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Building a Rad Super Capacitor RC Plane - [Tom Stanton] is a fan of things like rubber band planes, and has built many of hi... - #supercapacitor #batteryhacks #toyhacks #rcplane #flight #plane

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I'm thinking about re-enrolling in the (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and joining a local .

There aren't any RC 's [sic.] particularly close to me, but not too far away, either. All I really want to do is dink around with a little park flyer, but people are way too scared of even the most pedestrian 's [sic.] these days, and you really need some kind of air field to fly in, whether a formal one, or just a literal field out in the boonies.


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I haven't flown an #RCPlane in eight years, and I miss it. I have a little #drone, but that does NOT count. RC Planes are majestic and elegant. Drones are just Space Invaders in the air. ZERO feeling of flight. :P

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Hackaday Prize 2023: Tiny RC Aircraft Built Using Foam and ESP12 - Once upon a time, a radio controlled plane was a hefty and complex thing. They req... - #2023hackadayprize #radiocontrolplane #thehackadayprize #motorcontroller #radiocontrol #toyhacks #rcplane #stem #rc

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