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Mathematician Who Made Sense of the Universe’s Randomness Wins Math’s Top Prize

Michel Talagrand took home the 2024 Abel Prize for his work on stochastic systems, randomness and a proof of a physics reaction that many experts thought was unsolvable


scruss, to Electronics
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There's two kinds of people in this world...

#chess #entropy #disorder #randomness

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When I was in high school, a gamer-buddy and I would skip school to go to the base library, and we'd use dice to select a random book for one another.

We'd part company for an hour, go to our favorite comfy chairs in the library, and just rummage through the random books. Then we'd meet up and talk about it.

We only did it a few times, but, in terms of education, each of those days was worth more than a month of the school-days we skipped to do it.

JadziaAdrienne, to Depression

Who knew that the key to lifting oneself out of was by looking in one's junkmail. In the junk world: I'm getting packages every day, I have hard as a rock erections, sexy naked pictures of women to look at, and I've been approved for a tonne of different kinds of products/services! LMAO! If only my real was so exciting.

freyablekman, to science
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As an #introduction to me, and my #physics career, I highly recommend this article in
with an interview reflecting on particle physics #careers, using mine as an example

Also featuring: #research, #randomness and #luck, #collaboration, #science #academia, #diversityequityinclusion and #mentoring

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