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Since I’ve never crossed paths with someone of the exact same cultural background as mine, debating narratives in public is like playing video games.

It’s sorta like playing real-life convos in game mode.

#empathy #shitposting #culture

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this was a inspired by the observation that some people are drawn to correcting others in online forums.

Those same people may lean extra hard into it if the incorrect opinion-haver is of the same cultural background.

Tribes of people have origin stories.

Everyone has a cultural origin.

I think mine is sufficiently curious, emergent, and integrative that it enables me to empathize with more than most, including ruthlessly shitposting bad opinion-havers.

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#sociology #showerthought
Imagine a social platform randomly and without any explanation assigned every user to a group, say group 1 to 4. I'm 99% sure it would take less than a week until the groups actually begin to develop distinct identities even though their members are random. Do you think meta would give me instagram for a few weeks to test this if I asked nicely? :blobcatgiggle:

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Both Whataboutism and the accusation of it are used for Burying.


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#showerthought Wondering if generative art complaints about copyright infringement are not somewhat partially analogous to the complaints of the reuse of audio samples in the music industry.

Keywords: #aiart #generativeart #stolenart

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Random #ShowerThought about #nonconformity - in any meaning.

In most cases (there are exceptions) I wouldn't be nonconformist by choice. Most of times I am too lazy and/or not organized, I am from lazy and not organized environment and maybe didn't have a chance to develop better personality. And I feel it especially in everyday life, small things. For example I try too keep shorter and shorter hair with time passing, to reduce "maintenance". And I like very much my small apartment, because cleaning is easier and faster. Yay minimalism! :blobcatmlem:​

Last time I saw videos about gender nonconformity and read some conversations in this topic. I think I rather don't do "typical feminine things" especially related to "expression", outfits, etc. And it could be partially because I don't like doing things not making sense to me personally only because other people do them. And more important - I wouldn't do "standard" thing if that thing would require active effort from me. Most times I feel I don't even have enough energy and time for things I really want to do!

  • strong wild animal preserving energy vibes *
    Probably this made me gender nonconforming to some degree as side effect I think. At least in "nonconformity by lack of interest" way. And for me this is similar for other #lifestyle choices, free time activity etc. Oh, and anti-consumerism is partially built-in :blobcat_amused:​

[Thoughts sponsored by yesterday room cleaning.]

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No, I’m working on it since a week from scratch. Had a idea and since also had some time I immediately started to realise it and here I am now :D Waiting for 300K pages to be crawled so I can add more sources there :D

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#showerthought should there be #manpages for #windows? What would that even look like?

I suppose apps could register some windows.manpages extension in their manifest. That's not too hard.

But what would it look like for like, windows APIs? Could we like, bundle up somehow?

I feel like there's gotta be a better way to get #cli help in the terminal on windows. Linux has this figured out

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pacquet: experimental Node.js package manager written in Rust [by the pnpm team]

#ECMAScript #JavaScript #NodeJS

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Inspired me to turn my #ShowerThought into a #FediverseIdea..

Federated #PackageManagement

What if we had an #ActivityPub federated app to take care of the social aspects of serving packages from self-hosted registries? And used a mechanism like #WebTorrent which #Peertube also uses, to distribute the packages?

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#ShowerThought: Comparing #London's chaotic industrial revolution slums where #Marx wrote, to today's East Berlin urban #Communist utopias and its endless rows of public housing, it's evident that #Marxism isn't so much about "Power to the People" or wealth redistribution, as much as the deep German pursuit of orderliness

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If it's called #X and the logo is an X, won’t people confuse it with a close button everywhere the logo shows up? And the other way round? 🤔 I wonder how many accidental closes there will be because people tried to “share something on X”. 🤣


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📚 #Wikipedia Of The #Future

Like Wikipedia now, but matter-of-factly describing things we take for granted now, that in the near future will no longer be.

Like #Space exploration and #Astronomy. Made impossible by greedy billionaires whose legacy is the #Junkosphere. A now familiar concept, has its own page..

Far-fetched? Read:

And think of all those pages describing animal species that no longer roam the earth. Cuties, were they?

Will be eye-opening.

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So imagine... A Steam OS Device program. If an ODM would:

  • Use a standardized AMD Zx Series chip
  • Have one Xbox-360 controller device registering into the OS via on-board USB
  • MUST ALSO have a Touchscreen
  • Have at LEAST X hours of battery life (can run Half-Life 2 at max spec for 5 hours?)
  • Have either "at LEAST 720p" or "at most 1080p"
  • Provide an exclusive SKU that is to run SteamOS (ODM can re-label the device with another name, but that SKU and branding would be Steam-exclusive)


root, avatar

Then VALVe would let them "use the SteamOS Devices Branding" and build a Steam Devices Ecosystem. Yes, it's basically the Steam Consoles all over again, but now that they've proven there:

  • is a bloody market
  • is a functioning market ripe for investment
  • is an appetite for SteamOS

They are in a FAR BETTER PLACE than, uh, "last time".

#steamosdevices #showerthought #imanerd

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I don't think I've ever seen "cw: trypophobia" on here and for a million and two reasons I hope I never do #showerthought

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#ShowerThought. WhatsApp's concept of disappearing messages should really be the standard for emails in the workplace.
Granted, I'm not in this week and am missing the gentle flow of rubbish about missing students, who's not where and so forth, but on a daily basis, the vast majority of messages are irrelevant the next day. Even if 24 hours is perhaps not a wise yardstick, 3 days or a week would go a looooong way to clearing up people's inboxes.

OC If you have your “head in the clouds” you’re fanciful and out of touch, but if you “reach for the stars,” which are impossibly far away, you’re an ambitious go-getter.

If you have your “head in the clouds” you’re fanciful and out of touch, but if you “reach for the stars,” which are impossibly far away, you’re an ambitious go-getter.

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Been a hell of a week. Probably going to lose myself in an hours long Jedi Survivor session to get over it.

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#ShowerThought from my rigorous Moral Philosophy education (watching The Good Place) I am recognizing that video games encourage and rely on the desire for Moral Dessert. You can see the most basic form of this in XP rewards for completing quests or defeating foes, but also, here's where it gets weird, things like "visiting a room."

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Is anyone working on incorporating into ? There was a brief period in the early 90s where “” aimed for relevance, but nets were still shallow and fuzzy logic fizzled (AI Winter? Used but no longer called AI? Not competitive with existing control system formalities?). My is that FL feels like it’s differentiable (continuous truth/belief values). If true, might be suited for integration with statistical machine learning.

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