Ocean floor a 'reservoir' of plastic pollution, study finds (phys.org)

New research from CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, and the University of Toronto in Canada, estimates up to 11 million metric tons of plastic pollution is sitting on the ocean floor. The article, "Plastics in the deep sea—A global estimate of the ocean floor reservoir," was published in Deep Sea Research Part I:...

clusterroots, to linguistics German

Average ambient temperatures influence the development of languages. This is shown by a study published today in @PNASNexus by ROOTS member Søren Wichmann together with colleagues from Nankai University (Tianjin, China). As this influence happens very slowly, it may also be possible to reconstruct social processes of the past on the basis of this finding. Read more: https://www.uni-kiel.de/de/detailansicht/news/303-pnas-nexus-sonority

MPIforBI, to science German

Splitting the workload: Neurons in the fly visual system perform the same computation on three different levels. The new paper from the Borst department shows that this distribution helps to filter out irrelevant information and reliably detect motion patterns.

Read more: https://www.bi.mpg.de/news/2023-10-borst?c=2333712

Art @somedonkey

pomarede, to modeltrains
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Discovery alert!

A spherical shell-like structure 1 billion light-years in diameter named Ho’oleilana is discovered in the distribution of relatively nearby galaxies. We posit this is the 1st observation of an individual Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO).



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MPIforBI, to random German

Nightingales are great singers, but how well can they hit the tone? 🎶 Scientists from Daniela Vallentin’s group at our institute found that nightingales can imitate the pitch of whistles in real time! Read more: https://www.bi.mpg.de/news/2023-07-vallentin

CharlieMcHenry, to Neuroscience
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Psychedelic scientist sends brains back to childhood - could ‘re-open’ critical learning periods using #psychedelics so that adults, seniors, and the disabled might be able to more effectively re-learn certain skills. Wow. This sounds like breakthrough research to me. And the principal researcher is very impressive, her credentials are top-shelf. https://www.wired.com/story/the-psychedelic-scientist-who-sends-brains-back-to-childhood/ #LDS #MDMA #neuroscience #learning #age #research #researchnews #academia

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