mdmrn, to showerthoughts avatar

One does not manage time. Time manages you.

mikestreety, to showerthoughts avatar

Can you ever have tribulations without the trials?

njoseph, to showerthoughts avatar

Growth means different things for people and for corporations.

Personal growth is about getting better. Not going from around 6 feet tall to 60 feet tall.

Corporate growth is always about getting bigger indefinitely.

dcreemer, to showerthoughts avatar

If turkey-bacon is turkey, then why is chicken fried steak not chicken?

smallcircles, to showerthoughts avatar

Some first on how , being fundamentally different than and , may focus on the interfaces, formation of and relationships.

Businesses understand forging and maintaining relationships. They work well (though involving of course).

Not so when it comes to F2B. Then FOSS is just grabbed, like ore from a mine.

There can be no "supply chain" that way. Proper mutual value exchange is needed for that.

Lifecoach5000, to showerthoughts avatar

Like it would be an interesting service to just voluntarily go into a coma this election but with the option to vote super early. Vote in August and wake up next Feb and see what’s poppin

antygon, to showerthoughts Polish avatar

Kojarzycie Świat Dysku Terrego Pratcheta? I Vimesa komentdanta straży miejskiej Ankh Morpork?

No więc Pratchet ustami Vimesa stworzył ciekawą teorię nierówności społecznej ( w skrócie:

Bogatego stać na realne oszczędzanie. Bogaty może sobie kupić porządne skórzane buty za 50 dolarów, a biednego stać tylko na takie za około 10 dolarów. No i te za 10 dolarów rozlecą się po sezonie. Jak będzie miał szczęście. A te za 50 dolarów będą dobre latami.

Generalnie jak kupujesz drogą porządną rzecz to masz spokój na lata i realną oszczędność. A jak Cie nie stać to de facto musisz wydać więcej.

Otóż mam taką myśl, że dla coraz większej liczby produktów to już nie jest prawdą, bo wszystko jest kupą tylko czasami kupa jest droga. I już nie ma marki telefonów, która będzie dobra latami, ale wszystko jest tak zrobione, że za krótki czas będzie trzeba kupować coś nowego.

Żyjemy w czasach postępującej utraty jakości na rzecz maksymalizacji przychodów.

karma, to linux Polish avatar

Dopiero dzisiaj zrozumiałem, że nie używam Linuxa dlatego, że jest otwartoźródłowy. Nie dlatego, że nie śledzi użytkowników. Nie dlatego, że jest darmowy.

Używam Linuxa, ponieważ chcę mieć działający komputer.

Wiele osób uważa, że Linux jest bardzo trudny - te wszystkie komendy, nauka systemu na nowo itd. Bardzo niesłusznie! To właśnie Windows jest przekomplikowany i trudny. Każda kolejna wersja Windowsa to nakładka z łatkami na poprzednią wersję, aż do momentu, gdy coś totalnie przestaje działać.

To prawda, trzeba nauczyć się całego systemu na nowo, ale realną trudnością jest przełamanie lęku, a nie faktyczna nauka.

Dopóki nie spróbujesz, nie zrozumiesz, co mam na myśli :blobcathearthug:

#linux #windows #showerthoughts #showerthoughtsbutnotinshower #gnome #fedora

jonyoder, to ai avatar

Saying an is hallucinating is assumes that it knows was reality is in the first place.

lemmyreader, to linux in backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise

t y for sharing.

The problem is in upstream and has only entered Debian Sid/unstable. Does this mean that for example bleeding edge Arch (btw) sshd users are compromised already ?

GambaJo, to showerthoughts German avatar

Die Sauce ist das Gleitmittel für euer Essen.

Piraya, to showerthoughts Norwegian avatar

Dette med at trening skal gi mer energi er ganske bullshit, for man bruker jo den ekstra energien på å trene.

yngmar, to showerthoughts avatar

The collective time humans waste on solving must be staggering.

rakyat, to showerthoughts avatar

Although I do not think that humans are better than animals, I also feel that we are giving ourselves too little credit. Cats and dogs might not be killing
each other with bombs or arguing about abortion rights but they also don’t live in huge complex societies consisting of millions or billions of strangers. Will they fare better than us if they take over the earth? I don’t know, honestly.

strypey, to showerthoughts avatar

: The web is not TV with links, just like TV isn't radio with pictures. We're only just scraping the surface of the new forms of media that digital networks make possible.

Linux_in_a_Bit, to showerthoughts avatar

:blobcat0_0: There are probably people out there who are like Wayland evangelists but for Windows 11...

JenMsft, to showerthoughts avatar

That moment when you realize, as someone who's worn glasses for most of their life, that there are a bunch of people out there who don't associate showering with blurry vision

dichotomiker, to showerthoughts avatar

Both Whataboutism and the accusation of it are used for Burying.


fzer0, to random German avatar

For K.I.T.T. every other car must seem like a zombie.
Except K.A.R.R. but he's an assho...

strypey, to showerthoughts avatar

: I wonder if people using AOL complained when they connected their system to the open internet?

philpem, to showerthoughts avatar

If Twitter is now X
And people are calling it Xwitter to joke about that
And Xwitter is pronounced like 💩

Does that mean we can call "enshittification", "EnXittification"?


sphars, to showerthoughts avatar

If there are infinite parallel universes, is there a universe where there are no parallel universes?

njoseph, to showerthoughts avatar

Democracies should have an option to sue elected leaders out of office when they act against the interests of the people.

strypey, to Podcasts avatar

"I think if you go back to the 1980s or 90s you don't actually hear about militaries... talking about information as a 'space' that they need to dominate. It's much more considered a kind of tool, or... even a weapon, but not up there with air, sea, land and space itself as a theatre of war."

#CarlMiller, 2023

#podcasts #YourUndividedAttention #military #InformationWarfare

strypey, (edited ) avatar

: If information is a theatre of war (like land, sea and air) then for-profit influencers are potentially in the mercenary business.

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