show b/c I get so excited, or I want to ask a question relating to a previous episode that I can't quite remember the details of, etc. 😂

#ADHD #ADHDmemes #ADHDWatchingTV #ShowTime #GirlsOnFilm

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'This is a disgrace': Ron DeSantis sparks protests by receiving same award as Abraham Lincoln

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A leaked transcript of a Vice documentary into the role Governor #RonDeSantis played at #GuantanamoBay has been published after #Showtime mysteriously canceled plans to screen the show.

The transcript depicts DeSantis laughing at force-fed detainees

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